What is your opinion on Peter Jackson's hobbit trilogy ? How does it compare to Ring of Power according to you ?

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  2. It’s hard to rank since the show hasn’t even finished it’s first season yet, but as of right now, for me, I’d say: 1) LOTR; 2) RoP; and 3) Hobbit. That being said, I might put the 1977 animated version of the Hobbit above them all because I watched it countless times as a kid and it has a special place in my heart.

  3. Same order here as well.. The Hobbit has "some parts" that are good, but I feel like it's just a small story in the grand scheme of things with the only "significance" being that Bilbo finds the ring & Gandalf finds Sauron/The Necromancer..

  4. If it had been two movies and someone had talked PJ out of his weird obsession with the higher frame rate they would have been great.

  5. I genuinely can't stand it. And it's not really the changes to the story (although those do suck for the most part), it's the lack of passion and effort that is seen on the screen, while also looking ugly, because of 48 fps thingy, that forced VFX artists to cut a lot of corners.

  6. Man, the hobbit films are just depressing for me on numerous levels. For everything the films did well, there was more they did terribly. The third film was more MCU than Tolkien or even PJ-LOTR. I won't relitigate how the corporate dynamic behind the films negatively impacted things, but I think PJ is often left off the hook for some truly baffling creative and technical decisions that he does bear responsibility for.

  7. I think the biggest difference is that you can tell that there was bad stuff going on BTS of the Hobbit. I absolutely respect the people who worked on it and that they managed to get the movies out, but you can tell that everyone was overworked (especially PJ) and that everyone struggled. I respect those movies, and I even have a soft spot for them. Peter Jackson did not even want to make those movies, he just took over because he had to.

  8. I don't think they're good movies. There's simply not enough plot for three movies and I genuinely can't remember the third movie except for that horrible Legolas fighting scene. I understand that LOTR trilogy would always been on a league of its own but the movie are full of bad choices, though they also have a quite tormented production history so maybe it's the best we could have hoped for.

  9. There's a good movie buried in there (I finally found a fan edit book cut that does it justice), but it's frustratingly swamped in so much junk. Every time it focuses on Martin Freeman it's great, but the rest of the time it can't tell if it wants to be a soap opera, Ren and Stimpy, or a Warhammer 40k film.

  10. I waited a long time to watch the second and third movie after watching the first because it left me so frustrated and disappointed. It should not have been a trilogy. So much bloat. Watching the last two just made me angry.

  11. I feel like overall I like the Hobbit trilogy, but I also find a lot of it super frustrating. So far with Rings of Power I'm just enjoying the ride and don't have many complaints.

  12. So, just to be clear: it's not really correct to call this "Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy." Guillermo del Toro was originally supposed to direct, got a lot of the visual design done, but then left due to "scheduling conflicts" that were almost certainly related to disgust with the studio's insistence on monetizing the fuck out of the franchise and expanding it to 3 films that the source material simply couldn't support, including stuffing it with video-game-quality scenes and childish satire. Jackson was brought in at the last minute to save the production after del Toro's departure, but had to work with what the studio execs had already managed to destroy.

  13. This. I think this is a similar situation to Justice League. Warner hired Snyder and then kept him from making a Snyder film, then brought in Whedon to complete the film. I am not a Snyder fan, but if you hire him to make a movie let him make the movie. Bringing in a director with a different tone to complete the project killed the film. Either director could have made a better film on their own without studio interference, but meshing two conflicting styles with the beancounters breathing down their necks was a disaster.

  14. I feel the exact same way as you man. UJ is a film I rewatch a lot just because its the best of the three. BoFA is just fucking awful and they really ruined one of my favorite battles in literature.

  15. Similar for me, though I have plenty of complaints about the first two movies, they are fairly equal to me and I like both of them well enough. They contain some great stuff and a great Bilbo, they're just too bloated with other things that aren't as good and a product of them trying to make The Hobbit into an epic trilogy when it's really not that kind of story. Butter scraped over too much bread.

  16. I disliked the Hobbit trilogy immensely. I could list vague reasons why but honestly I remember little about these movies because I've only seen them once when they came out never again (for context I probably watched the entire LOTR trilogy a dozen times at least).

