World Update XI - Canada - Looks awesome! Shame it looks post-apocalyptical.

  1. Don´t worry.. it is just pre-dated, the way things are going the world will soon catch up and make those visuals realistic.

  2. FYI, there is a paid Billy Bishop airport that includes all the downtown Toronto buildings as landmarks and fixes this.

  3. The freeware from Romandesign on flightsimto is better than fsimstudio's version. Fsim even has an option to disable their cn tower for romandesigns.

  4. Nah, it’s just taken from a time when the leafs won the cup. We went so insane that the sheer amount of energy released from all that night’s beer farts melted the CN Tower.

  5. But I think CN Tower looked better in photogrammetry pre-WU11. It would mean this is some implementation fuckery, rather than licensing issues.

  6. This! Believe it or not, buildings are copyrighted. You need permission to include them in art if you specifically focus on them.

  7. Imo opinion they should render the photogrammetry in high quality on their machines then extract the models as custom landmarks for the sim. It will require some manual tweaking to the geometry and textures, but to me this kind of PG should never pass quality review and get released to paying clients.

  8. Yeah can't believe this is still a thing 2 years down the line. So many sim and world updates, and buildings/trees still turn into sludge from up close.

  9. There's only so much you can do with the data you're given I guess. Photogrammetry will always have it's pitfalls.

  10. This is the fear i have with future sim updates. They did such a great job with sim update 10, that i worry future updates will meet a similar fate as this world update.

  11. SU10 was the first sim update with a proper beta phase. They fixed issues that popped up and delayed it multiple times until it was ready. If they maintain this process, future sim updates should not pose issues.

  12. That is full resolution with full download, and also, photogrammetry in world updates are stored locally, not on the internet (you can try if you don't believe, go offline and fly into Toronto, all buildings will be there).

  13. Unless they commit to producing or acquiring hand-crafted scenery for major buildings, it will always look like this because it's captured from the top down.

  14. Its just so weird that the CN Tower is not hand crafted. Like of all the iconic instantly recognizable symbols of Canada, this one is not hand crafted.

  15. Actually, lots of photogrammetry looks decent. It really depends on the quality of the underlying data. But MS and Asobo aren't being picky enough on which photogrammetry they deploy in the sim. London, Vancouver, and Toronto look worse than they did before the photogrammetry "update."

  16. It's a photogrammetry issue, not a settings issue. You see the same issues in London, especially on the approach into London City airport, and it's something they've explicitly said they want to try and fix.

  17. You know there are some much improved spots. Some broken spots are somewhat fixed, and then there's this.

  18. It's a bit of a joke that the Canada update breaks it's most globally recognized building. I thought it was just my setup but it's everyone.

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