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  1. This line wasn't written by Emily Dickinson but by currently living poet Carolyn Forché in her book of poems The Angel of History. The confusion came from the fact that a biographer of Emily Dickenson used the quote in the book when talking about Emily's relationship with Sue, and I guess some people didn't bother to follow the footnote and see the quote was actually attributed to Carolyn Forché, not Dickenson. The author of the biography has Tweeted to confirm than Dickenson never wrote this and she was just quoting Carolyn Forché. It just seems kind of unfair, especially since Carolyn Forché is still alive, to give credit for her work to someone else.

  2. As an additional reminder to this as well: Emily Dickinson's queerness was literally erased from her letters by her editors before they were published. One of her editors was her brother's mistress, who didn't take well to seeing her boyfriend's wife referred to in such kind terms and literally erased it all from her letters. That editor had also met her a few times and seems to be almost entirely responsible for Dickinson's reputation as a hermit and recluse. It's only with modern techniques that we have been able to find out what was written in those letters.

  3. THANK YOU! I saw this post and my first thought was "every two god-damn months I have to come back to this sub and retype the comment about that damn quote" lol

  4. Thank you for debunking this before I could! At this point it needs its own Automod. (Y'all deserve the Clippy treatment for this. Not sorry.) 😂

  5. I am also fairly certain (without willing to actually check) that lockable envelopes we not a thing for several decades after her death.

  6. She's obviously exaggerating. I think it's hot. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sounds poetic and passionate. And crazy horny.

  7. You’ve seen James Joyce’s letters, right? People can get properly freaky when they’re horny and webcams don’t exist yet.

  8. It's not a weird thing to say to someone you're deeply in love with. It's definitely horny lol, but it's pretty romantic imo

  9. Are there more Dickinson quotes like this? I see this one a lot, but there must be more, right? The potentialnof just making a poem with her quotes seems like it could be really fun.

  10. The OP is a misquote, Emily Dickinson never wrote that. In this case really historians have done a good job, Emily's "friend" Mabel Loomis Todd edited Susan out of her letters before publication and it's been up to historians and academics to correct the record in the years since.

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