  17. I basically agree with your assessment of the Hobbit trilogy. One of the worst things about it for me was that it seems like it really affected Peter Jackson as a filmmaker. Those films were quite profitable, so surely Jackson could have gotten another narrative film project going after that. But since then, he seems to have pulled back from directing narrative film. He's done a couple of very well-receive documentaries, and wrote and produced Mortal Engines, which flopped. Of course, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but I can't help but wonder whether the Hobbit trilogy somehow sapped his will to direct more narrative films. I hope he returns to directing such films soon.

  18. I agree the battle of five armies was pretty much everything it shouldn't have been. Excessive amounts of cgi, cheap looking cgi (compared to other parts of the show or even the original movies with much older cgi) and let alone the fact that we barely even get to focus on the actual BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES it's really just the dwarves running around the edges of the fight. I wanted to see Minas tirith or helms deep style scenes and got pretty much nothing. They 100% dropped the ball there

  19. You mention the “golden shower” scene and that’s really indicative of my biggest issue with the films. All of them have one or more extended, slapstick action sequences that completely undercut any dramatic tension you’re supposed to feel, and really show the cracks in their over-reliance on CGI.

  20. I know the flaws of Hobbit trilogy and would of course prefer to see what it could have been if there hadn't been so many issues during the production and some prep time was permitted. With that said I still like the films and think myself fortunate to enjoy all the movies and now show that is based on Tolkien as it means more added time to my marathons, which I so love. I am not one for scoring especially in this case as I may think rather highly of some of this, but by stating my enjoyment I can say the Lord of the Rings trilogy continues to be my favorite so far with Rings of Power in middle of that and the Hobbit.

  21. I watched it again after the first 2 episodes of RoP and enjoyed it a lot more than I had the last couple of times I watched through it tbh.

  22. There are parts I like a lot: Bilbo, Thorin, and Smaug. There are parts I absolutely loathe: Legolas jumping up rocks, Tauriel's weird love story, and that travesty of a barrel scene. As a whole I really dislike them. Stretching the story into three movies was a terrible idea. Making the orcs CGI was also a terrible decision. I've been enjoying Rings of Power much more

  23. I didn’t really enjoy the PJ Hobbit films. The first one was okay, then they got progressively worse. Martin Freeman as Bilbo was fantastic, as was Bandersnatch Cummerbund as the voice of Smaug. But overall they tried to make what should have been a cozy kid’s adventure story into something more epic, and I didn’t buy it. The battle scenes were all bad.

  24. Yes, everything you just said! I was so bummed they tried to fluff The Hobbit up into this flashy, action-packed thing instead of the more intimate kid-friendly story that, imo, it should have been.

  25. At present, I'd give LOTR an 8-9/10, RoP a 7/10, and Hobbit trilogy a 6/10. Not as good, at least not yet, as LOTR, but better than the Hobbit. This could change, since it's in progress. I liked the first Hobbit film much better than the second and third.

  26. The Hobbit movies are unwatchable for me. I saw the first one, although I was a bit confused as to why they were making it a trilogy I was so excited, but left thoroughly disappointed. It's been a long time so I don't remember details but I do remember having immersion broken more than once (by camera work etc) , and worse, getting bored several times. Both of which are very unlike me.

  27. I think RoP is making an effort to capture the grandeur of middle earth, telling a story with equally grand source text. These things match up, and key in on what I really like about LotR. The feeling of elder days and great deeds.

  28. I really like The Hobbit just as much as LotR. People like to complain about the CGI and everything that looks different to LotR, but the reality is that there's nothing else out there in terms of fantasy. No adaptation of The Hobbit would have ever been seen on par with LotR because it's just another kind of story. To stay true to those stories would mean to get away from PJs visual Middle Earth, which I think is just impossible for Hollywood right now.

  29. I thought the first hobbit movie was fine enough. I didn’t love it the way I loved any of the Lotr movies, but I felt it was decent enough to enjoy.

  30. I want to like the Hobbit but it just doesn't hit the same as Lord of the Rings. I rewatch LoTR yearly and I'm captivated by it each time even though I know exactly what's coming and what the next scene will be.

