The new Diablo Immortal game takes, on average, 10 years to acquire the best gear, or $110,000 on average. How do you think Blizzard expected the community to play the game?

  1. I used to play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and we had some guys in our guild who had spent over $10k on the game. I was f2p and it took me about year of playing daily, finding the right guild, getting invited to the arena shard discord and finally becoming a guild leader. Literally everyday you had to play at certain times to get rewards and energy recharges. I eventually quit when I realized how addicted I had become and how I would plan my days around the game.

  2. I left my gf because she spent £15k over a year on a half on Game of Thrones conquest. She had 2 phones and would play on both. She would make a new account, spend just under £500 (max refund allowable by apple apparently) with gift cards, use her main account to attack and rob her dummy account, then use the dummy account to contact apple and tell them her nephew took her phone and spent a ton of money on it.

  3. Good for you, there seems to be a lot of research from these companies to really get people hooked in. It’s crazy how intense the freemium industry has become. Makes me just want to play roller coaster tycoon

  4. Yeah I played SWGoH for awhile, had fun in a little guild, and eventually we got pulled into a huge super guild group of like 30+ different guilds. The amount of money those kids would drop was fucking bonkers. We had people that were dropping 10k a month easy for years.

  5. That's why I quit KH Union Cross, or however it was called. It demanded either total control of your time or ponying up the cash, sometimes both. There were ways of advancing while being F2P, but they were unreasonable and strangled player resources through small and cluttered inventories. 3 days a week you could get 3 different upgrade tokens, you needed a bazillion of 'em, and if you missed the window you had to recalculate how not to waste them and the limited inventory until next week. Plus the "free premium currency" limited-time bullshit that required grinding for weeks in order to try for the gacha.

  6. Played some mobile war games in the past. The only way to be on top, just in our map (you could travel to others) was to spend about $50,000 within six months. Needless to say, the top people were retired doctors, or lawyers who played in their spare time. They saw it as a hobby and told me "some people like expensive wines or cars, this is what I like"

  7. I used to play Kingdom Hearts Union X a ridiculous amount. Their timed raid events that only ran for like 5 minutes once an hour, I would set alarms to make sure I got them. I remember spending more money than I care to admit trying to pull the best medals and optimize setups for raiding, only for them to become irrelevant within a month or so.

  8. Yeah, I too went down the rabbit hole, to the point where I literally felt tempted to ward people off at the SW Celebration SWGOG booth. I didn't, of course, but I wanted to. These games use behaviour economics and every addictive trick in the book to manipulate you into spending money, logging on constantly, and feeling a sense of stress or FOMO when you're not playing.

  9. I did the same with runescape, I heard of people spending that much never met them though. Video games can be a nasty addiction especially if you get a hold of the wrong one.

  10. I stopped playing it one year after daylight saving time changed, and the reset point coincided with my children's bedtime.

  11. Which absolutely sucks because the general premise of GOH is pretty fun if you ask me. I also remember going through an addiction phase and realizing how stupid it all was.

  12. Right there with you. That was the best game I’ve ever played on my phone. But so addictive and couldn’t keep up after years of just spending a little.

  13. In the same boat, spent 1200$ in a year on the game without noticing... Was hard to leave though considering all the money lost

  14. I played that for a few years. I spent about $100 total over that time, so more than I should have but not much compared to the whales. I was lucky and got to the top of my shard quickly and there were no major whales there so I was able to get 1st every day during my squad and ship arena times and save a ton of crystals.

  15. lol oh man SWGH... I use to have to pull over on my commute home to do rancor raid because my guild raided at a time i was always commuting. I played that game 2 hours a day every day for a couple years. Got kicked from my guild for missing a couple days because life and used that as a good exit from the game.

  16. My husband had a very similar experience with this game. He referred to playing as doing his “chores” for the day, so I think he always lowkey resented the way the game was set up, and I’m grateful for that.

