Brought an overly bloated Ruby back from the brink with epsom salt baths!

  1. Not sure what caused it, but my cherry barb Ruby bloated to 3 times his size, (dropsy?). Everyone else in tank was fine. I gave him her daily epsom salt baths using 2 teaspoons epsom salt in 2 litres of tank water for 10 minutes day 1 then 15 mins day 2 and 3. Noticed improvement by day 3 and left it at that, few days later back to regular old Ruby! Chuffed. This guy's a real trooper, was the runt of the fry, and has outlived them all. Knew she'd beat this too.

  2. Wow. I never seen a severe dropsy recovery. Dropsy of this magnitude is pretty much always fatal. This is easily the worst case of dropsy I've ever witnessed, and you were persistent enough to save her. This is a great testament to your fishkeeping skills. Take my award!

  3. How did you do it? I found one of my neon tetras looking oddly bloated & struggling to pass something. What ratio to water did you use & for how long intervals?

  4. What a lucky fish to have such an attentive and knowledgeable owner. I want to be a good fishkeeper who can treat sick fish someday, they deserve medical care just like a dog or cat.

  5. Wow that is the worst dropsy I think I have ever seen, I can’t believe you saved him. Great job, what a lucky fish!

  6. How to perform these baths? Do you have to soak them in a container with salts for x duration of time? or add the salt in the tank itself??

  7. I did the baths in a seperate container. Drained 2 litres of tank water, added to a big enough tub with the epsom salt then scooped out Ruby with a net and plopped her in, set a timer then added her back to main tank when done. Further info in earlier comment. 👍

  8. Honestly that's seriously impressive! Got to admit I wouldn't have even tried at that point but perhaps I'll give this treatment a go in future

  9. Congrats! I’m glad the fishy made it. Out of all the fish I’ve tried to save from dropsy only one had ever made a full recovery. It’s been two years now and he’s still going strong. The only permanent change in my fish was his color. I think stressful near death experience triggered him to turn from gold to black.

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