I (29F) keep finding long hairs in my bathroom, which is strange because my husband (32M) is bald and I have a short pixie crop hairstyle

  1. I bet he told dave no problem, don't worry about it. Then realised after he said it there is a global pandemic on and totally didn't ask his wife first. Seems like he settled on "don't tell her and hope his mate gets on his feet before it's an issue".

  2. She explained it - he wasn't sure she would approve, and his friend was sensitive to people knowing. This is about as "badass" as the husband gets, helping a friend in a way that took no commitment or money distress/work for his wife, but such a naïve guy that he didn't even consider the possibility it could be misread as infidelity.

  3. For me the biggest issue with cheating is the lying, so I'd be upset about this as well. If my partner, let alone my husband, is scared to talk to me about something as simple as this, there's a huge issue in the relationship. Seems like the husband feels like she doesn't let him make decisions, doesn't like or let him hang out with his friends, or thinks she would be angry if he had a friend to the house without her "permission". Obviously I know nothing about their relationship, but if the guy thought it was easier to keep up this lie even when she was suspicious he was doing something much worse, I feel like it was because she has a history of reacting poorly to things like this. I could be way off, he could just be a horrible communicator. But if I were OOP, I would be taking a real hard look in the mirror to try to understand why my husband felt like he couldn't trust me with something so innocuous. In my opinion, a relationship is nothing without trust.

  4. these posts were made in july 2020. op probably wasn’t down with having people in their home (line ab ops bfs sister in post) during a pandemic.

  5. My wife has an old meth-head friend that she thinks is good company and suitable for letting herself into our house to get her mail.

  6. Yeah some dude you don't know is using your shower?? And the husband isn't cleaning up after him. Yuck.

  7. There's also the fact that this man clearly pays no attention to cleanliness, or cleans himself. Only someone who never had to think about cleaning would not realize that most shedding happens in the bathroom.

  8. I agree with you but hasn't this story been posted before on here? I feel like I've seen this before.

  9. Especially during Covid! Back in 2020 I think it was common courtesy not to have people breathing in your space by surprise.

  10. I agree. That still bothers me, that the husband felt the need to hide it because he thought OP wouldn’t approve. So he just made sure to do it behind her back.

  11. ok this is the third time i see a reference to someone building an art studio for someone else in like 2 days. Is this some legendary reddit post im not aware of?

  12. I just lost my shit that is the second reference to that godforsaken studio I've seen today and for some reason it only gets funnier every time I think about it

  13. Instead of art studio, a whole spa! And there's a sauna inside that they both use but it's no girl's allowed so wife can't go in.

  14. I love the fact that anytime there are two males being friendly to one another in some way, the top comment is always about an art studio haha

  15. It's nice that OOP's husband wasn't cheating and was actually being a good human. But what was stopping him from just being honest with his wife instead of hiding it? Like why?

  16. Maybe COVID anxiety? Like, he was worried that she wouldn't approve of a stranger in their house bc of COVID? Not saying that would be an excuse, but if I had to guess a reason, that's the first one that popped into my head.

  17. I think I’m a little cynical this morning but it’s because the husband and Dave are actually fucking. The wife just doesn’t want to accept that as a possible reality

  18. The second reason, that the guy was ashamed of being homeless, is probably a big deal for the homeless friend. There have been people who have upheld elaborate lifestyles for years to hide that they’ve lost a job, let alone that they’ve been unhoused.

  19. Honestly, probably because his friend and his wife didn't know each other very well. He was probably afraid she'd veto the idea on the basis of "this man has not earned any of my trust, why is he in my home." And then knowing that Dave was already super self-conscious about his situation, he probably didn't want to embarrass his friend, either. I'm glad it worked out, but that's quite an oop.

  20. Isn't it. Isn't it also strange that he was bringing his friend tea while he was showering? Something seems off

  21. My friend (blonde) thought her boyfriend was cheating on her because she found long, curly, dark hair on his bed.

  22. I had an ex who used to have a bunch of costume wigs and refused to put 2 and 2 together. Found a spy cam in our bedroom 😂 still never solved her paranoia

  23. Wait, were you two smashing, or just friends and your hair was innocuously getting on her clothes? Or, are you a long haired dog who can type?

  24. Imagine using a bathroom secretly and then just ... not cleaning out your hairs?!?!?!?!? That's rude even when you have full right and access to a bathroom lol

  25. People who haven't always had long hair are often not very aware of "hair shower etiquette"; I was so happy when my brother cut his hair again

  26. Why wouldn't this friend just clean the shower. Surely after the first instance the husband would have been like dude, clean the shower, my wife has found your hair.

  27. So the husbands first reaction to something he thinks his wife won’t agree with is to lie and hide it?

  28. Solid relationship right there. Builds a great pathway to perpetual distrust and anxiety in the household to always need to question your partners honesty and be gaslight about any Paranoia you may have in the future.

