accidentaly flushed a fucking fork down the fucking toilet now the ass hole is clogged what the hell do i do

  1. Ok, my housemate takes something into the bathroom because I'll find crumbs of chips on the floor at times. Is eating in the bathroom common and I'm just weird? Or am I just living with an insane asylum patient?

  2. This person should learn to take a toilet off, it’s super fucking easy and they need to learn to not keep silverware in the bathroom.

  3. Turn off the water from the knob on the wall or floor behind the toilet. Flush it. Flush it again. Use the plunger for a good half dozen pumps. Reach in as far as you can, and see if you can feel and retrieve the fork. If you got it, great!

  4. Augers are for "soft" clogs, i.e. clogs made of shit, toilet paper, hair, etc. Best case, an auger might help to release the clog that is built up around the fork, but it isn't going to work well at actually dislodging the fork, so the clog would return very quickly. Since augers are drill-driven, they spin pretty quickly and with a good amount of force. If the fork got caught in the end of the auger and you spun it around, it could easily fuck the pipes up, or mangle the fork and make the clog worse. And, unless the fork is freed and floats way downstream past a few important connection points, OP could make the problem way worse by pushing the fork further down towards the main, and a clog there can be thousands of dollars to repair. Most places dictate that a property owner is responsible for all of the waste lines leading up to the main line, so if OP uses an auger and buries the fork deeper, they're just making a bad problem much worse.

  5. Does anybody else have the feeling that the auger is going to get caught on the fork, and the fork is actually lodged in there, so now OP will have a fork and an auger stuck in the toilet?

  6. Renovate. At least that’s what happened to my friend. Fork went down the toilet and started a series of discoveries that led to a gut and redo of their whole bathroom. I helped him with all the rough plumbing and electrical and he’s working on the subfloor now.

  7. He dropped the fork down the toilet before he was finished unclogging his asshole, thus the asshole is clogged. What are you not understanding? Lol

  8. I accidentally flushed a deodorant stick down mine like 10 years ago and yeah I watched some YouTube videos, took apart the toilet and got it out and then installed it again. It came in handy 3 years later when I moved into my new place I knew how to repair the toilet parts on that toilet too. Not hard to do if you know how.

  9. Put a magnet on a string and use that to retrieve it. If it's not magnetic, the other methods to snag it that others have mentioned should work.

  10. Serious reply: shut off and disconnect the water supply, remove as much water as possible from the tank and bowl, remove the bolts at the base of the toilet that hold it down. Then you can pull it up and turn it over. It's probably stuck in the trap built into the toilet. If it got further you'll need to run a plumber's snake down the sewer line.

  11. Call a plumber, it could be stuck for years. I dropped a small mag light in the toilet in the house I lived in college. And being a college student…never called a plumber. It would flush, but I couldn’t poop in that one so I used the other toilet to poop. Sometimes I’d hear it rattle when I flushed but when I’d plunge or use an auger to get it, I couldn’t get it out. One day it finally popped back out on it’s own randomly (after at least a year, maybe more). It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t wait to call the plumber.

  12. I'm too caught up by the (unintentional?) double entendre in the title to remember what it's called, but it's like a snake, but it's got a plunger thing at one end and a claw at the other (like a toy filled claw machine claw) that might work. I believe they come in varying lengths (I've got one that's like two inches long, but I know they make them longer for pipes too. Source: My Dad, who has one).

  13. LPT: drill a small hole in the handle of your toilet fork so that you can fit a retention strap. The strap from an old Wii controller is ideal.

  14. Or attach a neck lanyard so you’ll always have your fork whether you’re enjoying a meal on your own toilet or a public toilet.

  15. Ha, we just had plumber come cuz my kid flushed a pen. They will first use whats called a toilet auger to try and pull it out. If you handy you can buy one from home depot and try clear it yourself.

  16. It’s probably stuck in the S bend. Just reach in and get it. If you cant reach it turn off the water line, disconnect the toilet and flip it upside down to get it from the other end. It’s not that hard and will only require you to replace the base seal.

