This sub needs to get a grip.

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  2. This is all irrelevant. We all know that Lord Bessbury should be king and Jasper Wylde be his Hand. Like its so obvious guys come on.

  3. Yeah I love Shireen but there are two options, unless she meant don't pick either and abolish the monarchy 😅 which I think we could all get on board with lol

  4. I dunno. I find it quite entertaining and thematic that we are having our own dance here. It’s quite fun watching everyone bicker and fight just like the characters in the show

  5. I am the rightful heir to this subreddit. First order of business will be to execute all the greens in here for treason against our queen. /s


  7. No, Shireen's take is cringe. It's pretty clear what should have happened: Viserys named Rhaenyra his heir. Therefore, she is the heir. The Blacks are in the right on the main point. That doesn't morally justify the blinding of Aemond, the murder of a servant, or requesting the torture of a child.

  8. Yeah “ItS RedDit” But it don’t change the fact that some really are toxic and need hobbies beyond HOTD or their subs 😂💅

  9. though i think if you're starting to get upset or take personally things that are said on a fantasy series subreddit, I think that's probably indicative that you need to put down the phone and invest in a hobby too, you know?

  10. The picking sides is all part of the fun. Like team sports. That both sides can find strong supporters is a testament to the show. Just imagine when the war starts, all the arguments cheering, booing it is going to be awesome.

  11. I want to read and scroll this sub for discussions about this great new show, and everyone is bitching like middle schoolers. It's embarrassing!

  12. Just wait for how batshit this sub will become once the Dance begins and all the characters start getting truly dark and fucked up. Can't wait!

  13. You're upset the show is getting a reaction out of its viewers and inspiring discussion. How ironic

  14. Discussion is one thing, but the sub is getting a bit unbearable with the two factions constantly flinging shit at each other.

  15. I thought it was a joke at first... the fact that some ppl are actualy taking this serious is so fking cringe.. Its a fictional story ffs

  16. Shireen is wrong, it's all the people choosing the green side that made everything so horrible!

  17. Yeah it’s impressive how the entire point of the story is that there isn’t a “right” side and even still people here manage to pick sides like it’s Twilight. Extremely cringey.

  18. Picking sides is fun. It makes you more invested in the characters which allows for more enjoyment of the show. People who get upset over being called a name on Reddit are the ones who have to get a grip.

  19. Sigh... I want to upvote you because you are right and the people like OP karening up the fun are the real problem.

  20. This is just enlightened centrism. It's easy to say you wouldn't pick a side when you're 200 years removed from a conflict. But also, doesn't ending with "it's all the choosing sides that made everything so horrible" just reflect poorly on the Greens?

  21. I don’t even think this is true, I think the most common posts are either shitting on crispy (although tbf not as much this week), praising daemon, and general conversation about the last episode and what people are excited for. Most people seem to be team black anyway so there’s not much room for ‘hurling insults’. I’m addicted to this sub and I’ve seen almost no abusive behaviour in the comments, it’s pretty rare to see a proper fight.

  22. I think it's really fun to debate it. As long as it doesn't get too mean, I don't see the harm in it. I haven't really seen it get out of hand in any thread.

  23. This is normal for Reddit. No real point complaining about it. The competition keeps the subreddit super active. People choose sides, just like real life. It is what it is

  24. So what you're saying is the show has become insanely popular? Right. True. I mean, this kind of bantering and taking sides is what Fandom is all about. Especially Fandom for a show about a huge rivalry between two parties, and ESPECIALLY for all of the aforementioned on Reddit.

  25. THANK YOU. I'd been debating making this post myself but I realized its not just this sub - freefolk, gameofthrones, not much on asoiaf, but yeah... mostly just fighting. I love to discuss the shows, but that's not what's been happening. It's just greens v blacks and it's been a bummer.

  26. Pfffff that's from a little girl. Listen to machiavelli. Pick a side whatever your reasons. Its better than not picking because which ever side wins will definitely remember you didn't pick, and will see you as an enemy.

  27. Seeing posts like this complaining about it multiple times a day, yes, I think you are onto something here

  28. Noooo. I LOVE the passion and drama here with Green Vs Black. I feel it adds to the show if anything. What better way to understand the Dance than to have people real world declaring for either side and bickering.

  29. Yeah but here's the thing. When Alicents actions result in death she's a bitch, but when Rhaenyra does it she's sexy.

  30. It feels like football team rivalries here in the USA. People go after each others throats over who has the best team, but it's usually all in good fun.

  31. I've seen some chirping, riveraly that's in jest, and MAYBE a couple of folks who are super passionate about their chosen side...but literally nothing I'd describe as toxic.

  32. I can’t believe people are acting up…on the internet!!!! Someone tell Robinette Biden.

  33. It's a sad truth that the fandom tears each other down and apart just as much as the characters we are supporting do.

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