Girl's first love

  1. The guy is really Italian and lived 1 year in the US. His name is Luis Sal, you can find him on youtube

  2. Or maybe that’s actually how Italians look...😭 but the white undershirt with the gold chain at a public dinner is crazy

  3. He is Italian. His name is Luis Sal, an Italian guy with a really "fresh" sense of humor i would say. I'm italian too, that's why I know him. He became friend with a way more famous rapper, Fedez, that is married and had a doughter with a WAY MORE FAMOUS italian model Chiara Ferragni. This is just him playing with Fedez' little daughter diring lunch

  4. This is what both of my baby cousins do to me, it’s absolutely adorable but then they’re too nervous to come up and play with you haha

  5. Nicest resturant in Dallas. And my best friend walks in in crocks, shorts, ans a band t-shirt. Got us a private room because they didn't want the other guests to see him. He had money and they knew it. Tipped like a boss.

  6. Because he is a famous and rich youtube kid, who started by doing the most random shit and ended up writing a book on his own life philosophy. So basically he can do whatever he wants.

  7. I've heard that at car shops that sell mega expensive luxury cars, the sellers know if someone is actually going to buy a car if they're dressed super casually - shorts, flip flops, old t shirt - whereas a dude who comes in dressed in an expensive suit is probably just looking.

  8. I love the fact that the guy wearing a tank top in a restaurant bothers people enough to comment on it lmao

  9. It definitely surprised me. You would think most Redditors wouldn't care what people wear, but I guess it just depends on the subreddit.

  10. So I did a small rabbithole dive. The guy is Luis Sal, and that’s his niece. His brother is Fedez, an Italian rapper, married to a Italian model/designer Chiara Ferragni in the video. All 3 are very well known in Italian culture.

  11. "Ugh why are The LGBT always projecting romantic orientation on minors, it's disgusting"

  12. Why do they look like they're in a 5 star restaurant and he looks like he's about to go box someone while she looks like she's a runway designer?

  13. The guy's name is Luis you can look him up on yt he is famous in Italy and the woman is Chiara Ferragni, I think the most famous influencer in Italy

  14. So if this happens in children this young, it must be closer to an instinctive behavior rather than something learned from watching others.

  15. I used to have this problem all the time when I was younger would have younger sisters and stuff all over me. Like they would stare or turn extremly shy

  16. Why are some people so mad about a little child's first crush? Liking someone does not have to be sexual. Get you minds out of the gutter.

  17. So interesting that with this whole woke movement that still being class-ist is still ok. Shitting on people by what the wear, where they live, and where they might shop is still all good apparently.

  18. Everyone commenting on the guys clothes but I’m loving the lady’s outfit! That green coat coupled with a black/navy high neck dress and the jewellery, the hair-do, the make-up is all so gorgeous. That’s such a stylish outfit and she’s beautiful. I didn’t look half as good when I had a one-year old and I’m loving the look on her.

  19. I dont know what kind of event this is, but a wifebeater tank is definitely under dressed LOL

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