The Imperial Treasury of Vienna attested that this was a real demon which had been trapped in glass during an exorcism in 17th century Germany.

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  2. So the older source says it was a figure and the newer says it's a literal demon. Guess we'll never know the truth. \s

  3. "Worden" gave me flashbacks to taking German in college. Conjugating that word is similar to slamming your freshly shaved man bits in a car door and then dousing them in alcohol. I swear you could make a whole damn sentence out of it. ( Allow me the hyperbole, the trauma is real.) No, I have no idea why I took German. It was something no one else I knew did, and I just wanted to take something that wasn't Spanish, like everyone else.

  4. It’s at least no longer on display, I’ve went several times in this museum in the last 25 years and never saw it.

  5. Would love to see some scientist drill into this thing and draw a blood sample like in that one scene from "jurassic park". And then clone it and open the "demonic park".

  6. Demons don’t have blood or dna, they’re made of energy, that’s why they have to inhabit a vessel to make any impact. Drill into the glass and either nothing happens because it’s a fake, or the energy gets out and causes all kinds of problems like when all those guys opened the dybbuk box and got haunted and got sick and sold it and that happened to the next owners and so on until someone resealed it and hid it where no one would ever find it. It would be interesting to see if the shape lingered in the glass if a real demon was released. Would it all go clear? Would there be a demon-shaped void? Probably the whole cube would shatter into a thousand pieces.

  7. isn't that why Constantine used a mirror to trap the demon when he was exorcising that girl at the start of the movie? something like that. haven't seen it in a while

  8. Just break it open and we will know 100% whether or not demons are real. I would say letting one rather smol demon out for the chance of actual proof would be well worth the price.

  9. In my country, we have expert shamans who could exorcise bad spirits, trap them in bottles, and bury them. My parents live in a large ancestral house with a large, tree-filled backyard. There used to be a lot of bad "things" you could feel lurking in the property. This stopped when my brother spoke to "everyone" in every corner and told them if they don't stop being creepy we'll have them put in botttles and buried.

  10. Kinda like those little shoulder demons telling you to give in to desires, and then you have the little Angel guy on the other side.

  11. I am genuinely curious what material the glass maker used to create the "trapped demon". Metal? Wood? Stone?

  12. I am thinking it would have to be a metal alloy of some kind to withstand the glass temperature but I don't know enough about 17th century glass making or metal alloy availability and technologies.

  13. It's 2022 ... have you seen the last 6 years? Nothing worse is going to happen. Break it open and let it go home.

  14. Watch it be a powerful Elder God level demon that plunges the Earth into chaotic primordial darkness and opens a portal to hell.

  15. Referencing the various Keys of Solomon, most demons can be trapped within some kind of organic container holding water. Like a bota bag, for instance. Jesus trapped them in pigs and ran them off a cliff. I'm not sure how they trapped it inside a crystal, but maybe they have better mojo.

  16. If he spent all that effort trapping them…. Why on earth did he drive the pigs off a cliff 🤦🏼‍♀️ , they go splat and the demons free again. They all probably then joined the Roman army!

  17. Yeah, they even started out by killing a guy and then going, ‘oh shit, that was our savior’ and then pretending like ‘he died for our sins’…, y’all killed him for your own sins and now turned him into some type of sick martyr. If god is up there he is definitely going to have a word with them. Lmao

  18. Well please do not let anybody crack it open. Just so they can find out if it’s true or not. That demon from the Japan rock doesn’t need a friend.

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