1. But…but….the president has no control….Putin caused this….Orange man bad!!!!!

  2. Your “example” is an out of context quote about a bill that DID pass?

  3. Yeah it passed and destroyed many peoples abilities to continue with their coverage.

  4. You’re grasping at straws. Which side had to make concessions to get the bill passed, and which side forced the compromise?

  5. And you’ve been smitten by propaganda. Enjoy your day.

  6. You can also expect funds and FEMA support to be withheld by the admin. All politics for these people. They mantra is, and always has been “fuck the American citizens”.

  7. I watched the video though.... I'm confused AF. He never raised the gun?

  8. The guy clearly had no intentions of purchasing anything. The clerk made a decision to verbally contact the guy and make sure he knew whatever he was thinking of doing with that shotgun wasn’t going to be wise.

  9. I never saw the clerk in the video, that may be what messed me up. But it certainly was weird to watch that

  10. Right at the beginning you see the clerk notice this guy coming to the door and he gets back, presumably to arm himself (based on comments from the guy with the shotgun)

  11. Shooting a feral and aggressive animal that is “coming at you to eat you” would be self defense and not hunting. She was clearly hunting the dog.

  12. If I shot a wolf in self-defense, you’re damn right I’m gonna skin that thing for a rug, especially if I notched my tag on it.

  13. And also would have been contacting the wardens about a possible predation attempt by a wolf on a human. Lots of things would have, and probably should have happened.

  14. Have you tried contacting Hornady or a Hornady retailer? They may receive bulk amounts from the same lot, and may be willing to hold some for you if you talk to the right people and are willing to pay.

  15. For good to prevail it must resist and take a stand.

  16. Kentucky doesn’t really start until you’re past CVG 😆

  17. And our “leaders” will force us to follow suit…NWO cannot survive. We cannot become complacent.

  18. Most predators would be coming to check it out.

  19. It’s from inside of the mock subway system at the Guardian Centers of Georgia training facility.

  20. Looks accurate. That place is pretty awesome to just walk through.

  21. Depends what else might be in the area. I prefer to be off the ground when possible to have a better view and be away from the venomous snakes in my area.

  22. I think we all agree. It’s a phase and we will just power through.

  23. Is your wife bitching that youre on reddit laughing at husky woman perhaps?

  24. Nah. More about me planning to take time off for a hunting trip in November when she wants me to remodel a bathroom instead.

  25. What model years does the 512 cap fit? Pre or post 2009?

  26. Looks like the right to self defense in FL paid off for the clerk. Glad the kid thought twice and left rather than keep going and getting shot.

  27. Bro…..that’s a green sunfish… you posted it on the wrong sub.

  28. 8 Yards, he came out of the vegetation while we were deer hunting and I had a bear tag so I figured it was worth taking him even if it did scare off the Bucks.

  29. That’s damn close range. Who surprised who? We’re you on the ground or in a stand?

  30. We were on the ground sitting up against a tree. We heard something walking through the vegetation across from us and my buddy was the first to realize it was a bear. He popped out of the shrubs and froze up when he noticed us, He looked me right in the eyes and it looked like he was trying to figure out if we were food or foe. After he got hit he rolled backwards and ran into the thick shit. We followed the blood trail probably 10 minutes and found him bleeding out under a tree, one more shot was in order to end his suffering.

  31. Good thing he bailed backwards and not towards you all. And good on you to not let him suffer. I feel like others would have just watched and waited.

  32. Check the fuse and wiring. Sounds like possible grounding of a wire or fuse is possibly out.

  33. Since you have DRL and signals running through the same bulb, but possible different fuse/relay. Electrical stuff was not my forte, but for the low cost, I always included a fuse swap when trouble shooting before going to the higher dollar areas.

  34. SPL as a Scout? That will bring a challenge in its own when trying to lead more senior ranking scouts.

  35. I'm Second Class as you can see by my flair (my patch hasnt been updated yet, I normally send my uniform to my grandma and she does the patches but she hasnt been available)

  36. Flair can be changed and is not required to be validated.

  37. Honestly never even thought about much more than my main 2 of a brown bear and dall sheep.

  38. That's going to be a long visit😁

  39. And expensive. Last I checked, it was going to be $8-10k just for tags. Not counting the required guide service for the brown bear and dall sheep.

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