  31. Who cares. How many, for example, Batman interpretations are there made already. The thing about this series is that they had some space to give it there own twist (because of the rights) and they did an outstanding job, to still respect most of the lore, and quality wise lighting, casting, music, camera ..it is defenitely an AAA-series. Yes some lack of details on story, clothing and acting, but hey they give us more seasons so the details should getting better.

  32. its the equivalent of the star wars prequel series - a second trilogy that is a prequel to the ground breaking beloved original trilogy that suffers from a lack of passion, overuse/overreliance on greenscreen and CG, and a wonderful cast that are squandered apart from some moments where they can't help but shine. Ultimately a pedestrian rehash reminding one how good the original was. (I know there are differences, but it's shocking how many parallels line up).

  33. That atrocious go pro shot in the hobbit when they float down the river in barrels is a joke. You're telling me a movie with that budget couldn't buy a waterproof housing and put it in a padded shockproof section of the barrel? They were lazy and strapped a go pro onto it and actually thought it looked good enough to leave in, they also thought it looked good enough we wouldn't notice. It breaks me out of the movie everytime and makes me gag. What an absolutely shit decision when they literally make everything you need to keep a camera safe in that scenario

  34. I used to not like the Hobbit trilogy, until I watched the extended editions. They made the whole thing so much better, especially the first two movies.

  35. I watched extended editions recently and I'm not sure is the scene in 3rd movie where Legolas rides a bat hanging upside down and decapitates orcs left and right, part of extended or not?

  36. I’m liking ROP more but I enjoyed the hobbit movies. I just watched them as general fantasy movies and didn’t compare them to the OT. Fun action sequences, singing dwarves, and Martin Freeman was possibly the best acting from a hobbit I’ve seen. Did I care Legolas was there? Not one bit. Hey, have fun with it. DOS was easily my favorite of the 3 movies.

  37. The first film was really good. The dwarves arriving at Bilbo's house and the scene with the trolls was just too good.

  38. Haven’t watched them since the Maple Films fan edit came out and I much prefer that version to what was released in theaters

  39. They had some good cast, but overall I did not like the Hobbit trilogy. I want to, because Jackson and Del Torro are both excellent film makers, but it didn't help that pre-production was so far along when they switched directors. We are not really seeing the vison of either, and they don't mesh styles well.

  40. The Hobbit book was half the size of The Fellowship book (1/3 of Lord of the Rings). They made it in to 3, 3 hour movies. Of course it was abysmal.

  41. I think the first two movies were great (aside from the Kili-Tauriel romance). BotFA had some issues but there are still parts I liked about it, especially in the remastered version because the lighting in the original version sucked. I currently rate RoP to be somewhere near BotFA, and at times even above it, but still below the first two Hobbit films.

  42. The Hobbit trilogy is significantly better. ROP is a 5/10 show so far. The Hobbit trilogy is 7/10. There is a fantastic film in there if it's edited better and some things taken out. Some of the fan edits make this a great movie.

  43. First two LOTR movies>RoP>>>>>>>>ROTK (which is just a hot mess of awfulness intercut with incredible cinematic moments that make it worth watching)>all of the hobbit

  44. Waow that a unsual opinion. RoTK is also my least favorite of the 3 but I would not call it a hot mess of awfulness, and found it to be a very good movie.

  45. Oh my....one of the very few fans I encounter who seems to agree that Return of the King is a mess (I don't care how much Oscars it won), it's the weakest of the three by far in my opinion.

  46. I don't think I can ever get over Gandalf bonking Denethor on the head and then Denethor flinging himself off the precipice in ROTK. Truly bad writing decisions.

  47. Considering Peter Jakcson a better filmaker than George Lucas, I think both have the same problem: without contention they could make terrible decisions, specially related with humour ant tone.

  48. There was no Hobbit trilogy. It never happened. What kind of oaf would try to make a trilogy out of such a short book, anyway?