  29. Imagine what else he has lied about and hidden. He probably has other secrets. I would have a hard time trusting OOP’s husband.

  30. I think it’s cruel he didn’t tell her, this poor woman had to keep being reminded on reddit that she might have somebody living in her walls ffs, that’s not ok to let her live in a state of discomfort and fear like that. I mean if I suspected I had a stranger living in my walls I would not take that well.

  31. Right? It's been happening for weeks. And obviously he isn't "couch surfing" with this guy because he's not spending the night. So apparently this guy is coming over, to take a shower in the main bathroom. (Unless they only have 1) and it's been pretty consistent. They hang out for a bit, then he goes to spend the night somewhere else (which, why can't he shower over there??)

  32. I think she's just relieved it isn't a woman or some crazy person living in their walls. Maybe in a week or two she'll have that realisation of "wait but it's really weird that he didn't tell me. Why would he not say he just wants to help a friend?" then she starts looking for signs of some gay shenanigans

  33. OOP is way too in denial. If he lied the first time then why assume he's being honest after getting caught red handed?

  34. Just going to subtly drop the ‘next thing you know he’s going to turn the spare room into an art studio’ comment right here

  35. Honestly though, I think its still not cool of him to do that. His reasons weren't good enough for him to hide a human being taking showers at THEIR house. Especially after she started asking him about the hair and him gaslighting her. Just because he isn't cheating doesn't mean what he did was fine.

  36. This is way better than the other one I just read where the guy's wife (incorrectly) accused him of cheating and then killed herself.

  37. Nice of her to suggest the friend lives with them. Happy it wasn’t worst case scenario-a stranger. Can’t be cheating if it’s gay.

  38. There's was nothing about this situation that justified the lie, especially when his Wife explicitly asked him twice who the long hairs in the shower could have belonged to. Husband & Dave definitely seemed to be f-cking on the side.

  39. Yeah, bullshit. The time for the husband coming clean would have been the first time OOP noticed long hair; instead, he just shrugged or said “They must be yours.” He’s totally fucking that guy.

  40. This somewhat reminds me of a story that a friends wife found long blonde like hairs in their bathroom (they both have black hair) and after confronting my friend, it turns out it was strands from the corn he has shucking for dinner the night before.

  41. It’s still a big red flag that OOP’s hubby outright LIED to her. Not only did he purposefully not tell her about it, he KNEW where the hairs came from and decided, “Nah, I’m still not gonna tell her — I think I’ll go for some gaslighting instead!”

  42. Lol your husband is totally cheating on you with Dave. There is no way anybody would actually keep a secret like that from his wife unless they first breached the subject and it was shot down. I also highly doubt Dave would not allow the husband to tell the wife or other occupants of the house. I could see him not wanted it shared elsewhere but that is a huge ask if you have your hand out. And I am sorry no straight man makes his friend tea while he is in the shower.

  43. Odds the husband is in the closet and having an affair with the friend? I mean...even if it's during lockdown, why not tell your wife you're letting a dude shower at your place?

  44. Alternative theory: he is cheating and after she got suspicious he asked a long haired friend to occasionally come over and shower there in case she comes home earlier.

  45. I love the stories that turn out wholesome in the end. Love that Dave has a friend like OOP’s husband being in his corner! And sometimes we forget the miscommunication we see in sitcoms is actually real because there really is no reason for this lol

  46. Maybe an unpopular opinion but the husband was still violating her trust, although not as badly as if he had been cheating.

  47. This is still super weird, I think the husband is still cheating? Just because it’s a “Dave” and not a “Donna” doesn’t mean he’s not potentially cheating. Storyline is not tracking for me

  48. What a nice hearted idiot, it's good to see how she didn't jump into conclusions as well, best luck for them

  49. Does anyone else have the lingering thought of "her husband could still be cheating... with Dave?"

  50. So this guy would rather his girlfriend assume he was cheating on her then just tell her he's helping a friend, sounds like a nice guy but what a dumbass

  51. I actually had a man living in my basement without my knowledge for what I believe was probably months if not more. I was 21 and living alone with my toddler son at the time, so that was a really cool experience..

  52. I'm assuming the hair was in the drain. It can be pretty hard to fully remove all of it even if you are trying to.

  53. Sounds like a writing prompt. Do teachers now ask their students write a bullshit storie over reddit to test their skills?

  54. Everyone asking why he’d keep that a secret. I’m more interested in why he’d think she would care about that. Who would ever have an issue with something like this.

  55. Update 2: Well, I never saw it coming, but I came home from work today and all of my husband's personal belongings were gone from the house, and he isn't answering his phone....

  56. Yeah I’m going to still say this was a massive red flag that husband didn’t tell OOP and dismissed her when she asked about it.

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