Black Adam global promo tour starts next week.

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  1. Madrid is probably because the director Jaume Collet Serra is Spanish, so he can lead the promo effort himself if needed. But yeah usually the cast does split up. You usually have different types of event at these tours; red carpets, press days, fan event/screenings/activations. The cast will usually get together at red carpet and press days for junkets, but for other events they’ll split in smaller groups.

  2. If you’re wary of spoilers it’s time for you to duck and cover. There are at least 2 red carpet premiers on that list and tons of fans screenings.

  3. Thread is under a subreddit called DCEU Leaks. Nobody reading this thread cares about spoilers.

  4. I doubt it, the event here in Mexico City is mentioned to feature an extended sneak peak of the film, new images and a chat with the cast; I read that Toronto and NYC will have the full film first.

  5. Mexico City doesn’t have fans screenings it’s extended look clips as well as some press and fan event.

  6. Depending on the stops, it’s a mix of press conference press junkets fan events fan screenings and red carpet premieres. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of the city that’ll host screenings or fan events and are interested you best bet is to follow the movie on social as well the local Warner Bros branch.


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