What's not a drug but is so addictive that it could be classified as one?

  1. So gross and so common. I judge everyone's behavior but my own. I can't believe anyone will touch anyone else's phone at this point- it is basically the opposite of washing your hands

  2. I'm a substitute teacher, and seeing how addicted some kids are with their phones is terrible. In weight lifting class a girl was doing curls and would switch between a phone in one hand and a weight on the other.

  3. I eat this every day. I’ve gone to the store just because I’m out of salsa, and then I have to come up with other stuff to buy to justify the trip. It’s crazy.

  4. Computer screens/phone screens/the modern internet. It's almost assuredly the most widespread addiction right now. Excepting maybe sugar. I also think there are plenty of indications it's having a widespread negative impact on our mental health and societies.

  5. This is more true than people realize. Scrolling works very similarly in the brain as actual drugs and can cause very real negative side effects such as addiction and feeling more anxiety and depression in general.

  6. I miss the times before infinite scrolling. I remember being able to cut myself fairly easily when I reached the bottom of a page. Now I waste like 2-3 hours a day on here :(

  7. I’ve been thinking I have a smartphone addiction for the longest time, until I read an article a friend posted on facebook, from some philosopher. He argued that we are not addicted to these machines, in the traditional sense of addiction at least, it’s rather that we lack contact with our friends and people around us. In other words, the less time we have to spend with our friends, the more likely we are to spend time with our phone as a surrogate, but that doesn’t mean we are addicted to it. And the more I thought about it, the more it rings true, because I’m never more ”tied” to my phone than when I’m alone, but when I’m with friends I have no desire to use it, and can even put it away and not even think about it for hours or days. That is a clear sign that it isn’t addiction.

  8. I'm working in a call-centre and yesterday a woman I was calling said to her son, when she apparently thought she'd already hung up 'my goodness, he had a very pleasant voice.' and that made my day and I'm sure I'll remember it for months now.

  9. Some of my most traumatizing relationship experiences were rooted in my deep insecurity and obsession with being validated. Im really glad I’ve started healing from that.

  10. Please.... All those years of my life I spent closed doors. Studying all waking hours so that I perfect each exam, punish myself whenever I didn't...

  11. Currently trying to find a hybrid between getting good grades so I can go to a good university and not studying physics so much I wanna off myself

  12. I think for some people this continues well into adulthood. They keep trying to get published and get their names on research and stuff. They don't get paid for the publications, but these journals make millions. It's insanity really.

  13. After graduating I was depressed for like a year because I missed it? So mental. But I was on top of everything. Then it burned me out with work, now I'm somewhere and between nowhere.

  14. Specifically (speaking solely for myself) online gaming competitive modes and mmos. I wasn’t into online/multiplayer games for my whole life. I played stuff like Pokémon, tony hawk, gta, campaign/story driven solo player games until like ps4 times. It felt like a fun hobby.

  15. Gambling disorder is recognized as an addiction in the DSM-5 and video gaming addiction is recognized by the WHO. Not sure about internet and social media addiction, though.

  16. News! More specifically 24 hour confirmation biased news as entertainment. Watching the news all day doesn't necessarily mean you're more informed it might indicate you're easy to manipulate.

  17. Also using alt media like Youtube Channels and Patreon feeds and the like does not mean you've dodged this problem. Some trick themselves into think so.

  18. Not being flippant, I can not for life, health, or wealth give up Coca-Cola. I've tried for 30 years and withdrawal is not something I can manage to get through. I go back every time.

  19. I never thought I will be able to give up on Coca-Cola... Untill I pass out a Kidney Stone after suffering excruciating pain for about a Week.

  20. Sorry to hear that. I had a decade-long addiction to diet coke that I was able to kick when I realized I was just separately addicted to caffeine and carbonation. Now I just drink seltzer and take caffeine pills. There's probably even healthier options, but at least I'm less worried about kidney stones now.

  21. It’s versatile too, it goes with or on anything. Put crumbled cheese on salad, put sliced cheese on a burger or grilled cheese, cheese sauce on steamed veggies, cream cheese on a bagel. There’s even cheesecake (a little slice of heaven that is). There’s even vegan and lactose free cheese for people with dietary restrictions.

  22. the food industry and it's scientist have processed foods to the point that anything by a major brand is a drug

  23. Actually cheese is indeed chemically addictive. It has natural morphine-related chemicals in it, and it is indeed chemically addictive. When casein (milk protein) is digested, one of the sub-products is casomorphine and it behaves like an opioid in the brain. (Google it, Google “morphine in cow’s milk dairy”. Yes you’ll find many of the articles have been preempted to be used for vegan and anti-dairy propaganda articles, but the science behind it is surprisingly true)

  24. Accurate. Especially sugary drinks. I managed to quit soda a while ago but got back to drinking it. When I try to cut it out again, the cravings are wild. I will literally try to justify buying $30 worth of food for delivery when I know deep down I just want the soda. I get a little nervous when I notice my supply is getting low. That's some addict mentality right there. I hate it.

  25. Came here to say this. In the lives of those who abuse sugar, it usually fits a good part of the definition of addiction: “continued use in the face of harm.” As it says in The Book of The Subgenius, “If sugar was discovered today, it would be a controlled substance. Sure, cocaine is pretty damn bad for you, but at least it’s not half your kid’s diet!”

  26. A a doctor appointment after a blood test, he was frantically shaking the results page at me because my triglycerides were so high. I eat a LOT of candy and gum. "Your blood is basically french dressing!" he said. I replied that I like french dressing - thinking I was being funny - but he walked out of the room and didn't return for almost a minute. It was awkward.

  27. Sugar is so addictive they're putting it in processed foods that never had sugar in It before. And have upped sugar Read some labels it crazy !!!!!

