Daniel Weyman’s interview, a month later

  1. Completely irrelevant to the story the show is telling + the Tolkien Estate has made all 3rd age material off-limits so no, he’s not a wizard, a Maia yes, the only relevant one to the story being Sauron

  2. He participated in quite a few full cast press junket interviews, but gave the same scripted answer that he gives here whenever he was asked about his character.

  3. Unlike Halbrand, who is almost 100% a red herring because of how obvious they’re making it seem like he could be Sauron.

  4. If I made a list of potential Saurons, he would be right at the bottom, below Nori and Random Dude In The Background Of Crowd In Numenor, and just above Galadriel.

  5. Totally... remember when Nori made a giant crater that looked just like the Eye of Sauron? That was cool. She’s totally the Dark Lord.

  6. Dude was just hanging out in spirit form the other day and wakes up naked in a pool of fire with the worst hangover anybody will ever have.

  7. Exactly there's no way we're going to have Sauron chiling in middle earth with singing hobbits. He's definitely a wizard but I don't know who, we won't find out his name this season imo.

  8. My only gripe with the Stranger being Sauron (and I thought he was from the beginning) is - who’s messing with the Elves in Eregion, then? I get the feeling they’re already being manipulated into building the forge, the Mithril fairytale, them “fading” by spring if they don’t get it, etc. I’m very confused but it’s a good confused! The writers have us guessing a lot.

  9. His purpose is to oppose Sauron in the east. The mystics represent the path taken by Saruman, while the Harfoots represent the path taken by Gandalf (and Radagast, I suppose).

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