My Mother Holding Her Old Heart 2 Weeks Post Heart Transplant Surgery

  1. Well there was her problem right there. Valves'r shot, aorta's fried - legally she can't leave the shop with those ventricles looking like that.

  2. Her septum is damn near worn through. Another thousand miles and she’d be a complete write-off. Also whoever worked on this last installed the wrong part- this one is three sizes too small.

  3. How crazy! Did she meet the family of the donor? It's such an incredible gift to receive and organ and a lot of the time you can't thank the donor. Holding your heart in your own hands must be a crazy feeling

  4. Lots of the time donor’s families don’t want to be met. I made the call for my father to be an organ donor when he died in a car accident. They used something, what, I don’t know and didn’t want to know. The family tried contacting me several times but I couldn’t do it.

  5. I knew a girl that got a heart and liver transplant. It wasn't as simple as wanting to meet the donor family. She had to write a letter to fam thru donor program. They would then edit out any personal details. She knew it was a male and he died in a car accident. But that was it. Then if the donor fam wrote a letter only then would they send a copy of the letter. They needed to send xxx amount of letters (that would get edited/personal info redacted) each within a a certain amount of time before they could even mention meeting. Then if they agreed to meet the program would then not edit any more letters. So they could exchange info.

  6. This is an REO Speedwagon 'heard it from a friend who' type deal, but my mom's friend lost her son (a registered donor) in a motorcycle accident and I've been told that every mother's day, the friend gets a card that mentions the word heart. She thinks they come from the person who got his heart. I don't have any more details than that.

  7. Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes! My moms always been a fighter and is getting better with every passing day. The doctors all kept remarking on just how quickly she was recovering. Much love everyone ❤️‍🩹

  8. This might be really stupid, but are hearts suppose to be yellow? Is it that color because it's unhealthy, or because it was taken out of the body? Or something else?

  9. Are you serious only 2 weeks post-surgery? Heart tx is beyond major surgery so I am beyond impressed that she is in this state. A lot of heart tx folk stay 2-3 months in the hospital immediately post surgery. Some longer.

  10. My cousin was home about a week after I and I was absolutely blown away. I assumed he’d be there for months but nope. They sent him home and he is so far recovering extremely well!

  11. That look, the eyes of someone that just beat death, and is holding the corpse of her mortal enemy: her own heart, that's metal.

  12. That so surreal to think a person can be alive while literally holding her own heart. Doctors are amazing people. My friend is a cardiologist at Stanford where a lot of the heart transplant techniques were pioneered. He told me some of the first cohort of patients are still alive today.

  13. It's astonishing how far medicine has come - when I was a young man, no one would ever survive such a surgery. There was a time when open heart surgery left you with a lifespan of less than 4 years.

  14. That hits in all the feels. I hope in time she is able to find enjoyment and able to do things again. I could only imagine how debilitating her old heart was. God Bless her and her second chance at life.

  15. I think pathologists study failed organs. I don’t think OP’s mom got to keep hers, just to hold it for a pic after it had been properly preserved

  16. wow! that's really cool that they let her do this! And yay! Mom looks wonderful! I had a camera pill stuck in my gut and when they went to get it and the other stuff that it was stuck in (meckles diverticulum) And I swear it took an act of Congress to get them to let me keep the camera pill! not really an active Congress. they all kept telling me it was a biohazard! apparently that's a very bad word at the hospital

  17. I know this seems weird but when they removed my kidney because of cancer 3 years ago I felt bad that I couldn't see it and sort of say goodbye. It seems fitting that she could see her heart and hold it.

  18. For some reason I expected a reddish heart like the ones I've dissected in science class. Did not expect it to be yellow.

  19. Well that surely belongs in a large jar filled with a special seasoned pickle juice. And only opened on Valentines day. Or maybe a cool lava lamp

  20. I wish my ex my son's dad could get a heart he's 39 and isn't doing so good but he won't stop smoking weed so he can't even be in the list and I'm furious over this.. He's my ex but he's my oldest dearest friend more like my family.. I'm so happy for y'all though it should be celebrated by all

  21. I’d be curious to see if she changes personality in some way. I don’t mean for the worst - just whether she starts enjoying food or music she didn’t do before. There are many reports of people taking on characteristics of the donor.

  22. That's gotta be weird. "Oh here's this thing that used to be inside me and (checks notes) was solely responsible for keeping me"

  23. A good shop always gives you your original parts. There are shady ones out there. I went in for a kidney transplant. Went back for my old kidney because I didn’t even have a scar. About a week later they give me a piece of foreskin. I argued that bill down, I’ll tell ya. Love rockin’ the new “cut” look tho. Heads up ladies. Always check your bill.

  24. If she gets any unwanted sexual advances online, she should take a selfie while holding the heart and caption it "you're next"

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