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  1. Absolutely; and significantly more than the vast majority of larger manufacturers at that.

  2. Unless you have a brace or a stock on it they are nothing more than range toys. You put a stock or a brace on it and put a good brake and a red dot then you have something practical.

  3. I’ve heard it’s a real pain to add one, any truth to that? I’ve been wanting a 12.5 AK and leaning PSA solely because it comes with a folding stock adapter and pic section

  4. And you’re really going to enjoy it. It performs well on 300 and I’ve heard the same for 556, just don’t put 308 through it lol

  5. I thought the socom 300sps was rated for 300wm? And essentially most .30 caliber cartridges?

  6. This is just anecdotal, but I’ve seen a few people who have bulged theirs by putting 308 through it, but I’d be willing to bet it’s highly dependent on barrel length and firing schedule. A 20” bolt gun and a 13” SCAR 17 would probably be different stories for that one

  7. Picked up mounts for my polonium and my Helios QD Ti and muzzle devices to match, thanks!

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else get super excited when Jay posts something on arfcom? I just imagine all the fellas over there waking up, making their Folgers then settling in to look at the forums. Seeing that Jay posted something, then doing their mental gymnastics to figure out how they can say that he doesn't have enough hosts tested etc while at the same time saying one random dudes first hand experience on the internet shooting a suppressor on their own gun is a better source for comparison. Or a dude in a pole barn shooting it on one host with what looks like varying weather conditions with single point data etc is a better source. This makes me happy.

  9. The dudes on arfcom wake up extra early each day to figure out how to write the most braindead takes ever written on the internet just to bury any actually useful information

  10. There's nothing more infuriating than finding a reddit thread over Google and the top comment is "Have you tried Google?"

  11. Looks bad ass! Do those sights cowitness at all? If so which ones are they?

  12. What mounting plate are you using? I have been waiting for CHPWS to release their new one to support the P2 but I'm impatient.

  13. Not necessarily tough math. The trend of +5 days wait time each week has been extremely consistent since the first approvals came through in March so it’s not unreasonable to assume that trend continues. Also don’t forget that there was likely a second large wave of people who went and bought cans in the spring when they saw approvals actually coming through at 70-90 days

  14. Yes so working by dates really doesn't tell anyone anything, working by control numbers gives everyone a MUCH better timeframe.

  15. Yeah but working by control number doesn’t really help either because they include all ATF forms, not just eform 4

  16. I carry a Glock 19 daily and own a Sig P226 MK25. I considered buying a P320 but compare to Glock 19 it’s seriously a hot garbage. I’d say the only 9mm handgun sig makes with quality in mind is probably P226 series.

  17. I feel like its tough to say the p320 in general is hot garbage compared to a glock 19 just solely based on how many variations there are of the p320. I like my p320 with the custom works FCU (same as the Spectre series I think) infinitely more than any glock I've ever handled, but I'd take a bone stock g19 over a bone stock m18 any day of the week. Just depends on the specific model.

  18. How's the backpressure? I have a turbo K and am a lefty so I'm debating either saving up for an SLX or just switching the muzzle device and using the K

  19. If a new suppressor is in the cards for you, I'd also suggest looking at the OSS/HUXWRX stuff

  20. Yeah from what I understand the Primary Arms 1x microprism can be used with a magnifier. Sounds like what you're looking for, OP

  21. Yeah I’m new to the AK world, I couldn’t tell you the cosmetic difference between the 2 of I tried

  22. Oh cool thanks man, that saves me a lot of time and money! I was going to try to learn about and get into AKs but a someone on the internet decided I just shouldn’t

  23. First time looking at pistol can reviews on pew. Funny seeing that mod9 full size doesn't drastically outperform the rugged obsidian 45 caliber suppressor.

  24. This is true but its also an inch shorter and about 20% lighter (10 oz vs 12.8 oz) than the obsidian 45. That said, an obsidian is certainly the more economical and versatile silencer of the two.

  25. So does Geissele. Anodized metal reflects light, if you don't want to glow under night vision, paint or cerakote your gun no matter who you buy it from

  26. well. we use Anodizing for our Sureshot items. but it doesn't reflect under IR. what do we do wrong?

  27. I can’t tell if that was supposed to be subtle condescension but my point is that ZenitCo does not uniquely glow under nods, plenty of very reputable manufacturers do the same thing.

  28. KUSA is a fucking dumpster fire. I've never understood why you'd buy a US made one over an import, but that's been ramped up of late. KUSA keeps digging that hole!

  29. Company is UARM. No personal experience with any of their armor, but their FRPC is a really nice plate carrier if you can find it on sale

  30. How about all of the states that have passed constitutional carry in just the last 5 years?

  31. How about them? None of them allow ownership of guns banned by the 1986 machine gun act, so they aren't really pro gun in my book

  32. yes there's always going to be something you can point to and say "see?? they don't defy the federal government and sell belt fed machine guns!!! Not pro gun!!" But progress is progress and states are still required to work within the legal framework. That doesn't make them anti-gun and that's not a good reason to just throw in the towel on elections and say "oh the parties are all the same"

  33. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to the dogleg dust cover vs a side optic mount like the rs regulate?

  34. Brandon Herrera posted a pic of some Zentico glowing a while back and looks to be the case here. Although I heard it's weirdly enough only the black Zenitco that glows but can't confirm that.

  35. Geissele rails do the same thing. Basically anything anodized will glow under nods because it still reflects light

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