  17. I logged in to do my daily one day and my wife looked over at me and asked if I even had fun doing that, I guess I had a weird look on my face. I said no, I haven't had fun with this game in a months. So obviously she asked why I'm still playing it. I deleted it right then lol now I don't even have games on my phone at all.

  18. Gundam Breaker Mobile was like that for me. You had to play every day and the best parts were only available from the gacha for the longest time. Eventually they changed it to also be sketching you could face up to get ONE part every so often. Eventually quit when I realized the game was now like a job or chore that I had to do daily them a fun game for me to play whenever for however long (because it also had energy system). Quit around the end of last year and never looked back.

  19. this is what finally convinced me to quit Maplestory. I was basically fine with being addicted to it in terms of spending a ton of time playing it, but when it began to demand that I play it on certain (every) days at certain times, I realized it was untenable. which is really sad, because I adored it. but they really did make it into a monster

  20. I still play GOH. But I’ll never pay. And I expect nothing out of it other than wasting 20-30 minutes over the day. I paid twice a couple years ago, and realized how even if you’ve paid, you’re not guaranteed character shards, so I never paid again. There’s no way they can’t say it’s not gambling if paying a set amount could yield 5 to 300 character shards.

  21. My ex boyfriend would spend hundreds a month on fucking candy crush and coin raider. My card was linked to his Google account so I would receive emails for all transactions. He would get high on drugs and get sucked into playing on his phone and just buy multiple spins, or life upgrades/etc. Absolutely fucking ridiculous to me. Sucked a lot of money out of me the last few years of our 'relationship'. Smh

  22. When I was a teenager/early 20s I used to buy pointless DLC, spend loads of money on FIFA points. (🖕 EA) As I got older I did start to realised I was just wasting money. Now a days far too many games (especially ones that are aimed at children) are full of microtransactions. Stuff that used to be unlocked by playing the game is now behind a pay wall.

  23. This was me. Going to the bathroom at arena time during dinner with my wife. Playing through the walkthrough of the hospital that my child was going to be born in.

  24. I come from Diablo 2 too and it got me thinking. I don't wanna be the devils advocate here but imagine someone told you "you must kill Baal literally 10,000 times to get to level 99 with a full party", that would sound ridiculous to me and there's no way I would ever do this. But in d2 getting to 99 is virtually useless because you can beat the game solo by lvl 60 and you can reach a very high power at, say lvl 90 or 95. So, in Diablo immortal how much of the best gear exactly do you need? Theoretically it costs $100,000+ but how much of it would be overkill?

  25. Path of Exile is the way to go. It's what Diablo 3 should have been. It's free to play, but you can absolutely play it and get all the way through with no money at all. The only things for sale are flashy costumes and a specific quality of life perk (more stash tabs for your player). Outside of that, completely free.

  26. Curious question: In your hundreds of hours of Diablo 2, how many of your characters got the best possible gear in all slots?

  27. They don't give a shit about the avg player... they know they will dl the game .. potentially spend a few bucks on the battle pass then eventually quit.. multiply this by thousands of people... they do care about whales... all they need is a handful of people to spend $50k+ and their predatory scam game task is successful

  28. That's why Path Of Exile has such a dedicated fanbase. It's what Diablo 3 should have been, basically. Totally free, with a few cosmetics and some minor QoL upgrades if you want. Other than that, totally free.

  29. A shame how the company that brought fond childhood memories for an entire country (South Korea) as well as countless others have become this cash-grab happy monster.

  30. This is exactly why people booed Diablo Immortal’s release announcement at Blizzcon. Everyone was expecting garbage, and they’ve gone above and beyond to make it absolute trash

  31. Daily login awards are already a scummy mechanic that preys on people’s FOMO and tries to get them addicted to the game. Making you pay for it is just shameless.

  32. You failed to mention buying the battle pass with +10 levels is only for that one character. Other characters will have the pass unlocked, but it starts at level 1.

