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  1. Family can be really helpful, and having an involved extended family is a huge resource for your kid as she grows up

  2. I don't know if you looked at the charts, but on average probably about 25% of mortgage originations were variable since 2014, with Q4 2019 being under 5%. The only other quarter where over 40% were variable was Q3 2018, while interest rates had been trending up.

  3. If you hold a degree, move to the US and find a well-paid job there. Our kids and grandkids will not have a future here. Every level of government neglected the housing policy in the last 30 yrs and trying to catch up now with the same barriers, 5-10x cost and increased level of immigration.

  4. So many Canadian homeowners mistakenly believe that their rising home price is making their kids rich

  5. This is well known amongst economists and politicians - If Toronto is to become a desirable future destination for tech and business innovation, we will need to address the housing affordability issue. Unaffordable housing on top of some of the highest taxes in the world make Toronto very undesirable for investing. Lack of foreign investments means our wages will stagnate. Places like San Francisco have expensive housing but that happened after/during when the high wage jobs came in, not before like Toronto. This is why Toronto and Vancouver are considered bubbles and San Francisco isn't. The party will end one day for speculators and that may be coming sooner than we think

  6. If you take your parents' money, you take the control that comes with it

  7. Yup. Although, I believe people like Mr. Jaggi are also the reason why the lacking supply argument holds less weight than some would lead you to believe.

  8. "It's a supply problem! We need to build more! Developers should be less regulated! It's definitely not investors! We shouldn't be regulated at all!" - Man who is causing the supply problem

  9. Rent goes into Core Inflation, and that is what the BoC concentrates on more than headline inflation. This means rates will need to keep going higher.

  10. It would help the market a lot if the government banned or heavily taxed investors with more than 4+ homes and corporations that own homes, excluding pre-con condo buys

  11. Pausing immigration really isn’t an option. There is another huge problem coming that immigration is our only real way to fix. We are heading currently into an age pyramid. Without immigration we will not have enough young people to carry the weight on our social infrastructure of the old in ~10 years.

  12. We're going far beyond replacing our aging population, and are pursuing aggressive population growth.

  13. I’ve supported my arguments with relevant facts to support.

  14. This is a fair comment, but OP is earning the median wage for a Canadian.

  15. They said hope for younger people has been at all time lows. You need to make huge money to actually have an ok life. A lot of people make 100k and think they are doing fine, but they don't have nice lives. They just have the basics plus a car and can eat at a few restaurants here and there. It's really difficult to get excited for the future in Canada.

  16. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with RBC. RBC strives for perfection and care deeply about customer satisfaction.

  17. I appreciate the message, but won't you just tell me to call? That's what happened on Facebook

  18. There's no online option for disputing charges unfortunately

  19. It's a fantasy to think that you can work for big oil or in a field that actively hurts the future of humanity, then somehow make up for it later. You can't.

  20. You’re guessing at variables far beyond measuring. I prefer to work with an optimistic assumption about the human race’s ability to come together and work it out in the hour of need: we overcame so many things - not to mention recent pandemic.

  21. I think you made your friends up, because your timeline doesn't make sense and your post history isn't believable

  22. Some other spending areas to consider than just a car:

  23. Thanks for this, appreciate the info. I’m a late 30s female who just “retired” and have my big list of things I want to get done around the house, I’m definitely exercising more, volunteering but I should refine it a bit more and treat my betterment more like a job (both for me, my kids… and the world in the social impact areas I’m interested in). Curious how deep you went on the health aspect? I’ve read of wealthy people retiring and doing annual full body scans (false negative anxiety turned me off of this), monthly b12 shots, quarterly IV drips, etc. I’ve ever considered Peter Attia’s longevity clinic but don’t want to get TOO wrapped up in it… but it is a big interest of mine. Curious how deep you went on that piece? Maybe I’ll word this better and make a post. Thank you!

  24. If you're interested in protecting your health, install high end air and water filters in your home. Get your water tested. Also, if you live in a polluted area, see if you can work with local politicians to address it.

  25. With climate change, Florida is a no go from a real estate investment perspective - might you consider a location less prone to devastating flooding every year?

  26. “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.” Got to me, I’ll work harder to do that from now on. Even though I’m in my 20s and nowhere near old age this is wisdom from the elderly folks. Thanks for sharing this eye opening blog.

  27. I was a private chef for this gentleman for 6 months , he have a massive house design for play .. I’m talking stripper pole, massive sofa with laser , big 100 foot tv , dj equipment, massive pool with cave and hot tubs, with tvs all around

  28. There's a community of "I just sold my startup, now I'm traveling around the world" guys, some of whom are cool, many of whom are obnoxious. I dunno, I found that the best partying I did was when I was in my 20s and broke.

  29. The sad thing is that there's no way to go back and get that.

  30. A key note here is to add fat. Your recipe doesn't include the oil that is often included

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