  28. This. For me, this is... Yeah... You might not be able to imagine how fast I can go through cookies or chocolate bars or anything like that... It's pretty bad unless I use self control and smart shopping planning.

  29. Self-Harm. It's a rough topic to talk about but it's as addictive and any drug out there. I for one struggle with a self-harm addiction and it is almost always over looked as an addiction.

  30. Completely agree. I was completely addicted and it was my go to reaction to anything. It's been many years now since I last harmed but it's something my brain still thinks about as a coping mechanism when something goes wrong.

  31. I was fine quitting alcohol and sugar but self harm is the strongest addiction I've had. A few months ago I had been clean for over a year and in a moment of sheer breakdown found myself beating my legs without realizing it was happening (I crave impact and bruising, not cutting). I didn't think it make a choice, my body just did it. That was terrifying. Therapy helps but shit it's hard.

  32. I cut from the age of 14-22 and quitting was hard AF but I finally did it and I've been clean for over 10 years. I even use razor blades and exacto knives for my art hobby and I barely ever think about using them for self-harm, I can finally look at something sharp and not be tempted.

  33. I want you to know being 1 month clean in itself is a great achievement please don’t relapse into doing that again. I am clean for 3 years now and have been so proud of myself. Dang when I first got into therapy I was relapsing the next day let alone 1 month so please stay strong.

  34. Maybe try tattoos. I've found in ways it satisfies my urges to cause myself physical pain and it looks pretty to boot.

  35. And it’s something that many (including myself) go back to in high times of depression and/or stress. 2020 was rough and put me in a situation where my mental health just kind of decomposed, and I reacted in a way that was comforting to me. All the while I was aware of how much I’d regret the choice to self-harm later since it had been years since I’d last hurt myself.

  36. The hardest part for me was when my doctor told me that self harm wasn't always a physical act on the body. Sometimes it was mental. I had an old habit of hiding my personal things or give them away when I've been feeling...well....rough. I would throw out plants that I grew or books that I bought. There are no items of my childhood that exist anymore. I didn't feel like I have a right to them. That by removing the objects, I was then removing me. I've been better but it's been hard getting to this point.

  37. Just finished a whole bag. The regret is immense. They're deceptively refreshing because the vinegar seemingly cuts through the salt and oil, but the salt and oil are still getting through...

  38. So in Ohio, where I’m from, Jones Potato Chips made S&V that were amazing. Then for some reason they changed their recipe. But now I discovered a local Brand, Conn’s, started making them and it’s back to the old “Skin off the roof of the mouth” goodness. Conn’s, thank you.

  39. This just gave me good memories of my dad. He’d make us hide the fucking bag because he literally could not prevent himself from finishing them.

  40. I was once in the US and I bought a garbage pail sized bag of peanut m&ms (literally weighed 1.2kg or like 2.5lbs) for the rest the of my 8 hour road trip and ate the whole thing. All of it. I didn’t even feel sick. I barely even noticed. Just grabbed a little handful every couple kilometres. Lo and behold I reach in there and feel nothing but the bottom of the bag, and realize what I have done

  41. This so much. It comes in so many shapes and forms too. Having a certain amount of power is essential for psychological health imo too. As in power over your own personal circumstances (i.e money, resources, influence..)

  42. Yep. Played 65 hours of horizon forbidden west over my 4 day weekend last week. Beat the game Friday with a total of 90 hours.

  43. Jacking off would be a very honest answer. Dopamine hits are real it directly affects your brain and can cause real addictions a result.

  44. I've recently realised that I've spent 250+ hours on a temporary game mode that's gonna get wiped out in a few weeks, and the only benefit is that I'll get a equppable trophy of a different colour that I'm never gonna equip.

  45. RuneScape for sure. I'll go months without it, but then I take one hit and I'm out for months. I can't even get through my day without withdrawals, and cravings. Oh the cravings

  46. Fuck you’re telling me. I had a bad car accident at the end of October and was struggling mentally so threw myself at my new GIM. All 4 of my mates quit so I’m just treating it like a normal IM but my playtime in the last 4 months is nearly a full time job’s worth. Going back to work soon so I’m weening myself off of playing for 10+ hours some days.

  47. It is a drug! A potent CNS stimulant. I had terrible withdrawals for a week, never ending headache that lasted 6 days and nothing was helping.

  48. Never would’ve expected to see this as an answer here but holy shit this hits home for me. I think I may actually be at the point that I can’t fall asleep at night without it playing in the background on my phone like a grown ass man’s auditory security blanket

  49. It's not really good but McDonald's. My buddy once said " when in craving a burger I'm not craving a McDonald's burger, but when I'm craving McDonald's I just want McDonald's anything."

  50. Cheesecake is one of the only things I can really properly make. I love baking and started making all kinds of different things for family dinners and holidays (I was always on dessert duty). Made this Cafe Latte Gingerbread Cheesecake one year and people loved it. So I started really delving into the secrets that make a really good cheesecake. Nailed the eff outta it. Now, I am literally not allowed to make anything except cheesecakes for desserts. I am not even kidding. I have a birthday cheesecake for every birthday by request, I have an Oreo cheesecake for random dinners. Specialty cheesecakes for the holidays (like last year I made a Pecan Pie cheesecake for thanksgiving).

  51. Social media. Toxic relationships. Approval from peers. Power. Money. Daydreaming to escape reality. Self harm. Buying shit you don’t need(blame capitalism). There are so many more but these are just the ones that come to mind.

  52. That is a severe drug of the mind. Maybe in the old days when you just put in a video tape and watched it wasn't such a problem but today, you click on one video then you see like 10 more good videos recommended so you watch one of those only to see 10 more good videos recommended. Rinse and repeat

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