  33. I found the game incredibly boring. It’s dungeon crawling on rails. No choices. No interesting encounters. It boils down to…Go here, listen to annoying dialog to point you to next step, go there, repeat. I made it to level 25 almost instantly. No fear of death. Just walk through everything. So utterly boring. I get the complaints about monetizing the game, but there’s no hook to entice you to spend anything. I kept waiting fo the game to open up and become a game. The whole experience felt like a demo.

  34. I know this stuff is shocking to people who only play PC games. But this is bog standard for a mobile gatcha game. And the reason it is bog standard is because it makes a bajillion dollars. Way more money than Diablo 3 ever made. Game developers have being honing the way to extract the most possible money from people for over 10 years now and they have every trick in the book to drop as many psychological hooks in you as possible to get you to spend money.

  35. Well shit, I had installed this game just to check it out, hadn't launched it yet. Guess it's getting uninstalled.

  36. The game is also unavailable in countries that legally require loot box drop chances to be provided to the player. (Belgium is one of them I think)

  37. My brother tried it out, there are 16 currencies. 16! I don't know how many of them are paid currencies but that's just way too many.

  38. All the shitty mobile games are the same concept, million of worthless shit,and the only thing is that worth something,is locked behind money

  39. Games like Diablo were always a certain kind of casino. The drop rates, RNG, and gameplay made it addictive and unpredictable in the same kind of way as a slot machine. But that was pretty harmless fun because you bought the machine and could play it as much or as little as you wanted without spending extra money.

  40. I know im still casually playing a certain few gachas, but its sad to realized that gaming these days isnt about skills, strategies, and cooperative teamwork. It's about who's got the biggest wallet. Its why i dont fucking care about chasing the meta and just go for my favorite characters.

  41. Seriously, with this age of micro transactions these don’t even feel like video games anymore. They’re like virtual jobs with flashy colors except you pay money instead of earn it.

  42. In a surprising twist, Microsoft is doing fairly well in terms of releasing games that are enjoyable without microtransactions. Age of Empires 4 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 come to mind.

  43. I've pretty much moved exclusively to indie games now because not only do you get a full game, but often they'll drop some free giant update at some point just because.

  44. Play indie games, they actually still care, and are often better than the AAA stank that gets released yearly.

  45. Different format but related, it’s ridiculous that Apple is telling app creators “if you haven’t updated your app in X amount of time, it will be removed from the App Store.” A lot of those apps have to be games that were designed to just be played, not constantly updated or adding things to buy or new levels or anything else. They should be allowed to exist just as they are.

  46. There are still games like that, in fact there are more than ever before. Take off the woe is me nostalgia glasses and explore the bajillions of games that are available... or just keep complaining about the same 10 games on this sub and ignore the countless alternatives

  47. Net (t)Ease is the #1 chinese mobile gaming dev. Considering mobile gaming is a MASSIVE market in China (notably bigger than normal retail gaming) and the Chinese absolutely dump money in to their games, I'm not surprised they thought it could be pushed on to the rest of the world. The problem is, every single average gamer could uninstall and it would still be wildly profitable because of the whales. Think about it, it only takes 1000 people out of 6,600,000,000 spending $1000 to make 1 million in revenue. Now add in all of the smaller (but larger amount of) transactions from the lesser whales and they're raking in profit. Unfortunately money talks and even if 99.99 percent of all smartphone users didn't play, there's still 66 MILLION people that would still be playing this game. Now obviously all 6.6 billion won't play it but the point still stands. The only way this shit will stop is when it is made illegal worldwide. There's a reason why we went from full games, to dlc, to fairly reasonable mtx, to lootboxes, and now "live service" (which just means fucking beta testing period at this point) It's all because some MBAs determined it's more profitable than delivering quality over quantity.

  48. None of the money from monetization goes to the devs, it goes to the shareholders, executives, and the rest of the dead weight that are leeching off of their product.

