She did not want to do it :(

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  2. What is this word "spa"? I feel like you're starting to say a word and you're not finishing it. Are you trying to say "spaghetti"? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?

  3. Is it a pet peeve to hear the way her name was pronounced ? Laena said it like “ Vay-gar” (as did her daughters in the preview) but to me it looks like it should be pronounced in its Valyrian tone ‘Vhagarr” with a slight emphasis on the gar and the roll of the r.

  4. Laena’s face went from being distraught and then right before vhagar opened her mouth she was at peace.. very very sad and then the shot to daemons face coming out too late fuck.. broke my heart

  5. Her facial expressions and demeanor when Laena said "Vhagar, dracarys!" and then kept asking, not commanding of her "dracarys", that was a lot to swallow. Vhagar understood what was being asked of her because she could feel or sense Laena's pain, but she was still hesitant because she didn't want to harm her.

  6. Then all that hesitation vanished when Vhagar saw Daemon walk outside. Even Vhagar knew that Daemon was the bigger threat than some smoldering dragon fire.

  7. This scene broke me. Just reinforced the whole notion that dragons and their riders almost become “one” - like when Dany was in danger in the fighting pit and Drogon just shows up. So beyond well done.

  8. When Laena closed her eyes and tried to stand up straight in composure, the telepathic link made the order clear --- Dracarys was a desperation and a plea for mercy. It was a conviction in her last stand.

  9. I am still truly gutted as if there was a piece of my heart getting torn out in that scene. So strange that it seemed more about her connection to her dragon in that moment than anything else.

  10. It was unexpected! I imagined they're just blown-up Drogons. Nice touch how their features were much different in older generations. I am also imagining how different Balerion and Meraxes would have looked like... which dragon had the traits more similar to Dany's dragons? Caraxes, Vhagar, Syrax, Drogon/Rhaegal/Viserion --- they have very different shapes from each other. Color is one thing (like coats of our pets) but bone structures?? Damn I'd like to order me a GRRM's bestiary encyclopedia.

  11. She doesn't even have horns. So it looks like they either fell off in old age, or she's from a generation that far predates dragons developing horns.

  12. This scene made me feel justified in getting so upset when the dragons die. I know they're just cgi killing machines but.. c'mon. They're kinda cute. I hate when they die. Like when a dog dies

  13. I’m sure they had a conversation about how she wasn’t going to survive but she wanted to say goodbye to Vhagar or something like that. Pacing around Daemon’s plot seemed a little fast these last 2 episodes.

  14. Can i just comment how Vhagar is both ugly as fuck and incredibly majestic!?!? It's a rare combination really. When you look at her, it's like that one ugly dog you love unconditionally. But also, the sheer size?!?!!? She's a living legend. Dance of the Dragons really is the saddest ASOAIF story for me so far.

  15. The worst possible person. A complete monster who will do the most possible damage with an ancient dragon like that.

  16. Well she just had a long conversation with her dragon-less daughter about how she will get a dragon one day so... if I had to guess... lol

  17. The person helping to deliver the child said they could cut Laena open, but she wouldn’t survive it and they didn’t know if the baby would or not. Daemon already saw his brother go through this. I’m sure she knew the story too and she wanted to choose how she went out because she was convinced the baby was already gone. It was definitely a heartbreaking scene. I like how Vhagar seemed confused and sympathetic about it. I know they went into how dragons bond to their riders for life and I find that very sweet and endearing.

  18. Small? She looks enormous, especially the shot where daemon looks over at Laena flying him. Vhagar a back and shoulders take up the whole frame and she’s tiny in tbr saddle.

  19. The acting in this scene from both the actress and the dragon were amazing. It's one of those suicides that I completely understand.

  20. She didn’t have one hatch as a child so had to claim an existing dragon. She’s a badass, so she mounted a badass she-dragon

  21. Yes wasn’t Vhagar lost? I would love to see how they managed to wrangle her and then find a rider. The massive time jumps makes these lack of detail’s necessary but it’s so cool that Vhagar found a rider again

  22. I saw his reactions to Laena during childbirth and death differently. To me, he looked like he cared in his own way. Maybe not in the way a normal person would, but Daemon isn’t normal.

  23. Also just curious what type of dragon Vhagar belongs to? She shares a look with Caraxes (wolf-like skull) and Syrax (horse-like skull)

  24. LOVED Vhagar's confusion and hesitation. Soooo good. It's going to be a lot of fun in the future getting to know these dragons more and seeing them humanized. And all the more tragic once the war starts.

  25. i found this to be one of the more powerful scenes in all of GoT and HoT thus far. i am so into the dragon/ dragonrider connection, and for me this is peak stuff. the fact that Vhagar knew.....

  26. I gotta say, I know we haven't seen a complete full view of Vhagar, but I was expecting a bigger dragon.

  27. Vhagar looked way bigger in the shot of Laena riding her. Not sure if she's just changing size between scenes, if this shot makes her look weirdly small, or if the other one made her look weirdly big.

  28. In the GOT world, what happens when a dragon loses their rider? Do they find a new one? One of the questions I had the other night.

  29. The answer is yes. Aegon the conqueror had Balerion the Black Dread, which then passed to two other Targaryens before becoming Viserys'. King Viserys' has refused to take on a new dragon after Balerion passed, which is why he is dragonless in the show.

