Sure I’ll write you a CMS

  1. I was asked to write a quick n dirty monitor display for a call center to make sure too many people didn't take cigarette breaks at a time and I named it the Nicotine Abuse Reduction Center, or NARC.

  2. We built test electronics. Data acquisition systems that are used by military and universities for research.

  3. About 10 years ago I successfully convinced our shop's office manager that filing would be more efficient for the file clerk if we had a better way to organize stacks of closed customer repair invoices. Thus was born the WTF rubber stamp, for "Waiting To File", of course. Once I was given permission, I ordered them from Staples on our shop account, but may have "accidentally" put a quantity of 10. No one complained, or even noticed.

  4. Why would you stamp something as "waiting to file"? What did you do once the document had been filed, carefully tippex out the stamp?

  5. I built a simple excel resourcing and workflow tool for a set of back office support teams. Never named it and it became my name & tool.

  6. I worked with a guy whose last name began with 'F'. He wrote an ORM in Perl, and a JSP-like tag library for it to build UIs. We called it 'FML'.

  7. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. Created a web automation script wrapped in a desktop UI to make testing insurance rating easier for the underwriting team. I named it after what it did: "[System] Automation Tool".

  8. The project I work on has a name that acronyms to WHA. This is great for spin off names. My personal favorite is when I got our stand up meeting designated the WHASUp.

  9. My father was an engineer in the 60’s and was involved in developing a urine recycling system for use in an early 60’s space capsule. The name of the system was “PP4U”

  10. My former company rolled out a new leadership program called Leaders in Action. I begged them to reconsider changing the name, to no avail. Now, people think of the program as Leaders’ Inaction. Seems to fit.

  11. That fits 99.999% of all management though. Sadly though most good management is by people who realize that the less management does the better the management is, let the people do their jobs and stay out of the way.

  12. I never worked in the field, but I remember when IT (Information Technology) was more commonly referred to as MIS (Management Information Systems). And I can't help but think the designation changed because someone realized how bad "MIS management" sounded.

  13. I always thought they were different scopes. MIS overlaps IT but there are parts of the business that are unique to each.

  14. I made a system for a company and named it, "Active Reporting System" before releasing the only version ever created, "0.5" It always made me giggle a bit whenever I discussed the half-arsed system.

  15. We had a Graphic Design studio at one job and the guy wanted fingerprint scanners to check everyone in. He also wanted to know how to force everyone to work overtime every week, in violation of company standards.

  16. A major Midwestern university I worked at, had built or customized several generations of mainframe computers from the 50s to the mid-80s. Their hardware had several PCPs (Peripheral Control Processors), and its OS had a frequent LSD (Latest System Description).

  17. I worked at a company that had an actual book with all officially used TLA’s (three letter acronyms). There was only 1 department which had a FLA (four LA): Analytics.

  18. Certainly you mean ETLA (extended three letter acronym) instead of FLA which does not have the decency of having for letters.

  19. Working for a large retailer, my favourite acronym was for Promotional Out of Stocks. I just found it amusing that someone in an office somewhere was responsible for checking our POOS. I used to hope that their job title was "POOS Inspector".

  20. I take great delight in using the official name for Alberta’s new curriculum for K-6 students: the Program of Studies (POS)

  21. I'm half convinced that whoever first called cash register software Point Of Sale software knew what they were doing.

  22. I work in health care IT and some quality nurses decided it was too onerous of a process to work with medical records to mark patients as deceased in the electronic health record. They demanded that I give them a way to note it themselves that didn't interface with the EHR, and scoffed at my suggestion that maybe it was not a good idea to secretly mark a kid as dead and then have the EHR send, say, vaccination reminders to the mourning parents.

  23. The database team used to be called Platform Operations, Plop for short. It was fine for years until in a meeting I said "yeah, assign a ticket to them, Plop!, and it's never seen again, like dropped into a toilet." A few weeks later they were rebranded Database ops...

  24. Frederico Caldeira Knabben released FCKEditor in 2003. It was the most popular open-source HTML/Javscript based rich-text editor for years. It was eventually renamed CKEditor after a major rewrite and years of comments about the name.

  25. Early-ish in my IT career we had a number of acronyms that people tried to pronounce. I contribute with things like APSHT, RDL, CNT, etc. People tended to say each letter in my acronyms.

  26. I once worked for a company that liked to name products Ce-something. Like a scanner program would be Cescan. They had me write a spooler (take a bunch of jobs and queue them up for a slow device). I couldn’t resist.

  27. A friend of mine who worked at a Cable/Internet provider's tech support call center had their manglement suggest a new program, and they were looking for names.

  28. I wrote a quick app called the Find and Replace Tool, file name FaRT.exe. the office used it for at least a week before I was asked too change it to. Search and Replace Tool.

  29. I did a letterhead for a friend at work to get some discount.I duly gave him one and a few days later he came in laughing and said “You Bastard” I wasn’t offended at all because I had made the firms title Norfolk and Goode! This sounds great until you say it rapidly, he wasn’t the first to see it though.

  30. I used to work for a [us] State Department of transportation that provided assistance to county road maintenance.

  31. I wish people wouldn’t use abbreviations like CMS and CRS and expect everyone to know what they mean

  32. I really don't understand why salespeople, of all people, want to skint on their most valuable system, the CRM. They're constantly whining and moping about the cost, but then they try to cut corners and they lose sales. I'm not a fan of the systems (and I know way too many of them intimately, as a software generalist), but they fucking work if you use them properly.

  33. I wrote technical service manuals years ago, and a certain instruction required separating two electrical leads and inserting them elsewhere. I wrote the most salacious version I could while meeting translation requirements, and it was never even noticed.

  34. I used to work in IT at an ivy league university and when Windows NT started to become popular, I had majordomo set up to manage a bunch of other mailing lists, I figured I should set up a couple for the Windows NT crowd. I innocently enough called them by the universities short name followed by NT Users for one group and NT Admins. It took a couple weeks before anybody said anything.

  35. I once had a job at a start up where I was tasked to customize their lowest tier Salesforce subscription to the sales teams specifications as much as I could. I met with them, asked what they wanted, and delivered it as much was possible. The team still just used pen and paper to keep track...

  36. Having had the displeasure of working with multiple CRM systems your solution was almost certainly more stable.

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