  49. Crazy to think that the company responsible for WoW and Overwatch is putting their name on crappy mobile games in 2022. "Do you guys not have cell phones?" Part 2

  50. No... as someone that's been a gamer for many decades now, I can totally believe the company that made WoW back in my college days is now like this. Because just like WoW was back then, this is the cutting edge of Skinner box mechanics translated into profits.

  51. WoW was a money milking machine built to make people addicted and keep them putting money into the game and Diablo 3 had a real money auction house at launch. Everything Blizzard does is based on psychological research of how to get people addicted and how to make money off of them. Blizzard has been using scummy tactics since their early days. The main change is that society allows for much more scum these days so the baseline they can away with is much higher. This game is right in line with Blizz.

  52. Idk why anyone would play a game like this. If you want things to change you not only need to avoid buying anything on games like this but you need to stop playing them altogether.

  53. This is one thing I just don't understand about most modern games. I refuse to keep paying for little things like that. The only money I'll sink into a game is the cost of buying it and a subscription if I need to. I don't care about skins so just that saves me a lot of money but if its like you need to pay $1.99 to get this weapon I'm passing. I shouldn't have to pay additional money, especially since it starts to add up fast which is why its small amounts, to play your game.

  54. idk how people don't get that. People want a short burst of their favorite game. Something to play for 5 minutes on the phone and put down again. Really good example is Call of Duty mobile. They're fun in bursts. Nobody is going into Diablo mobile expecting a 1:1 recreation of the same game on the PC. The people saying "Well play Path of Exile" literally do not get it. I mean are you kidding me? That's not the point of a mobile game. The point is that quick play session. Which Diablo mobile apparently does well.

  55. The answer is because it's fun. It feels just like a trimmed down diablo 3, optimized for mobile. That's 99.9% better than most crap you find on mobile. I'm not saying you should give them all your money. But if you're asking why someone would play a game like this, there's your answer. People are kind of ignoring that part.

  56. I just don't get it. I have always avoided anything that nickle and dimes me or has a pay to win structure. There are plenty of great games out there that don't do that. I would argue most of the great games specifically don't do this.

  57. There was a match making algorithm to pair higher ranked players who bought cosmetics against lower ranked players who hadn't on purpose in order to create the illusion that you were playing better for spending money, and playing worse if not. I think the game was Call of Duty. Here is one post about it, and this was years ago. Algorithm could be more effective now.

  58. Blizzard used to be good during the WoW and original Diablo series days. It's only ever since Activision took over, that company went to shit. As for this game, their collab with NetEase made things worse.

  59. Stuff like this has been taken to court several times but just because you can’t trade in your virtual currency for real money they don’t consider it gambling.

  60. As a phone game to kill a few minutes and run a rift or do a bounty or whatever, it's okay. I wouldn't get invested in it or expect a full Diablo experience.

  61. I find it playable for a for those quick bounty and rift, and actually enjoy it. I don't feel like I need to pay though even if they push me for it. I don't have to be the best of the best, but we'll see if I change my mind when I get to level 60.

  62. How long does it take to get the absolute best gear in Diablo 2 or diablo 3? I had 2-3 thousand hours into D2 and still didn't have near the best gear in the game.

  63. It's simple, it's aimed specifically at whales and the Asian market. They couldn't give any less of a fuck about what the Western audience thinks

  64. Honestly, I'm playing through the story and I haven't run into any paywalls or anything. It's harder than D3, which is good cuz that game was stoopid easy. Honestly I'm havin fun, I run dungeons with my brothers sometimes and we have a good time. No need to pay to have a good time

  65. Honestly, just let go of the expectation of "I need the best gear!" The game is just a distraction until Diablo 4 comes out in 5 years.

  66. Yup. I've only played a couple hours but I'm enjoying it well enough and I'm happy to just play it for free and ignore all the other crap. Loot still explodes everywhere and it still gives you that satisfaction you expect from a game like this. As soon as you log in, unless you've never played an F2P game in your life, you know what to expect. I will say the monthly payment for extra bag space is a bit extra, but it's all nothing we haven't seen before. Including the daily login rewards that you can pay to upgrade and lose if you don't play that everyone is acting so shocked about.

