♪♫♬ Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting ♪♫♬

  1. The reactions on some of their faces are "holy shit I just signed up for the discounted advanced 6 month course of this horseshit"

  2. These are all soccer players. They're training for the upcoming season. All the best footballers go through this training.

  3. I went to a free course of systema because I was a loser and had nothing better to do. However the teacher was in much better shape; what learned was that systema is 85% total bullshit and 15% just don't get hit.

  4. This is real. I fought Louie Anderson and he air slapped the shit out of me. Then he hit me with the walky fingers and now I’m dead.

  5. Simple physics, and obese hand with 5 sausage fingers each weighing 1 kilogram applying force on an arm of a programmer with vitamin D deficiency weighing 300 grams.

  6. What makes me so mad is.. The man is LEGITIMATELY a good fight instructor! There are videos of him instructing special forces classes the basics of systema... Why add in the mystic quackery??

  7. The funny part is, 95% of martial arts trainers teach like this. "Hey student, don't hold that chokehold too tight on me so I can demonstrate this move."

  8. Do these mofos think we’re stupid? just wondering. I’m not gonna pay you to teach me martial arts when you know none. You’ve paid a poor guy to fall no matter what you do and then you’re lazy about it? I’ll pass

  9. So this is called Russian Martial Art Systema. This guy is a grand master sort of speak called Ryabko. I practiced this martial art for about 5 years and I have no fucking idea what he’s doing or trying to do here.

  10. They probably do not even know they are fake. The guy has been surrounded by believers for years who also think that these BS techniques work on them so they do work. Aikido has this problem with some of its high level moves. I have seen elements of this in most of the martial arts I have done over the years.

  11. Every time I see stuff like this I have to think, what happens when they start drilling this stuff and it very obvious doesn’t work? Or are you meant to just watch the guy work and somehow you come away from it with this ability?

  12. So what's the deal here, this is obviously not a believable teaching method, unless you lack of any gray matter or eyeballs.

  13. How is this specific video a Hol' Up? If he had been beaten up, then yes, maybe, but not just ending like that.

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