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  1. Please note : “ Some “ Republicans criticized I give you the Republican Party.

  2. Why? Is this what small penis syndrome looks like?

  3. Typical rich guy with a new toy, he will lose interest and move on.

  4. There are some hotels and bars in Qatar that are allowed to sell alcohol, but those establishments have obtained licenses to do so. Drinking in public up to 6 months in jail.

  5. There are fan zones as well. Your original comment suggested there was no alcohol at all.

  6. He doesn’t happen to be related to Boeberts husband Jason?

  7. Nice job Alaska, maybe this congress can take note.

  8. Him Looking at a her paddling out isn’t a perv photo until you made it one.

  9. He’s hurting, he wants trump back in the worse way.

  10. Guns, haha 300,000 guns is nothing. military left behind more than guns, said it was to costly to ship home

  11. Democrats protest, demand new election, call election rigged filled with fraud……..oh wait that’s Republicans.

  12. Sure the paper looking for 15 minutes of fame , if they did it would be released.

  13. Shush don’t tell anybody but I was told by a very, very, Bigly very reliable source as in no body knows more type of reliable source, that Hershel will unveil the cure for cancer in 1 week.

  14. How about when your church gets fired Bomb and people die we say the same? Gods Will right.

  15. Well then you have no business being a congressman or in congress, you’re inept at your job.

  16. That information has been stated online snd in print, Kari it’s free information.

  17. Just put Marjorie as speaker, electing McCarthy is the same thing, she would be telling him what to do. I hope it’s a nasty fight just to show America how inept this House is going to be.

  18. I left last month, it’s a shit show just like Facebook which I left 7 years ago.

  19. The right grotesque ignoring mass shootings. I once posted we should show the aftermath of schools shootings, videos of the classroom with the children still lying where they were murdered, I was accused by many of trying to make a political statement, well I can remember when they stop showing videos of soldiers being killed in Vietnam because the government said it was to horrific, yeah and it turned people against their war, just as the NRA would be terrified if schools shooting videos would be made public. I don’t want your guns, I just want stricter gun laws as to buying certain guns.

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