  17. No lie! Had a tenant who's kid tried to flush a trial size bottle of baby oil down the toilet. Father reports clog but didn't know about bottle. Plunged, no difference. Even plunged out at the street. Could not remove clog so as a last resort we pulled the toilet off the floor guess who had a small enough hand to fit in the toilet trap? You guessed it! Going in from the bottom found said baby oil bottle wedged sideways. Got it out. No more clog. We as landlords lived upstairs. Did not charge tenant. Kids are goofs. Kid was only 4 yrs old. Father was so embarrassed. Good thing my dad at the time had plumbing experience from my late uncle, his brother. A real plumber would have charged us up the ass! If we could not get that bottle out, I would have charged tenant for a new toilet.

  18. OK. Flush as much toilet paper as will go down. Itight not be much but the idea is to get it to stick to the fork. Repeat until it does not go down at all.

  19. It’s no joke. Call a plumber. My son put a pen down the toilet and it got stuck in bend. The seal busted somehow with it and our place flooded! When I say flooded I mean up to my ankles in ice cold water that went down the stairs and rested in the foyer. We had huge dehumidifiers in the foyer for 3 weeks. It was a disaster. Damn kids. Lol.

  20. Im sure youve gotten an answer already but i work in maintenance. Pulling a toilet is super easy. The fork could be stuck in the internals of the toilet, or it could have moved on to the plumbing. If its on to the plumbing you might be 1) past the point of recovery depending on how your system is, or 2) easily recoverable with a magent on a string or one of those tool mechanics yet.

  21. Years ago our toilet kept getting clogged. A plunger would clear it up for a day or two then clog again. Finally heard something clanking around in there, and realized we had something different going on. One of the kids had shoved a spoon in. You'll have to remove the toilet from the floor mount. If you're comfortable doing that, DIY, otherwise call a pro.

  22. Flush a slightly underdone baked potato down there, the fork will be forced to check if it’s done by stabbing it

  23. Pull the toilet. Take fork out. Put toilet back. I am a plumber. Super easy. Unless you have had flange issues or a rotten floor.

  24. Turn off supply. Empty bowl with a flush use sponge for remaining water and then do the same for the fill tank. Make sure you get a new gasket for the bottom before you take it off because chances are you will need a new one when resetting it.

  25. My cat put a toothbrush in my toilet a few days ago. Upon trying to retrieve it with a hanger, I pushed it further down. 😳 It flushed ok the first few times, but then clogged. I just plunged the Holy hell out if it. So far, so good. 💩🐈🚽

  26. find another fork like it in the kitchen and test to see if it is magnetic. If so, some clever magnet fishing could do the trick. get a 1" square neodymium magnet and put in into some doubled up panty hose and flush it on down, holding one end. Pull it back up. If it is stronger than the fork's lodging, you can just pull it up! If the fork is lodged too strongly the leggings might tear and leave the magnet down there too... but at this point you're calling a plumber anyway so no problem.

  27. I did this!!! Well someone in my house recently just did. Didn’t know it, and the toilet continued to overflow. Plumber came out, took off the toilet from the floor, and boom found a plastic fork. So… unscrew the bowl from the floor and it will be there!

  28. I'm gonna ask anyways. How the fuck does a fork end up in the toilet? Did you lose your poop knife and use a fork instead?

  29. I can only imagine OP wasn't eating but trying to get a poop out of their ass with the poop fork unlike the poop knife

  30. If you have a wire coat hanger undo it so that it extends as far as possible. Use one of the ends to snake the toilet pipe and try to drag the fork back up into the bowl.

  31. Stick a magnet on a string and flush it. When you lure the fork back in? You cut it's head off and fillet it with some asperigus. There's nothing like fresh caught.

  32. I got you. Turn the water off, flush, then pour 1 gallon of water into the toilet quickly. Now the water level will be low in the toilet. Put in some gloves, reach in and get it out.

  33. Did you say it was a plastic fork? Find a way to melt it. I read online acetone would do that yet I don't know how it would react with water. Keep pouring lots of boiling water hoping it would get melty and gets flushed? Try liquid drain removers, maybe the soften plastic or somefing

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