Van Nuys woman says homeless man continues to make bed on her porch, refuses to leave

  1. I have an 18 month old son and I dont yet hate that song. As repetitive kids songs go, it's not that bad!

  2. We had this problem, a homeless encampment behind our house, the cops couldn’t do a damn thing despite us having young children who then could not play in our backyard, our neighbors solved the problem by setting up rainbird sprinklers to go off at 3:00am. Worked like a charm.

  3. Wouldn't or couldn't? I feel like there's too many laws protecting homeless to allow them to be able to sleep wherever. So cops can't do much unless they're trespassing.

  4. The government is failing us. If you purchase a home and pay property taxes, that space is yours and the government should intervene if anyone encroaches on it. That’s the whole point. Otherwise what are we paying for?

  5. I’ll take it even further and say that the government should do something to help the homeless, so they don’t have to be in that position from the jump

  6. She called the police, the police came and removed the guy, he hasn’t been back since. That’s what the article says. Didn’t the government intervene here?

  7. Same for renters — renters pay enough in L.A. that they shouldn't have to put up with this crap. It's fucking awful.

  8. I live in the area and I'm not surprised. That area is filled with unhoused/homeless people. Unfortunately we get the more violent and crazy ones in Van Nuys. I had to find a new job a few months ago because it was getting too dangerous to walk to work on my own, I was getting stalked and harassed every day. I hope this woman is able to get her property back. It sucks feeling like your safe place is being stolen from you.

  9. I’m sorry! That’s awful that you had to get a new job. I work in Van Nuys too. Weird shit always happens on my street. Not long ago, I walked up to work to find a man with a machete and baby stroller full of piss bottles. Called the cops, they never came.

  10. If they are trespassing then you have a right to defend yourself. They’re trying to break into the house as well. I can’t say I wouldn’t do more than threaten to shoot a man trying to make his home on my front patio.

  11. Here's the thing. For those that advocate for the homeless to the point of believing that this woman should allow her home to be taken over by this guy, you have lost the plot altogether. If the police won't help, then hose down the porch every time he comes near. He's a threat, he's trespassing, defend yourself. Put up a no trespassing sign and prevent him by force or barriers like a gate from getting close.

  12. It's also worth mentioning that if this man gets injured on her property, she could be liable for his injuries.

  13. Not to mention, eventually someone like this dude is going to squat on the wrong porch and he will get shot or stabbed or otherwise seriously hurt.

  14. Literally anyone who advocates for this shit is just as insane as the ones sleeping on private property. There’s a line that has been crossed. Period. When did things go so wrong!? Oh I know prop 47 for starters. Now we have no way of enforcing laws because of it.

  15. Surprised you’re not being downvoted. I’ve lived in the valley over 10 years now. The issue has gotten worse and worse. That is one of the top three reasons I’ve given up on LA and have decided to leave.

  16. The only problem with using any aggressive approach is that these lunatics could possibly set your house on fire while you're sleeping. You just have to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them to be there, without direct provocation.

  17. Would honestly love to see how a modern, caring, full of trained staff, asylum would do in today's society. But it's impossible because it'll eventually become a place full of overworked, underpaid employees.

  18. Pretty sure that’s the idea behind next year’s legislation that will make it legal to involuntarily commit people. I really hope this goes as well as it possibly can bc Jesus Christ it could go so badly

  19. A Bill Newsom just signed helps get people with mental problems off the streets without their on concent. It's definitely a step in the right direction.

  20. Sorry, best we can do is safe shoot up site on the boardwalk in Venice built in 5 years. Just hold tight, taxes are due April 15th

  21. Time to make the porch inhospitable. I can think of a few ways to keep him out. Well.. at least in theory. Dude seems to have mental issues.. might have to get creative 🤔

  22. similar happening to me recently in Tarzana except I live across from a church and the church was letting a man sleep in their grass. He followed me On 3 occasions over 2 weeks. He is mentally deranged and when I called the church first they were dismissive of my concerns. He can see me coming and going so he knows when to follow me and makes a point I know he’s following me. anyways, the second time I called and said it’ll be the churches liability for allowing it and if he harms me I’ll take it up with their insurance company/umbrella policy since I’d say he’s considered a resident of the church then.