  49. I like the first Hobbit film probably more than RoP at this point, but the other two I hate with a passion.

  50. I kinda liked the first movie back in the theaters even tho I thought that was try hard way too often, then stopped watching after the 2nd movie specially the love triangle and then the peaking with Smaug chase nonsense. Recently watched BoFA bored on a plane and facepalmed the whole time. I’d rate them a 5, then 3, then ??? 0 idk I’ve never rated a movie 0 but I don’t watch much films/shows and haven’t read much literature so Tolkien is special to me. And if I can’t watch a movie then it must be 0? FYI I’d rate FOTR a 9. TTT a 5. ROTK a 4. I’d only watch fan edits nowadays for both trilogies. There’s only so much PJ crap I wanna deal with 20 years later.

  51. I didn't like the over the top action sequences (thankfully some were cut, but I foolishly watched them anyway, so that's on me..) But the rest of it was all fine tbh. I didn't mind the extra pilot points at all. I did feel some things were stretched to make it 3 films, which it could probably have been two.

  52. I like Rings of Power more than the Hobbit. I was quite disappointed with the first Hobbit. Second one was ok and third one was a disappointment because of the awful CGI. (Most notably in the battle). The battle part could have been epic but it was lame to be honest.

  53. It starts going really bad with the comic relief guy in Laketown in the second one who seems to be in another movie and is virtually unwatchable by the third. The main character disappears for more than half the movie, maybe more, that’s unforgivably bad writing.

  54. I could live with most of its flaws if it was just a single movie, but PJ streching out a ~300 page book into three movies with a total running time of 8 hours is not just stupid but pure greed because they knew they would make more money with three movies than with one.

  55. I genuinely liked the first one and was at least entertained by the second. The dwarves singing or Riddles in the Dark were great scenes and I'm happy they made the movies just for that.

  56. I’m enjoying RoP much more. I saw the Hobbit movies when they came out, but was so disappointed I’ve never touched them since.

  57. Both Rings of Power and Hobbit trilogy is really bringing out why I loved about the original series. The journey, and how overwhelming it seemed, was crafted really well.

  58. I rewatched all of them not so long ago and it's still a very frustrating watch, The Rings of Power is slightly better for now but that could change positively or negatively depanding on how they handle the rest of the show and how they built on the valid critiques.

  59. Tough compare when the show or its first season is still yet to finish but a few things from the Hobbit movies that I like:

  60. The Hobbit is an excellent instalment to Jackson's Middle-earth as the story of a two-part, 4/5 hour, film that was then stretched into a three-part, 8 hour, film. Longer still for the EEs.

  61. The Hobbit films are definitely weaker than LOTR. However, being able to see Gandalf again for 3 movies was worth it for me. And Martin Freeman is a treasure.

  62. While the LotR Trilogy is my favorite of the franchise easily, I think it's an absolutely legendary trilogy, 10/10 for me. But I really enjoy The Hobbit and so far the RoP, I think they are both very good. I'd rate both as 7/10 personally

  63. I love the first film, 2 and 3 really should've just been one film. People don't like the goofiness but I don't mind it as much, seeing as the Hobbit is a childrens book. But the movies do have issues on tone.

  64. While I'm not as big of a fan of Rings of Power as most commenters here, and in some eyes even a toxic hater, I do like Rings of Power more than the Hobbit trilogy. Funnily enough in both cases I enjoy the opening parts the most. (The first movie/The first two episodes)

  65. Bilbo as a character was done well (and Smaug too). A trilogy was way too much and there was too much filler. Although the Legolas/Tiriel/Kili story could have been left out in my view, it was interesting to see a bit more about Legolas's background as an explanation for his role in LoTR.

  66. I'm loving ROP so very much. I look forward to my early cup of coffee for my Friday morning watch. For me they rank: 1. LOTR 2. ROP 3. Hobbit Trilogy.

  67. It is very special to me. Me and my mom watch it together and it is one of our favorites. Though mainly just an unexpected journey. The other two are fine.

  68. I love the Hobbit series, probably more than RoP at this point but that’ll be because of the nostalgia attached to The Hobbit. They will always be my 4th, 5th, and 6th favourite movies.

