WHO warns ability to identify new Covid variants is diminishing as testing declines

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe you can test for unknown variants in wastewater. You have to know what you're looking for in order to test.

  2. I think the problem you'll find there is that you're testing a combination of multiple infections there. So, you may not notice that a particular protein is missing in a new strain if it's still present in other strains.

  3. No, because what’s in the sewage is trace quantities of virus from many different people, so if you try to sequence that, you’d get bits and pieces of sequences from different variants but can’t string together the sequence of any one variant. And rare emerging variants are drowned out by prevalent ones.

  4. That defeats the point of not doing testing, to ramp up waste water testing would garner more information to be 'burdened' to do anything about.

  5. The waste water testing is only way to see what’s going on any more. My city is in a spike now but you’d never know it based on positive test cases.

  6. Even here in Japan where people takes it quite seriously, the positivity rate has jumped from a stable ~4-7% from the last 2 years, to almost 30%. I must insist, 99% of people still wear masks on the streets, during summer at almost 40C.

  7. We've relaxed the CDC plea for masking in hospitals and nursing homes, and NYC a month ago put out PSA art for the end of masking, including someone wearing the mask wrong and saying "You do you" under it.

  8. Positivity rates are now meaningless because people who are mildly sick take a home rapid test, then if it’s positive, they get confirmation from a doctor or testing centre. But if they test negative at home, that negative won’t be recorded.

  9. At least here in Canada outdoor masking was never made mandatory even during the height of it so it's never been more then 60 percent of people wearing masks outdoors and is almost none right now. Even indoor mask wearing where I live is becoming very rare. It would defenitly feel strange for me to have ever seen 99 percent of people outdoors with masks here.

  10. and yet people in the united states insist that masks will mitigate the spread. spoiler - it doesnt.

  11. Just received the new bivalent booster earlier this week. Had some dull aches all over for two days then woke up good as new. Hoping it helps defend against potential new strains as some people speculate it will.

  12. Same experience - after the first three shots giving me no reaction, and getting COVID earlier this year in January, this was actually worse than when I had the actual illness.

  13. He's right, we've now moved in to an endemic phase where covid and related healthcare policy has be treated as something that will always be here and part of every day life. It's not something we can solve and it will be largely over, it's here to stay and moving from pandemic to endemic is the appropriate stance to take.

  14. Weren’t there only a few countries monitoring all along? South Africa, UK, Germany, US… trying to remember. I don’t think there was ever strong worldwide coverage or sequencing of variants. Maybe through UN programs we aren’t aware of?

  15. Covid testing in South Africa has all but vanished now. Practically everyone in SA has gotten sick with "flu" over the past month but we'll never know whether or not it's a new variant since no one tests and most testing places have shut down. After being hit with crippling travel bans for being the first to discover new variants those in government would actually prefer to keep any new covid developments under wrap.

  16. It honestly feels like WHO doesn't have an exit plan. As the number of reported cases decreases, testing is naturally going to go down. It seems like no one has a plan for ending the pandemic at all.

  17. Damn that's weird dude. I only have the first vaccine, and I don't think I've ever worn a mask more than once in the last year, and I've never gotten COVID. Are y'all just like doing weird shit to get this stuff, like orgies or something?

  18. Serious question, how do function? Going through it my first time and it is insanely debilitating. Been laid out for 5 days. Never called off work sick this many times in a row.

  19. Me and my gf have both been very sick the past 10 days, both got tested, negative! This is my second worst cold i have had in my life, the worst one was when i got covid 2020

  20. But have you asked the money what it feels about the pandemic? The money seems to be the one making the decisions

  21. Nobody cares anymore. I’m saying that as someone who takes it seriously and has taken all the shots… 4 now.

  22. A few of us do care but besides staying up to date with our shots, masking while indoor in public, and reducing social interaction there’s not much we can do.

  23. That would require the world/governments admitting Covid is an ongoing problem, en masse. Then it would require actual effort.

  24. I got COVID a month ago and for me, personally, it wasn't much more than an inconvenience. I just felt tired, couldn't stop sneezing, and was in bed by 8:00 every night for a week.

  25. Personally, for you, it doesn’t feel necessary. For the vulnerable populations it is, and probably for the people who care about their future health.

  26. Humanity is done. Willfully driving itself into extntion due to.pure impatience and an inability to adapt. The inability to wear a simple mask when required (cause your dick will fall off) or mandate vaccines, are all non-starters for the privileged that want "freedom." If COVID had the visible signs of Monkeypox, or any other pox, people would be masking left and right (no pun) due to the stigma. But now the "we can't mask forever " or "but the ECONOMY " assholes have won. It will likely be a short-term victory.

  27. Testing is declining because people are tired of hearing about it. Everyone that wanted vaxed got vaxed, everyone that didn't simply didn't. It's time to go back to normal and part of normal is not testing for covid, especially when, as a virus, it mutates to be less lethal and more transmissible.

  28. 225,000 Americans have died so far this year from COVID, almost half of them vaxed. Testing is declining because people (like you) are selfish.

  29. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/26/the-uae-is-scrapping-its-covid-mask-requirements-after-2point5-years-.html

  30. and what do you want to do? Have hundreds of millions line up every few days to get their noses prodded, China style?

  31. I did manage to control diabeties and weight for extra protection (a few years back). The fear of Covid and being old motivated me to get other condition under better control (as possible). I am up to date with vaccines. So I finally got Covid (2022) 2 months after the 4th vaccine and is was brief and easier that a cold. I can’t say getting healthy before hand helped but my diabetic symptoms are gone. I feel if I’m healthier, I’d fair better?

  32. Because of the availability of home rapid test kits. If you test positive, you call in sick. The buck stops there. Isn’t it common sense that we have less PCR tests because of free rapid tests?

  33. they don’t really work that well on the current variant. my wife got sick and tested positive on a home test last sunday. i came down with a cough/fever/chills 3 days later but kept testing negative on the 3 different home tests. got a PCR test thursday and tested positive.

  34. That's a pretty good point ngl... The severity has declined but it feels like covid is becoming a virus very similar to Influenza.

  35. This makes no sense. There are flu variants that come up every year and there is no widespread testing for those...but somehow there's always a flu vax available.

  36. I'm not sure the reduction in testing / sequencing is that relevant to variants; the successful ones are going to rapidly become so prevalent they'll show up on routine random sample sequencing that will continue to be conducted, even if scaled back. So the threshold to detection will not be as good, and detection of variants that don't become successful may be limited... But we're still going to get a good idea of how the virus is evolving.

  37. This has become a cult. Find another cult. There’s an active one now, whereas people are driving or walking by themselves with a mask on. Membership is free.

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