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When laughter meets percussion

  1. You think he ever used his gadget on her belly to see the kids heartbeat?

  2. Pray they get relegated. everything about them stinks.

  3. Damn government stole my taqueria, can’t have shit on Tranquility Base

  4. That commercial stuff is made of fish parts and flavorings

  5. Imagining this atmosphere under UCL floodlights 🤤

  6. Looking at the Brighton away stand and it’s mostly middle-aged jolly people, hope they can get Europe this season

  7. Imagine when we have to change the 3 points for ‘PL Title’ :)

  8. We still haven't beaten a big club yet, when is the real test?

  9. Can’t wait for the inevitable Big Rob cameo

  10. Martinelli is a tank. I love it. Dude must be so frustrating to play against.

  11. Good balance between shithousery and composure, love him

  12. I'm distracted by the halal chicken listed next to smoked bacon. Halal means okay to eat for Muslims, like kosher is for Jews. Pork is not halal. I am pretty sure things cooked in the same kitchen as pork are not halal.

  13. Yup you’re right, it’s not halal if there’s cross contact on utensils, cooking surfaces etc

  14. Brick by Brick: Live From The Basement (2023)

  15. And the Germans were desperate for men and wasted potential front line troops on this stupidity!

  16. Not a waste because this was the point of the war

  17. Everyone would rather have city win the league than their rivals. City are just bunch of mercenaries no one cares abt.

  18. I had a dream about the NLD last night. Arsenal won 3-0.

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