  23. Homeless advocates will find a way…. I had a family member deal with a similar situation and the man eventually got inside her house. Cops didn’t show up for hours! long story short they straight said, they couldn’t do anything because it’s trespassing and he would be out by tomorrow and she could get in trouble for hurting HIM if she chose to defend herself if he’s on her porch 😰 but if he’s inside she can defend herself with a firearm if she is afraid for her life….fucking insane times….

  24. As long as the dude is dead. No one is going to care and there probably wouldn't even be charges to even worry about.

  25. Although I absolutely think she should be able to put down someone trying to break in, I don’t think him just playing with the door handle would be considered a justifiable homicide. If she was in Florida it wouldn’t matter, she could shoot him for being on her porch without permission.

  26. Naw. I’m from texas, you shouldn’t have the mindset of weakness. Have the mindset of protecting yourself and your property. Don’t let the bad guys win

  27. the cops wont do anything about the homeless behind my home either, every week they tear down our chain link fence & every week we have to pay $300 to have it repaired. the police refuse to do anything and “senior lead” officers out of foothill are just sitting on their hands collecting their overtime

  28. Just pepper spray his ass everytime you catch him on your porch. He'll get the point eventually. Might want to get a guard dog too.

  29. Large rat traps. They’re technically not booby traps - just pest control. He gets snapped by a few of those, he’s likely to not come back. Plus, they’re relatively cheap.

  30. Not much more the police can do. Its a misdemeanor and even if it goes to trial which it won't then the guy will just get released again.

  31. They can arrest him or remove him from the property. Then throw everything he had away. As harsh as that is, homeless people wont go back to a place where they know their stuff will be repeatedly thrown away.

  32. I know this sounds really mean but if it’s a big problem and cops won’t help there are things they can do to help make homeless leave. Such as spraying them with a hose. Setting sprinklers to go off in the night. Leave a devise my the door that makes an annoying sound every 15 mins (as long as it doesn’t bother you in the house), etc. though that does open you up to retaliation, so I’d start with the most passive solutions first.

  33. Bear spray would be my first line of defense here. That shit will make sure they’re not interested in coming back.

  34. I'm one of those people you're referring to and I think you aren't giving us enough credit. This is beyond the pale and should not be allowed. If I told someone to leave and they still came back after being arrested, I would tell them that I will force them off my property if need be.

  35. Holy strawman, sheesh. I think you’d find that most homeless advocates would agree that someone unwelcome living on your porch shouldn’t be allowed.

  36. Oh not us, we’re all reasonable, never mind that we did lefty-J6 to city council because they wanted to keep the camps away from small children

  37. Nobody would respond like that. People just think the person should get help instead of being killed like some people in this thread are suggesting

  38. You seem to be the only person to be repeatedly suggesting this given your comment history. You made up a boogie man in your head and now you keep getting mad at it lol.

  39. Me being from Texas most of y’all already know what I’m going to recommend she does, but I won’t say it cause I’ll get downvoted into the abyss lol.

  40. She can get a restraining order, that is literally the only way. Then every single time they come the cops have to arrest them eventually they will get the hint. Trespassing is a misdemeanor offense so cops have no recourse and won’t waste their time coming out without a restraining order. This is what we voted for to basically decriminalize just about everything. might want to consider voting better next time.

  41. Time to get a really big friend to stand there in the doorway and wait for this guy to come back. Turn off the doorbell camera and let happen what may.

  42. Put a speaker out there and play loud music during the night until he gets the hint not to sleep there. Or better yet play some engine noise through the speaker.

  43. They come from the Midwest and east coast. Usually on one-way bus rides. The weather is fairly temperate year round in coastal California, so they won’t freeze to death in the winter.

  44. Nothing will get done about the problem complaining on reditt. We the people have the authority to change government and hold them accountable. All those props coming up for VOTE! pay attention to them, Watching the commercials are pointless unless you know who is behind the change.

