I think I had a run in with some type of mimic?

  1. I’ve experienced the same as you, about tearing up when recanting an experience that goes against your understanding of the nature of reality. And the odd occurrences that happen when telling these stories.

  2. Extremely creepy. There could be any number of supernatural explanations for this, ranging from alternate realities to demons to SWs (won't even type their name). There is also a special ghost in Indian Hindu folklore which mimics usually the voice and in rare cases also the appearance of loved ones. But not sure if this ghost is prevalent in your part of the world, plus the Indian ghost mimics voices especially whereas your ghost mimicked physical appearance and not voice.

  3. What has me wondering if you found one of those weird spots in the woods, is that you didn't find the stand, either. Could this be like when people find stairs in the woods? Maybe you slipped into another place for a minute? Good thing you didn't get closer or go in. This gives me the creeps and I'm inside with the light on.

  4. Very interesting story. I’m thinking Doppelgänger as well. When I hear of Mimickers, I think Audio…verbal mimics of what people are saying. Never know what ya may have missed with this encounter, really cool.

  5. That's what I thought too. I've had a few encounters with Doppelgängers, horribly unsettling and have a very empty or teasing face (usually in a bad way. Just letting you know you're not safe most of the time). After the edit though, I'm leaning to SW now. Hope you figure out what's happening, OP. Be safe.

  6. I thought doppelgänger at first. If it was a skinwalker, why wouldn’t it go after you when it lured you in with your dad’s appearance? But after your edit, I dunno. Does sound skinwalker-y.

  7. Sure sounds like a skinwalker to me. If so, you could use (probably need) a cleansing sing. Are there First Nations/Native Americans in your area and are you friends with them? If there are First Nations folks in your area, but you don't know any of them, try your local police station and ask if there might be a Native American officer you can talk to. If you tell them your story and the stories from your edits chances are they will direct you to an elder who can help. Avoid using the word "skinwalker" as it calls them to you.

  8. Well… definitely incredibly spooky encounter you had. Spooky is a gross understatement. Not sure what you saw but I’ve heard a TON of stories from your neck of the woods. Lots of cryptid sightings, creatures, and run ins with spirits and entities. There could be many factors that play into why land is so rife with activities like these. My only advice would be listen to your gut and don’t stay out in the woods till dark. Or even near sunset. Better safe than sorry, bud! ….oh and if you have more experiences please share!

  9. i have SO many theories on this, both skeptical and supernatural. rural places have more animals, more superstition, and more reason to have stories to tell (quiet, lonely, stronger need for trust in authority). at the same time though, rural areas are less 'tainted' by technology, modern humanity. urban and suburban haints are. different. also, Tennessee is along the Appalachias, one of the oldest ranges in the world, and neck deep in haunts

  10. My first thought was Missing 411. Perhaps OP just missed becoming one of those folks who vanish without a trace. David Paulides, the guy who investigates this has lots of cases files going back a long ways of hunters and hikers disappearing. Some are found, usually deceased, a few alive who can't account for what happened and many never seen again. The person if found, alive or dead, is often many,many miles from where there disappeared, often in either places already checked, or nearly impossible to get to.

  11. This sounds more like a case of an abduction. "Some people" (aliens, creatures, etc) chased you, grabbed you and took you to some place to do some kind of fisical research on you. This obviously is very traumatic, so this creatures "erase" that memory and put "something else" to fill the gap. Thats why you feel something is out of place in that memory of your "fake dad". Probably deep in your brain its the original "movie" of what happened that day. Those tears could be the result of that traumatic experience. The dog barks because you move the "energies" around you when you talk creepy shit.

