1. Is it just me or does tacobell actually have a filling dollar menu like it you're broke asf like me and you are out get the dollar menu burrito and you're good

  2. I don't think Zach understood the tweet at all. The restaurant doesn't make your wife less desirable, it makes the activity less so. Like I'd love to go for a jog in the morning but if the party I'm attending the night before is successful, it's probably not going to happen.

  3. I think what he is saying, and I agree with my wife as well, is that no food is so good that I would substitute gluttony for sex later.

  4. Zach probably did understand the tweet, why the fuck would he think food makes his wife less attractive? He’s saying that it doesnt matter, he’ll still want her afterwards

  5. I know that the person means that restaurants should feed you so much that you're too full to fuck. But in my head this means every restaurant should have an extreme "mood killing" atmosphere.

  6. Bold of u to assume I can do more than waddle out of the restaurant drive home and then flop on the couch and complain about how bloated I am

  7. All her post did was make me feel bad for her knowing herbstandards so low she can replace sex for a McDonald's dollar menus Mchicken

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