He used to be a random cat on the street, now he’s the light of my life

  1. My cat too, he just walked in the house 4 years ago today. He's also a black cat, and I can't imagine life without him!💜

  2. Gonna say the same think. Had a random black cat with kittens outside my house about 9 years ago. Moved 2 states and still is my one of my favorite things on this planet. Black cats are the best, but all cats are awesome.

  3. Mine walked into a friend's house but he is allergic so he gave him to me. He's also a black cat and super adorable.

  4. I love seeing all the replies from people who got picked by their cats! Cats know where they're needed I swear!

  5. I found my black cat under my car in the garage after leaving the garage door open during a storm. Had to use some wet food to lure him out so I could bring him in the house. That was 4 years ago. He's currently curled up on a chair in my office.

  6. “I used to be wild and free, but then I found a human that needed me. It’s a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.”

  7. He probably belongs to someone else on the street too! That’s what our cat did!! I found out he was getting super special treatment from our neighbour, we thought he had a day job but it turns out he was going to the neighbours as they’d bought him a heated pet bed and that’s where he was nicking off to during the day 😂

  8. One of our neighbors fed him every once in a while before we officially adopted him! We told her that she no longer has to feed him, she’s a lovely lady and feeds every stray cat that lives near our street :)

  9. What a sweet, gentle face he has! That's all he needed, a little love and kindness and a nice warm bed to sleep on! What a sweetiepie.

  10. Love this! Got Minerva from a barn last months and can’t imagine her not being around. Also, there’s another stray that needs a home… I feel like I could give her a good life but TWO cats… I’m iffy

  11. Seven or eight months ago we just moved from PA to MN and had to leave two of our kitties behind to the owners who bought our previous houses ( they weren’t gonna make the trip with their many anxiety issues) and we might’ve been there a month, one day I get a text from my gorlfriend saying there’s a little white kitty all alone outside.(she was on her way to work and couldn’t help) well that was at 3:30 am, I fell asleep not thinking anything of it, wake up around 7:30 8 am and walk outside to have a cigarette and low and behold for three and a half hours she stayed there, I said yup your at least coming into the apartments so it’s not as cold on you. She followed me right upstairs into my apartment and from that moment on she’s been the light to our darkness. We miss our kitties everyday and are so glad the new owners give us updates on them and pictures and such. I love rescue kitties they treat you so much better than a kitty you adopt or take from someone else (my opinion of course)

  12. I had a cat for over 12 years named ivy. She started dying around 13. She used to scare off all the other cats from around our house, she didn't associate with them. But as she got closer to death, she began to let one large tabby tom hangout around us. She started sharing her food with him, and in her last week's we got to know him too.

  13. I'll bet he's just as happy. That's a look of relaxation on his cat bed! Not the same anxiety from life on the streets.

  14. Or the dark void that lets you appreciate the light more. Being a fur mom, I have to say that these furry, bossy creatures are the love of my life I did not ask for but would not live without, in this life or the next.

  15. As a kid I always feared black cats due to their superstition but in 2020 I took in a black cat which was just a few weeks old and I can’t imagine life without him honestly he’s so pure and loving

  16. Dreamy kitty look. should I barf in OP's slippers to show how much I love them? or would a dead mouse be more appropriate?

  17. I so badly want to get a cat, a black one, but I'm afraid I don't have time. I worry about the cat being alone all day long when I go back to working full-time time. I do have a garden but it's not finished yet, I'm still missing the gate. And since I live in the countryside and there are wild animals around here, I'm afraid something bad can happen to the cat. But at the same time, I don't want him to be inside when he could go out and explore a little like it would if I were home. Maybe this is not the right moment

  18. I met my little Angel in the street one day. A few months later on one of my darkest days she ran in the house for the first time. Now years later we’re on our 4th place together.

  19. That kitty is having a moment to think about some regrets he may have as well as the homies he left behind… he looks like he misses his homies🥺

  20. I have a all black cat,that was found in a hedge as a kitten! I got him roughly 5 months old, he is now 4 years ,the best cat ,love him 👌 👍

  21. Oh trust me he’s not! He was just looking at the led lights on my wall at 6am, he always has such big eyes in the morning

  22. Adopt a cat off the streets? Yes, as long as you’re 100% sure he isn’t someone’s missing cat or already belongs to someone and just really likes strangers

  23. I was scrolling down quickly and my brain read 'plight of my life'. I thought it was funny, but indeed my cats are also the light of my life, OP's is beautiful.

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