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  1. I always liked the series with the guest stars, like Din Knotts, Batman, and the Harlem Globetrotters

  2. Lol. I think I just have no guts for trying new cuisine.

  3. Sorry if that came off harsh, I was joking (mostly). We tend to get very insular and protective when it comes to our dishes.

  4. No it made me laugh my head off. That said, I wanted to be fair and say that I'm the doofus that keeps my palate simple and would ask for ketchup on a hot dig and thin crispy crust for pizza. Lol.

  5. Deep dish is really just for special events,

  6. frn says:

    Ah yes, I remember my colleagues criticising me for not just putting up with my managers abusive shit when I was a teenager for minimum wage.

  7. Why TF would you "waltz back in"? Just to be a spiteful prick? Fuck off ya bitch.

  8. "L" is usually what is said when someone takes a loss on something. It's equivalent to what "fail" was in 2010. Not sure what OP meant by it, maybe cleaning shit is an L?

  9. To the youngins: your slang sucks ass

  10. That's a really fucked-up "prank" to pull on a little kid.

  11. Probably the awkwardly-shaped man with an odd name, can't remember it though.

  12. Allow me to perform my condolences on the world's smallest violin

  13. Don't do drugs, you'll go to hell before you die.

  14. I used to have this boyfriend with a buzzcut. I really liked when he laid his head in my lap while he talked to me about his day. I'd just run my fingers across his head. I loved the feel of the bristley like feel of his hair and facial hair. I just want another man with buzzcut so I can pet his head. Idk why I loved that more then any other hair cut just for the head pats.

  15. Buzzcut here, my friends love rubbing it

  16. It's literally one of my absolute favorite of life's simple pleasures, rubbing buzzcut hair lol

  17. I'll let you use it as a massage pillow if we meet up 😉

  18. Why so the hogs could execute the poor guy? Seems like a bad idea.

  19. Can't tell if you're being facetious. In any case, yes.

  20. So bold, so brave. How do you carry that giant ballsack between your legs?

  21. I’m always kindly honest to customers, just to give a silent but polite hint that they’re being an ass for making such comments.

  22. My dog HATES this, she'll loudly scream any time she's picked up. She's content being a floor potato, and will accept pets there.

  23. I'm glad you gave it a try. Plenty of curious friends have experimented with me, some liked it, others didn't, but they all agreed it was a different experience than they've had with women.

  24. I thought the first True Crime was underrated too, though it did have some flaws. Never played the 2nd one.

  25. True Crime: NYC is great when it runs properly. I remember a lot of bugs and crashes when I played on PS2.

  26. This is the game I’m playing right now. It’s freaking AMAZING!! The in depth system put in place to rise the ranks is phenomenal, ahead of its time. And the fact that you can play as the henchman is pretty damn innovative too.

  27. That was pretty cool. As Tony you can't kill innocents as that's against his morality, but his henchmen DGAF so you can still do rampages through them.

  28. When customers order like 5 sauces on one sandwich and essentially have me make Cold Cut Soup.

  29. Nice choice, I'm also quite partial to Officer

  30. People Under the Stairs - The L.A. Song

  31. Sounds like they are picturing the Wild West lol.

  32. We also have a surprising lack of giant mechanical spiders

  33. Not sure if this is a common misconception, but when I lived in Italy there were a bunch of Erasmus students in the building I lived in that somehow were under the impression that there were no sidewalks in America because one of them visited some suburb that didn't have any for some reason on a short exchange trip. At least in California I've only ever seen that in certain unincorporated areas.

  34. Won't ask for a gallon of Sprite but I will ask for a liter of cola.

  35. He clearly loves and cares for you, keep each other around. This is the essence of true friendship.

  36. I once had an intrusive thought about drinking the wax out of an candle. I didn't say it out loud tho.

  37. When I voice my intrusive thoughts I get a grippy-socks vacation at the mental health ward. I recommend cinnamon-apple candles, those taste the best.

  38. "Just gotta get a few things, you coming in?"

  39. If you "win" you'll have literally hundreds of views and tens of comments agreeing with you. And it makes your tiny ego feel big for a moment.

  40. As satisfying as that would be, and as much as the guy does deserve it, that would be a waste of a perfectly good skateboard.

  41. Eh, knowing my skater friends, boards don't have a long lifespan anyway. Most would probably sacrifice a blankie to put this wanker in his place.

  42. I gave it an honest shot, but it just wasn't for me. Or, maybe it wasn't for me at the time I played it, like if I try again at another point in my life I'll really enjoy it (it's happened before).

  43. But is it good? (Real question, I loved the first).

  44. Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out then

  45. Tell them to jiggle your balls if they're gonna fuck you like that, your time is better spent anywhere else.

  46. Not like he's getting out, may as well let'm have at it

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