How to find someone to create a website? We tried FIVERR and it was a terrible experience.

  1. Well, for starters, you're not going to get a good website and a good experience by trying to pay the lowest amount possible.

  2. Yes, we realize that. We didn’t pay the minimum, but didn’t know what was a good price either. We paid more to try and get something good. We failed.

  3. fiverr is completely messed up. I tried as a freelancer but had no luck there. try finding someone you know or upwork does the work as well. I'm also a web developer. I'm ready to help if you need anything. feel free to DM me.

  4. We don’t really know what the budget should be honestly. It’s not a hard concept to code in my opinion, but unsure of what costs are appropriate. Funds are flexible.

  5. I tried Fiverr and it was terrible as it is really difficult to find the right people. The person who had built the website did not optimize it and there were certain bugs in it which I got another person to fix. The whole website and fixes cost around $3K

  6. Templates $200-400 is what you're looking for. Then the daily content person will be more like logging on a form and posting the blogs from that point forward. Freelance websites can be a cesspool unfortunately but you'll find someone!

  7. Yes, this is what we’ve discovered, which is why I don’t want to hire someone off a website, but would prefer a personal recommendation.

  8. Mine isn’t the best site out there and it was definitely a learning curve, but I managed to put my own together using Bluhost as a domain and Wordpress to build the site. No coding skills needed.

  9. Keep trying, I rushed and tried 2 agencies and 4 developers one after another, lost 4 months and finally settled on 2 developers. It cost me 3 times more than the original budget. And I had to go thru 3 web designers, 3 SEO professionals to select 1 designer and 1 SEO specialist. Basically, the lesson here is to give small projects to many people, compare and proceed with the best. And the offer amount does not determine their quality. I paid $1600, $400 and $1000 for the same project and the cheapest was the best.

  10. I can create it for you if you want to :) I will just need you to buy the domain and pay for the hosting and I do the rest ;)

  11. DM me and I’ll send you the name of the designer I just used for my website, branding, and all backend integrations.

  12. Budget? Post an ad to LinkedIn. You’re looking for a full stack developer that can do back and front end. Give very specific details through DMs.

  13. Budget and your requirements are the two things you need to figure out before doing anything else. You should expect to spend a minimum of $1000. I spent $12k.

  14. I don’t know if they can help since they’re situated in the Netherlands, but we hired NoBears and had very good experience with them. Workied in an agile way and really helped design wise.

  15. Id say go for webflow website or get a developer who can make them for you..they seem really good with clean code and inbuilt seo

  16. It's ok to be frustrated, finding a good partner to design and develop a website is a complex process. I would recommend trying to find smaller design studios or even freelancers and ask them about their process. The good ones will be very transparent about their process, the tools they are using. they'd be able to give you a proper budget and timeline for the project. They would also make you aware of additional cost that might involve like domain, hosting etc (in case you don't have them). I'm a designer if you need help DM me.

  17. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago to the point that I slowly learned how to make sites. Recently I even decided to try to monetize the knowledge I acquired to build sites for people.

  18. Same thing you do when looking for any service. Once you worked out your requirements like budget(if applicable you may not know what it costs but you know what you’re willing to spend) and what not. You then google businesses who offer the services you need. Pick 3 that seem good to you that might meet specifics requirements and contact them (for example you may want to enlist the service of specifically a small local business) discuss your requirements get a feeling for them, get examples of their prior work and experience get a quote for each of them then pick the best and/or cheapest or whatever most important to you and bam done. If you don’t like any of them repeat the process. If you’re unsure you can google reviews on theme most business online these days have a digital presence therefore reviews(however always take reviews with a grain of salt overwhelming positive reviews usually suspect no matter how good a business is you’re bound to get an asshole customer who just can’t be made happy and will leave a shit review eventually). The process is the same regardless of what you’re doing looking for a mechanic for yourself to looking for a cleaning service vendor for your national business.

  19. Make it yourself quicker and easier on my wife and I built her entire site in an hour or so for a couple hundred bucks. Done! We can go in and make changes on the fly for freeeeeeeee!

  20. Not trying to be salesy or anything, but If you are still looking for someone to help you build your site, my company Process Social can help you. DM me if you’re interested.