  45. Get yourself a no trespassing sign with the legal message saying anyone who doesn't abide by this warning will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  46. Did they arrest him? On the news it said that they came before sunrise and told him to leave, then he was back by noon. They warned him he would be arrested but hadn't done it yet it seemed.

  47. I had this happen with a young homeless woman. I called the sheriff and they wouldn't even respond to the daily calls. Finally someone came,but told us there's nothing they can do because we don't have "no trespassing" signs. Other neighbors were giving her blankets and water and stuff so she was very happy on my porch. I finally called the watch commander after placing signs and a deputy came and she was refusing to move until he said he could arrest her for trespassing and she had drugs on her. He made sure she actually left. He even offered her a ride to a shelter but she walked. She was so high the whole time she lived on my porch, nodding off and stuff. It was hell having to walk over her to get my mail and get to my car. I still have no idea where she was going to the bathroom because she never left my porch.

  48. The fact that she has no right to protect her own property and she has to rely on cops that couldn't give a dam about her is whats really disgusting. Laws and paperwork wont stop these people because they don't give a shit.

  49. Personally, I would call people I know, offer the man like $20, and then drive across town and find a homeless shelter for him and drop him off. Granted, it’s obviously a privileged take. Not everyone has money to give or a car. Also, the correct answer is that no one should be in your property without your consent. The government is failing in its most basic duties.

  50. Wouldn’t that just incentivize the guy to come back the next day. I mean, if someone is going to give me $20 to go away, I’m definitely going to take it and then return later, since I know there’s a chance of getting another $20 to go away again.

  51. Libs love virtue signaling till it's actually time to deliver then we get neo liberal policy choices that lead up to these events. A mistake is spilling something. This man ending up on a woman's porch was a choice the city chose. We have no where for them to go. Obviously the guy is unwell who just chooses to sleep outside on someone's porch. The choice we must face is what do we do? From the comments I read sounds like we should just round them all up and put them in a camp somewhere. The out of sight out of mind policy. We are always ok with spending absurd amount of money on solutions that time and time again do not work. When the cheapest option giving them housing is something that is never done.

  52. Can I ask an honest question here? Despite seeing stories like this frequently, why is it that this sub is so anti-Caruso? Perhaps I’m misreading, but my impression of the sentiment on this sub is that it’s fairly anti-Caruso (not necessarily pro-Bass either, just anti-Caruso). I’m just genuinely curious. Would love to hear people’s thoughts. I’m pro-Caruso Bc I think he might actually do something about this, but I’m not gonna hold it against someone if they’re anti-Caruso. I just wanna know “why” (besides the typical reasons that don’t address his platform, ex: he’s trump, he’s a rich disconnected guy, he’s a fake democrat, etc). Thanks in advance for anyone willing to have a discussion.

  53. From what I heard, he has no real plans on anything and the ones he does have plans for seem would benefit his business much more than anything.

  54. Caruso doesn't have a plan, and the few vague things he says are things that can't be enforced due to past federal court orders.

  55. Regardless of whatever Caruso’s true intentions are, he changed political affiliation (probably to make himself more electable) and he seems to have no idea how most Angelenos live. That makes his trustworthiness questionable at best.

  56. Because we don't trust him. He's a Republican, but is pretending to be a Democrat because there's no way in hell he'd get elected otherwise. He's also a billionaire real estate developer who has no intention of giving up his financial interest - which benefit from political largess - in any meaningful way.

  57. If only she could have some sort of "equalizer".... not only could she protect herself WHEN he decides to come in she could even FORCE him to leave. Too bad she doesn't live in a place like Texas or Indiana....

  58. Why not give the homeless man a place to sleep? I think given the opportunity Gavin Newsom would offer that option. I'm certain Barack Obama would offer the poor homeless man a place to rest; probably in a guest room in one of his mansions. So would Joe Biden.

  59. you're in no shortage of foolish comments are you? let me guess you didnt get vaccinated because someone on the internet told you not to

  60. I'm looking to get into contact with this homeless man. If anyone has any way to get to him it would be much appreciated. Even if someone who might know the owner of the house it would help alot.

  61. I have a serious question if can you just threaten the homeless to leave using a gun or something? Would it not be legal under the pretext that they are trespassing?

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