Billionaires should not exist!

  1. I saw a CBC article titled "Some students in Victoria are riding out the rental crisis by camping out full-time" like um hello? That's called being homeless/unhoused. How can you call that beating the rental crisis?

  2. Should add a new layer about the Amazon cities they have planned. “Shorten your commute: why living in employer owned housing is the way of the future.”

  3. Ugh I hate opinion pieces, might as well be a reddit comment. I wish people would stop sharing them like it's actual news.

  4. There’s definitely issues with media in America and the American oligarchs like bezos. But selectively chosen opinion pieces really aren’t it

  5. Ok, if Jeff wants to come over here and eat my ass out I might consider hearing his opinions on wealth tax and democracy. Failing that, I simply cannot see myself taking his ideas seriously.

  6. Y'know, the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation partially because the articles gave the states too much democracy, which was harming the economy through a combination of regulations varying too much between states and rules that the elite class didn't like because they hampered profits.

  7. Just to be clear though, even if Bezos didn't own Washington Post, it would have not gone against the rich because they pay for the ads. Only directly elected or crown funded press can be free. Though that freedom means they will publish in favour of the middle class subscribers, that is, it is free from the influence of the elite. It also doesn't mean that free press is going to be unbaised.

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