  69. I quite liked the 48fps thing. Overall they're pretty watchable movies i'd say. If they got rid of Alfred and downplayed the Tauriel romance I'd be quite happy with the movies

  70. I remember seeing the Hobbit when it came out and just thinking "This is way to much". Like the story is so stretched you can physically feel it when wathcing the films. Once the battle started I was just so checked out.

  71. I can only watch Hobbit fan edits now, not the original films. Don't feel that way about ROP at all (yet).

  72. I also didn’t like the added love triangle but after being spoiled by the dwarves’ designs in ROP, that is another of my big regrets since it always took me out of the immersion seeing the dwarves looking too human

  73. I recognized the bloat in the first two Hobbit movies but there were enough good things (PJ was/is still a good storyteller but giving in to some bad indulgences, Martin Freeman as Bilbo, some really wonderful scenes and realizations of certain characters or moments) that I overall liked them, just with a lot of negatives or things I wish had been cut out. However, I HATED Bo5A. To me that was just a mess, trying to take make maybe like 20 pages worth of The Hobbit book and turn it into a 3 hour spectacle. Worse, nearly every storyline resolution landed in a way that I found really off-putting. Alfrid for some reason was in the movie almost more than Bilbo was. I was so excited for the Dol Guldur stuff but it ended in such an off way to me, despite a couple cool moments. It killed me that despite Freeman's great performance, I couldn't really get into the emotion of his final scene with Thorin because of what an overall mess the movie is. That last movie retroactively hurts the whole trilogy because it feels like none of the storylines or characters were given worthy endings.

  74. Considering the absolute mess it was behind the scenes the Hobbit movies are alright, and I like some of the extra world building (mostly the gandalf and white council) scenes they added.

  75. I really enjoyed a lot of the hobbit but there were some scenes that didn't work that well. The master of lake town was just not right. Also the final battle with all the stuff on the ice was too long. The whole thing only needed to be two movies. The Hobbit is much shorter than lord of the rings after all.

  76. I couldn't even finish watching the Hobbit trilogy. I don't care too much about films being accurate to their written counter parts. I treat films as a work of their own, and the Hobbit trilogy was terrible.

  77. Awful, just like the Lord of the Rings movies. I know that people love them though, for various reasons, and obviously can't begrudge them that. Also, the memes are a lot of fun. If nothing else they spur conversation and even poking fun at them in a light way is fun, so they have their place.

  78. I never finished the Hobbit trilogy. Some of it was good - like art direction, locations, and certain moments. But a lot of it felt unnecessary. I didn't feel the same amount of love and thought put into it as it was with LotR trilogy. I'm enjoying RoP a lot more than the Hobbit.

  79. Overall I didn't care for aspects of it including the Tauriel/Kili storyline and also the overly goofy dwarf stuff. That having been said I felt that both Freeman's Bilbo and Armitage's Thorin were absolutely outstanding and for the most part all of the critical scenes were there involving those characters. Riddles in the Dark was just bomb on point. So were the Smaug scenes with Cumberbatch. Very well directed, acted and written. Thorin's part also very good. Loved Misty Mountain's Cold as a song. Loved Thorin's end and I thought it was perfect.

  80. I actually quite enjoy them, I always include them whenever I decide to rewatch the movies, I do prefer LotR but The Hobbit movies are fun too

  81. The hobbit was a money making scheme. It had good moments but was ultimately forgettable. It had too many "rides" like in the mountain or down the stream in barrels.

  82. The Tolkien edit is very good. Basically just all of the scenes from the book with everything else cut out. Those scenes were executed very well.

  83. I see what you mean there. I personaly think the show tells you what the goals and motivations of the main characters are. They have put clues here and their to understand them.

  84. The hobbit is a childrens story and they made the movies in that style for children there are tons of things wrong with it but Watch the commentary he explains and the short comings and difficulties they had to put up with to make those movies,.. ROP writers think they can write better than Tolkien and spent a BIlLLION dollars and this is what we get, a show that just disrespect’s everything Tolkien wrote down

  85. The Hobbit trilogy should have been one movie considering the book is like 300 pages long, its bloated and lacks the focus of the LoTR trilogy. That said, IMO they are better than the RoP, this show does not feel like LoTR. I hope it gets better but right now...yikes

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