  12. Where abouts in southern TN? I ask because I’m from southern tn and me and so many others have encountered some of the weirdest shit here, from what I can only assume is inter dimensional beings, aliens, shape shifter type creatures, lost time, weird almost like worm hole type portal things…. ALL the time. Idk what’s up with our land but it’s heavy and crazy and just.. terrifying at times 😩

  13. My kids keeps complaining about "skinwalkers" and the girls were across town from eachother one night just walking around with friends (early evening actually. The skin walkers terrify them and they don't miss curfew anymore, but I digress. Small tn town.) Anyway at what had to be around the same time they saw what everyone assumed was a teenaged boy in a black hoodie. Except when they saw his "face" it was just a black void. I'm not really a believer of the skin walker theory for them, but to see the same thing at roughly the same time 5 miles away from eachother really makes my mommy hormones go into overdrive. Something just not right about the whole thing. We attract a lot of stuff and I'm hoping it was just something that was curiously checking them out. But it was the same time.

  14. Also from TN i live in the mountains and everyone within .5 miles of me have had some kind of hearing someone else when near the wood line.

  15. There is a belief in Hawaii that sometimes fishing or hunting near sunset or at night there are spirits that will take the shape of someone you are there with and lead you to get lost or possibly towards something bad.

  16. If your eyes water when you remember this event I'm guessing it's because it was more traumatic than you think and your sub conscious has no idea how to process it.

  17. This is a fascinating story. I'm just glad I didn't meet anybody wherever I went. Perhaps if I had traveled farther. It's a frightening thought, though.

  18. So this is just a theory I’ve had for a really long time, and it’s how I would explain your story in the context of my worldview. Not an expert, nor do I know anything about skinwalkers other than pop culture.

  19. Honestly I don’t know much about genuine Native American skinwalker lore. Except that there’s a common belief that you don’t talk about these things or you “summon” them. So that could possibly be what’s going on. Though I thought skinwalker myths were more focused on shapeshifting from animal to beast, similar to our werewolf lore, and not so much about taking on multiple human forms. They start as human, so the human form they retain would be their own? Idk about that though.

  20. He said his dad had a brief look of anger before slowly turning away. What if he stepped into a universe where he had died/been killed and his dad thought he was seeing a painful memory or an imaginary dream of what could have been - a memory/dream that hurt because his son was gone, not realising that it was actually his son albeit from a different universe. It would explain why he remained silent and nigh on unresponsive.

  21. I absolutely love these kinds of comments in this sub. A hint of potential science, mixed with speculation and a HINT of sci-if. I gotta wonder what may have happened if OP would have stayed under that stand for a little longer, but I totally get why OP would just move on back to their stand for a number of reasons and I’m glad it was a safe trip for them. I feel the same sort of way about some cryptid sightings though, like Big Foot. Maybe it’s a regular creature in a different version of earth that just every now and then pops into a WA forest via some weird lapse in dimension.

  22. oh dude imagine if in that universe his kid had died and while out hunting years later he saw his kid come up and greet him.

  23. Wow that is freaky for sure!! To me it sounds like you slipped through dimensions. Like a time fluctuation. Hard to explain but there have been incidents of people seeing a doppelganger of themselves or a loved one. So maybe that time and place caused you or your dad lookalike to cross in between the dimensions. Only for a few minutes. I've heard stories of people slipping and be gone for days or even years. Just a theory.

  24. It almost seemed like it lured you in with the noise and appeared as your dad to have you come closer. It might've been trouble if you came too close. Definitely some kind of demon. Its said that angels can take the form of humans as to not cause so much fear and demons are just angels that fell. With both mine and my mom's experiences it seems like everytime these things take a human form they seem very angry. For no particular reason. They never seem to actually try to attack either. They just look like they want to.

  25. The one that I've seen mimicking my daughter doesn't give off an angry vibe, more of a curious vibe if i had to choose a word to explain it. Immediately you kno it doesn't belong and its not right. I've only seen it twice tho. You can feel the chaos from it too, its up to no good.

  26. omg that is freaky!!!! Maybe it was a skinwalker but have you tried looking up to see if anyone has ever had that close of an encounter to one?

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