House of the Dragon’s King Viserys Targaryen reminds me of Uriel Septim VII

  1. It would only make a difference if all his other children were dead and no other Targaryens existed as a Targaryen needs to always be on the throne for Aegon’s prophecy to be fulfilled. The Targaryens are a lot more similar to the Septims than may initially seem.

  2. Targ bastards would become notorious later, but in the Dance of the Dragons another one wouldn't matter. Everyone had already signed up for a side. Even if every trueborn Targ dropped dead, either the Velaryons and the Baratheons could've claimed the throne first thanks to their intermarriage and descent.

  3. You know they really are quite similar even beyond appearance. They are both of "dragon blood" and are associated with dragons. They are both prophetic dreamers. They both have succession crises. Pretty crazy.

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