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  1. Yeah, this one's just fine with me. Let the man have his kink.

  2. And realize that if a god, heaven and hell DO exist that you have less than a 1% chance that you are worshiping the correct deity in the correct manner for entrance to heaven, so in theory nothingness with no awareness of the nothingness should be preferable to depictions of hell.

  3. The Mormons are the correct answer. Satan himself said so.

  4. Imagine using your spouse's job as your defining personality trait.

  5. That's interesting, considering the decades-long project of packing up the entire city and moving it to St. Charles County is pretty much the reason for the crime rate.

  6. I think where you should start is by defining what you mean by noise management. Are you trying to lessen the noise the construction site creates? Do you not care about the noise on site but you are trying to keep that noise from affecting adjacent properties? Do you not care about the noise itself at all but are trying to protect workers' hearing? All three of these will send your project in different directions. You may think of a different defining question as well.

  7. I'm rotted you'd say that, ya hoser. Best keep your stuck on the ice now.

  8. Yes. That happened to me one time, and I'm pretty sure I got one from the General Store in Frontier Town.

  9. I only ever tried to read one of her books, The Fountainhead. I got a couple chapters in and peaced out. Her writing is bad. Like soooooo bad. She was a terrible writer. I get the feeling people like the idea of her more than they do what she actually wrote.

  10. Shhh...those people are creating affordable used EVs for the rest of us.

  11. That's true but I feel like there needs to be a standard for identifying how much range a used car has. I've looked at EVs on Carvana and they sell used Nissan Leafs and Prius phevs but won't tell you what their range is. I won't buy an ev with a 20 mile range, thanks!

  12. With the Leaf (only one I've owned, like you I keep them going as long as I can), there are 12 bars of maximum battery life. At about 85%, the Leaf will go down to 11 bars, then it loses a bar every 7.5% after that. So for example, a Leaf with 9 bars will be about 70% of its maximum range.

  13. If you have your own parking spot with an outlet that you pay for, you can just plug it in right there, no extra stuff needed.

  14. Yeah, it's not really worth 119 dollars to have to go to court multiple times... Just mail them back a letter saying I agree to pay you back in these terms like 10 dollars per month for the next 19 months.

  15. This is absolutely terrible advice. OP, under no circumstances should you offer in writing to pay them more than they've asked.

  16. I believe you may have discovered the Mountains of Madness.

  17. No, we just assume that 15% won't listen to a single thing we say and concentrate on the people our efforts can actually help.

  18. East Walnut is great! West Walnut, basically the smaller the house number, the better. There are some beautiful houses in the West Central neighborhood (Grant to Kansas Expressway). West of Kansas Expressway you no longer have craftsman style houses, it's all the postwar tract houses and just not the same vibe.

  19. U of Iowa and Iowa State both have excellent engineering programs. No need for you to go anywhere else. Visit them both and see which you like better.

  20. And in Mexico, it's a two-day celebration!

  21. Use AutoTurn. Always lay out your turning radius in AutoTurn.

  22. Oh that's the case in the U.S. too, but there are plenty of people whose insurance company dropped them over behaviour like this, and they still keep driving anyway.

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