Is anyone on here a private swim instructor and willing to answer a few questions for me? Having a real hard time finding information on this.

  1. It is absolutely worth it to get into. You could get good money for being a private swim instructor. As for liability, you should definitely look into getting insurance to protect yourself in case anything does happen.

  2. Ok, do you know or suggest if becoming a certified instructor is necessary or is that something i would be able to do with out? I did spend time coaching years ago, not claiming to know everything but i know more than someone just jumping into it.. im not sure of the details of becoming certified in that so just looking for input.

  3. Be prepared for some math! First you'll need your own liability insurance, and then you'll need to figure out how much you can teach/when/cost/etc. If it seems like a profitable venture, go for it!

  4. I have been sitting on it a couple days, and it really is starting to make me think id be a fool if i passed up on the opportunity. With the amount of people who ask now and the amount of people who inquired about it when it was mentioned, i think it may be too much at once though lol

  5. You can get a million dollar insurance liability policy for less than $100 online. I don't remember the company I held the policy through a decade ago when I taught privates, but my work required it.

  6. My friend charges $50 per half-hour private backyard lesson and she has so much interest she turns people away left and right. (We do live in a HCOL area, she has decades of experience, and is very effective with special needs kids. Some of the houses she teaches at have literal wings. They basically throw money at her.)

  7. That is the only thing I am interested in the learning certificate for, I have never worked with a special needs child and only one infant so if it offers any insight in those types of categories it would be beneficial. I know some people could careless about the certificates lol, i have my friends, friends ask if i could help just bc they heard i was a good swimmer lol

  8. No I've been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, i bartend once in awhile if they need someone but my schedule is free besides for having a kid during the day. I would be offering lessons independently, i looked at the pay for places hiring swim instructors around here and i dont think that its worth it in my opinion. There is an online community page that im apart of (mostly just to see any events going on in the area) but most of the members are from the town next to us which is a higher cost area & probably 99% of them are stay at home moms. So my plan is to start there haha

  9. I know it seems like a rewarding experience, im gonna for it. Hopefully i can help out ppl who really dont have the extra funds to put their kids in sports too if possible.

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