  21. What CMS are you using? Hire someone local or a company. I do this type of work, send me a message if you cannot find someone. I also am an expert in SEO.

  22. as someone who would like to learn about web design and potentially learn to build/create websites, any advice on how/where to start?

  23. Do you have any web experience? Start with finding Bootstrap templates and editing them… Once you start to understand what you are doing try WordPress and developing your own theme with Bootstrap and ACF. That’s if you’re in to agency sites. If you’d like to go down the complex web app route React would be better

  24. It is because you are all falling into maybe a beginner hand maybe you've not yet met an expert if an expert manage your website for your mm truly you will love FIVERR work and recommend it

  25. I can recommend grany_sales to you all 100% he is good in this aspect he left he work on both upwork and Fiverr but not on Upwork anymore

  26. Do what I did. Find a specialist local who can do it. It will cost more than fiver but as the saying goes, you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

  27. It really depends. You can definitely find outsourcing solutions on a budget that are also high quality. For our startup, we used Fiverr Business, which gave us access to amazing talent on our own budget. The greatest part was that we had the ability to work from a shared budget, so all members of our team could collaborate on different projects and stay on top of our expenses. We used this platform for our website and marketing materials and were really happy with the result. We worked with freelancers from different countries and really enjoyed the variety of styles that were delivered. We also loved how easy it was to communicate with our freelancers and with the rest of the team. Definitely recommend as a cheap but quality solution for any company!

  28. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is a well-known saying which means when there is a need, one comes up with a fresh solution. One such find is DesignBro. An online design marketplace that meets the design requirements of companies (both small & big) in the current times. They’re honest in their work and have highly talented designers who make exceptional creative designs for websites, logos, business cards, and so on.

  29. I'm sure you've got a number of people offering you their services, but I have a small web development company with sites starting at $500. I'm an American so I speak fluid English. If you're interested, feel free to private message me and we can talk over the phone, or by any other means of communication.

  30. i prefer to create a website myself; never be a sitting duck where you depend on someone else to do a constant improvement task like updataing a site

  31. Hi there, if you'd like to PM me more about what you're after I'd be happy to help. I run my own Web development agency with my business partner in New Zealand, we can do either template or custom websites and even marketing too. If you need help with the copy that's possible also! It'd be good to talk to you further to get an idea of what would work best for your situation, hopefully time differences won't be much of a problem but we can work around that and accommodate.

  32. I do websites based in NY happy to talk on the phone. See if I can help or point you in the right direction depending on your business

  33. I am very happy with my website. Wildman Web Solutions out of Lawrence KS created it for me and currently host it. It cost me $3000 but we'll worth every penny.

  34. The site is really clean. I'd say it's one of the better ones I've seen at that price. There's definitely room for a bit of performance improvement and I'm not sure why the booking solution isn't done in-house but otherwise, it's good.

  35. I have noticed a lot of people on those platforms have "5+ years experience" but sadly can't back it up. I'm a web developer specializing in nonprofits based out of Chicago. PM me if interested :)

  36. Do a Google search for web agency. Then hire one that’s been around for a few years, has case studies, and can show you examples of past work.

  37. Fiverr is mostly for small tasks and cheap labor, you can find good graphic designers on there but i am not sure about other work. is mostly as low as you can go labor, if you want something better with more reassurance it would be some agency with really high pricing and again they will just pay someone else to do it. Best balance with quality and experience i had is on upwork. You can find there good developers, but prices are a bit higher. In my opinion it's worth it. I do have an agency for freelance work with 10 years of experience, and I've built and customized numerous wp websites, but i am going on vacation soon and wont be available for work next 3 weeks. If you are interested DM me and we can talk, i can send you the website with portfolio work.

  38. I get calls from India every day saying they’ll make me a website for really cheap! What’s your number? I’ll send them your way

  39. Try gentech they are in pakistan but the owner is bilingual and a great communicator. They did my website on the cheap. They are $25 per hour

  40. Well, if the amount of work that's needed to do your website is meaningful part of your business, e.g. a portal, then why don't you just get someone to join you in your venture who has the skills.

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