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  1. Lol damn could have had a shot if he acted like he wanted more then to smash how tragic

  2. I agree you can be turned off by that. I guess it depends on your personality and how you perceive her message haha.

  3. So you are telling me you match with me and the first thing I do is insult you in a “witty” way and then you think “ahhh this is who I want to get close to”

  4. She wasn’t disrespectful she just made a joke about his shirt. Don’t forget, she matched with him. You’re clearly the type of person who ruins the party aren’t you? My little fun sponge.

  5. Open relationships are easy bro lol. Just ignore the very public blowups that occur as a result from it every 3-6 months like clockwork

  6. Really this seemed like the natural progression for this conversation. You both are lame. That is all, shiiiiii

  7. I accidentally sent my dad a pic that was meant for the guy I was seeing. It was like 10 years ago. He still talks to me.

  8. D man wanting to keep a bridge intact who basically just called him a casting couch rapist is literally the dumbest coomer-brained shit ive ever seen... Hope the pussy is worth the continued drama and the future me too

  9. Just started following this Reddit and whoa boy it did not disappoint. Started watching his vids about when mrgyrl burned his bridge. Now that I have this information stuff fits like why is this young gyrl allowed to come in a spit bullshyt on good conversations, oh that’s why

  10. I (a woman) still don’t get why guys are just expected to pay…

  11. I can see it being a thing back in the day when long term relationships/marriage was the focus, but the dating scene nowadays has become far more casual and the incidence of women using dates to get free meals has likely increased, so I feel like it’s an outdated expectation. I pay when I want to pay, but if it’s an expectation, I don’t want to pay.

  12. I think the article I read called it a foodie date. Straight up no intentions just hungry. Now I learned of a different version of this from this feminist friend of mine. Her friend was on the phone and said I’m going for a “d&d” this evening so I can’t come over. I asked what’s that she told me dyck and diner. So she bangs the guy so she couldn’t be looked at like a user seems to be. I looked at my friend “like look how far we have come”

  13. And I said the pullout joke is tasteless bc I got SA'd back in July with a guy who wouldn't pull out and I kept saying no. The lad is now mortified 😂

  14. Cope, this is just a fraction of the ones I've done, same results across the board

  15. Good on ya. Maybe you should spread more of your message help some of these dudes out.

  16. Come on nick I know you can do better until then hold this L

  17. I’m pretty sure it’s not the emojis that are the problem, but him using them like a serial rapist

  18. I thought emojis was it lol glad I don’t use them

  19. I prefer to respond to something in their profile if they have something like a hobby or story etc to draw upon on, but if they don’t, start with a deeper conversation starter. Asking ‘whats your most controversial opinion’ can be a fun one or just revealing on whether I’ll click with someone

  20. If it’s literally hi or hru, ugh, I get a lot of that and I’m just tired of trying to decide whether I’m supposed to give a legit answer or just say good or what and god small talk is dull. I want to learn about each other, not hear about how the weather’s nice or some shit

  21. Lol damn that’s rough. Maybe if they are cool then something will catch your interest.

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