  67. There are a lot of over the top micro transactions… that are easily avoidable if you don’t care about leaderboards. It’s a fun game, I might give them 5 bucks for the battle pass for the neat cosmetics but nothing you actually need.

  68. Oh come on, clearly the only way to enjoy games these days is to have every piece completely perfect and getting every minute % of performance upgrades has to happen or you suck at the game and should just uninstall.

  69. Reading through this thread, I’m glad that a) Genshin is relatively F2P/low spending friendly and b) that I don’t have a gambling addiction… holy shit

  70. So don't play. Those of us playing for free and not spending a dime are having a blast. Typical cry baby reddit, go outside and do something else with your time.

  71. The public opinion on this one is objectively wrong. The game has been a fantastic F2P experience. Immense effort went into the development to offer modest monetization. Your goal should never be “best in slot” when playing a game which raises tiers indefinitely. Just fucking play the game and have fun. The negative consensus surrounding this game is literally based on pure ignorance. The crossplay monetization platform is genius, and nobody has a valid perspective that can deny that.

  72. I broke up with a guy who started out by playing DnD with a group of friends. Relatively normal, nice guys. They convinced him to join their League of Legends guild, and it all went downhill from there. He would come home after work and play League or video games for 2 hours minimum, AND would play DnD for 4+ hours on Sundays. It would be like I was tearing him away from a body part. He dropped out of school because he was failing 3 classes. Didn’t understand why I wanted dates or romantic things of any kind, OR even connecting over any other hobbies together. Forget about anything sexual. He genuinely was confused when I left, and from what I know, nothing has really changed with him.

  73. I remember the blizzard defense team basically said, "be happy this game has no in game ads". The fact you can't even play the game properly without spending more money than the game is worth is ridiculous.

  74. While I'm not going to play the game and I'm not defending that it's scummy, I also dislike those headlines.

  75. Genuine answer - Blizzard expect the majority of players to play for free, and progress their characters slowly but steadily and enjoy the game at their own pace. The game is designed to be fun enough to keep these players enjoying it, with the hope of converting them to investing money.

  76. The game is great fun when you just want a mobile Diablo. The people who are trying to min/max end game a mobile game are just.... Sad

  77. I played the game for the first time yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s super well made. I don’t plan on spending any money on it, just play for free. Why do y’all feel the need to have the very best items all the time? Just play for free and enjoy the game.

  78. Credit card. As every game these days. But people are stupid enough to pay so they'll get away with it. Same reason Ubisoft ours mtx in Singleplayer games, you always have people with below average IQ.

  79. Idk what blizzard expected, but just play for free until you get bored or tired of it. I've never spent a dime in mobile games. Diablo Immortal is fun so far, and once it's not, I'll just stop playing. The way everyone talks about this game it's like they feel obligated to "complete" the game or they have to be the top player. If you don't want to pay, then... don't. You don't have to play this game. You don't have to pay if you do play. Set your own goals and pace FFS - y'all need help.

  80. I've been enjoying playing, as I've been a fangirl or the Diablo games for years, I see no reason to blow a bunch of money to get the best gear, I'm just gonna have fun playing the game

  81. Path of Exile is slightly similar in the aspect that you'll need around 40$ worth of every kind of inventory expansions to comfortably fit in while playing. Additionally they have cosmetic packs that are madly expensive. It might be arguable, but i think their approach is fine.

  82. Imagine caring this much. Im level 60 and have spent 5 euros and having fun, and I will keep on having fun until it isnt anymore and I have to pay for the game. Its free, play until its not and enjoy it. Easy as that. Its never going away, mobile games have been predatory for 10 years.

  83. I think that they expect fans to play the game exactly like every single huge company on the planet expects their customers to use their products.

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