  30. Agreed. Ik I’m going to get downvoted for this but she’s way too small. Drogon is smaller than her but not by a lot. She’s been around almost 200 years and that size, while Drogon not even 6 years old and is colossal. Yes ik the dragon out and bred in captivity blah blah blah, but they should’ve scaled up the dragons with drogon’s size in consideration. 10 years passed and Caraxes is still small! I had so thought we were going to get much bigger dragons :/

  31. She wouldn’t do it, until she looked deep into her eyes and realized she was going to end her suffering, not just kill her

  32. I really wish they gave us more time with her and ser Harwin. The story didn't do itself any favors with the skip. I know the characters will change and grow or recess.

  33. I really liked them both for the short time we knew them. Laena seemed fierce AF. I feel like the show is going too fast to get emotionally attached to any of the characters. So far I only know I dislike Alicent, but she has no substance, either. There's no depth to her.

  34. It was really heartbreaking to watch her plead with her dragon for a quick death. It took Vhagar a bit to realize why her rider was begging to die and end her suffering.

  35. Game of thrones making the dragons senselessly big for last few seasons, kind of ruins the size of the HotD dragons. Drogon a 7 year dragon was around the size of vhagar here who’s like 180 years old.

  36. Yeah I think like other commenters are saying, in the shows they’ve really leaned into that telepathy vibe between rider and dragon. Don’t remember seeing so much of it in the books, but I’m so here for it

  37. I wish we could have gotten a long shot of her walking out to Vhagar, to mirror the first one of the episode. I was kind of expecting it, and if I hadn’t known what was going to happen I would have been shocked at the jump between the two scenes the way they played out.

  38. I watched it on my Fire tablet and that's pretty much what I saw. However, I was watching in a dark room, so that likely had a lot to do with it. It sucks, but when you watch some shows, you have to turn up the brightness on TVs.

  39. Idk why but she reminded me of my old gal Sadie. Her beard and mask is getting pretty gray. I know it’s just a CGI dragon but I found her endearing.

  40. she resisted at first but she was also feeling the exact pain laena was feeling so she had to end her suffering

  41. Vhagar knew what Laena was asking of her, but she was hesitating and only after very carefully observing her and taking a time to think she finally did it.

  42. I still don't understand why she did it in the first place. It wasn't hinted at, there was zero explanation at all for it. So she couldn't bear one child, why fry herself over that when she can live to have another child?

  43. She was going to die a long, excruciating death. It wasn't just that the baby was going to die. She was going to die too. She knew that and she wanted it over quickly and with dignity. She said earlier in the episode that she wanted to "die a dragon rider."

  44. Either she was dying from the birth going wrong or she couldn't bear the pain of losing the child. She was in a similar dilemma as Aemma was in the first episode except she took the decision.

  45. This scene really shows how the time jumps hurt the show. I didn’t really know this person at all and didn’t really feel much about this death.

  46. Same, she seemed cool and fierce, but I was genuinely unmoved by the loss of her character. The scene itself was very sad, but it's not like I'll miss her because she was on screen for 3.7 seconds.

  47. Is it just me or I feel Vhagar's size is a bit inconsistent? Based on this scene, she looks a bit smaller than she should if we consider her first scene where Laena is like a bug on her back

  48. This scene would have hit harder if we had any idea how they met and where Vhagar was this whole time…?

  49. What’s the medical term for what happened here? I know they don’t have ultrasound in Essos so we don’t know if the baby couldn’t turn or whatever but what’s the term for when the baby just.. can’t come out?

  50. Obstructed labor. Like the baby's head is too big and can't get through the birth canal, or breech, where the baby is upside down sometimes they get stuck in the birth canal.

  51. Can someone tell me why Daemon did not go for caesarean? Or for that matter why Leana didn't if she wanted to die anyway?

  52. Giving Daemon the choice was meant to mirror the earlier scenes with Aemma and Viserys. Viserys chooses to take Aemma's life to save the babe, and without her consent, where Daemon has more concern for Laena than the unborn child. Laena chooses to not die in the birthbed and instead dies on her own terms, a Dragonrider's death.

  53. I don't know if I could have done this, killed the unborn babe right along with me. I might have wanted them to cut it out & then get burned asap but then again it could be she had a premonition about Daemon as a father alone & either a shit to another girl like he was the other daughter OR favoring a son born then. It might have been a small mercy. She was a loving mother.

  54. I've never had kids, but maybe she knew that the baby had no chance, the maester said that he didn't even know if the baby would survive the mediaeval caesarian.

  55. Vhagar is ugly as fuck, I absolutely despise her design. Seriously how do they ruin one of the OG conqueror dragons? She should be majestic, rather than looking like a decrepit decaying ugly beast. Not a fan

  56. She’s 170 and been in more than a hundred battles, She wasn’t going to look majestic being as old and battle worn as she is

  57. She’s also 170 and been in well over a hundred battles. She wasn’t going to look pretty being old and as battle worn as she is

  58. Was anyone else expecting Daemon to slice the slightly roasted but alive baby from her? What an origin story to be born of dragon fire!

  59. That was basically said to be a one-off instance of magic and that all the Valyrian people can still be burned by fire. Even Danaerys was not immune to fire, just that one time when she got her 3 dragons.

  60. I'm guessing members of dragon-riding lines are magically resistant to regular fire only under rare special circumstances, and are never resistant to dragon fire (either because dragon fire is magically more potent (it would have to be to behave as it does), or because the magic that links them with the dragons somehow prevents that.

  61. There was one very specific instance in which magic kept Daenerys safe from fire. Targaryens are not fireproof. That is why when they were all in Summerhall and it caught fire, everyone died. (That's about 130 years after House of the Dragon takes place, and 25 years before Daenerys is born.)

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