U.S. government places $119 million order for 13 million freeze-dried Monkeypox vaccines (13 million doses)

  1. If I remember correctly, unfortunately this small pox vaccines has an upper limit of about 10 years of effectiveness.

  2. Fading herd immunity that the small pox vax provided coupled with maybe covid making a super spreader event of monkey pox more likely got a wave of infections going

  3. And we still don't know what the effects of the immune system are for long covid survivors yet. It might have been a gateway pandemic.

  4. Remember in January when that truck crashed in Pennsylvania carrying 100 monkeys and some escaped? I think they were worried about monkey pox then but they say they were all captured and everything was fine. Makes you wonder

  5. I want to know if there’s any possibility whatsoever if this can spread in public pools because I know people will be continuing to swim regardless of Covid or anything else this summer.

  6. A quick refresher. February 1, 2022, a CDC transport carrying 100 “possibly infected” lab monkeys, crashed in Pennsylvania and 3 monkeys escaped for a few days and eventually were caught and killed. The Monkeys were flown from Mauritius, a small island 400 miles off the coast of Madagascar, to New York, and were allegedly being transported by truck to an undisclosed “CDC Quarantine Facility”.

  7. Monkeypox doesn't come from monkeys though, it is in rodents, it was merely first studied in monkeys. Also the first cases were found in the UK, some time before the first cases in the US.

  8. Don't forget about the lady that came in contact with their soiled cages and iirc touched or got scratched one of the monkeys. Nothing to worry about though, 2 weeks to flatten the curve right?

  9. The type of monkeys from that crash are notorious for carrying certain (often deadly) herpes B family viruses. Monkeypox is common in west and to an extent North Africa, while the south east area of Mauritius has a whole different set of scary diseases associated with it.

  10. I've read in a few places that it seems to be spread sexually primarily at the moment (not sure how true that is) And that gay people seem to be the primary spreaders. Also not sure about the truth of it. But i have seen it in a few different places the last couple of days.

  11. Almost like he's been listening to health experts for the past decade and talking to them? I bet if you looked you'd find some epidemiologist talking about this a decade ago.

  12. It seems that way because he's just so incredibly intelligent, unlike the average cultist, like light years ahead, and he understands science, which cult swallowers don't. Half of them think the world is flat for fksake! If y'all knew the shit that's coming just from 40K year old viruses sleeping deep in the defrosting tundra, lol, but you're Dunning-Kruger poster children.

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