Usain Bolt is only the fastest KNOWN person in the world.

  1. There was an era that I could run faster than Usain Bolt. In 1990 I was 10 and he was three. I bet I could have smoked him back then.

  2. I like that you thought it would be better to play safe and compare to a 3 years old Usain Bolt than risking a 8yo x 15yo.

  3. Me too especially when I was 3 and just got my hands on something my mum didn’t want me to touch haha Usian The Lightning Bolt would not stand a chance hahaha

  4. I was 10 in 1990 as well, but I don't think I can say the same. I've never been an even moderately fast runner. I'm thinking 3 year old Usain may have been able to take me.

  5. Not true. Usain Bolts top speed was 27.33 MPH. A Great Dane can run 30 MPH. I have seen Shaggy outrun Scooby a bunch of times.

  6. I know this is a joke but it's been more or less proven that Neanderthals would have outpaced Bolt. If you consider them humans (hominids?) then Bolt definitively isn't the fastest human ever.

  7. 27.33? Seems so slow for being the fastest ever. My nephew hit 21mph running by a police scanner and he's no sprinter.

  8. This blew the previous knowledge of the human body having a restriction how how fast they could run naturally before the muscles would tear off. Now I was a teenager when learned about this in health so I'm of course guessing better studies were found.

  9. it's very, very unlikely that there's anyone faster. Nutrition, specialized training regimens and performance enhancers all play a huge role in being a sprinter, just as much or in their totality most likely more than genetics. Humans needed hundreds of years of development in all these areas to arrive even under 10s in the 100 meter dash.

  10. From a biomechanics perspective on the sport of sprinting. Bolt is basically that one guy on the earth built perfectly for the sport. He is the answer to this post. The guy that could be the fastest person in the world. Except he actually is.

  11. Exactly. Maybe there is someone who has better genetics for it, but unless they go through all the training and have the best diet, clothes and the rest of things requires to be on that level, it is very unlikely that there is someone faster.

  12. as someone into powerlifting and strongman, many people don't understand you can't just accidentally become the fastest/strongest human being ever. The genetics PLUS insane training, nutrition (and "supplements") we're living in the time of the greatest athletes in history

  13. Not to mention that if, by some miracle, someone was faster: they’d be quickly scouted and made worldwide famous, regardless of where they live.

  14. If Usain Bolt ran as fast as he could while holding a baby and then threw it forward, that baby would be faster than him

  15. Yeah 100percent. Like maybe there is a dude out there who could with training, nutrition and performance enhancers COULD beat bolt - but the idea they could just naturally do it without any training? Not a chance.

  16. Hey, we never thought it was possible to run a 2h marathon, but Eliud Kipchoge made it happen. Probably not that much room for improvement, but I wouldn't rule it out entirely

  17. There could have been someone with the potential to be faster but none that took the perfect steps to become that

  18. Good answer. To add to this, it's ASTRONOMICALLY unlikely there's anyone faster. Like, so unlikely that the only reason we dont just say its impossible is because we have to acknowledge the possibility on a philosophical/celestial-teapot kind of way.

  19. Also: the faster you get, the shorter the times are, the bigger are the jumps. His world record is just 0.33 seconds faster then my best time when I was 18. - which means up to 1991 (where I wasn‘t born), I‘d have been a world record holder. But from 9.91 to 9.58 is HUGE, so god damn huge it‘s scary. Despite the rumor that we never saw Bolts best time - because he wanted the world record price money multiple times. But who knows if this is true

  20. Also, in the real world, flat out sprinting it not particularly useful for humans. It would be much more likely to find distance runners from indigenous tribes who are faster than world class distance runners.

  21. I think OP means ‘potentially fastest person’. The point is that tons of potential never gets the opportunity to go through the training and such to actually display their genetic best

  22. Bolt actually started sprinting later than some of his peers, he and Yohan Blake were cricketers, Blake having enough quality to play club level in Jamaica and played throughout High School I believe, Bolt stopped playing pretty early into High School.

  23. If your theory is that there might be some person out there who, without the decades of training and practice that Usain Bolt did in order to be a small fraction of a second faster than other people, just happens naturally to be a faster sprinter, but has never run fast in front of any of the millions of people who would say to them "that's pretty exceptional, maybe you should run competitively and become a millionaire like the other people who can run that speed" - I'm pretty comfortable there's no person like that out there.

  24. Yeah. Usain Bolt might have won the genetic lottery and was physiological predisposed to be a top-percentile, or even prodigal sprinter, but he wouldn’t have accomplished what he did, without that aptitude being recognized at a young age, and undergoing all the training he has.

  25. Op watched too much anime. Like there is this quite girl in the mountains who is actually the fastest human in history but just isn't interested in the competition because they need to take care of their family

  26. OP’s shower was probably just a minute long where he didn’t have enough time to process how dumb his logic is

  27. Ancient aboriginal hunter footprints show one guy going fast as fuck, slightly slower than Usain Bolt. There’s a lot of speculation in this article, but some rationale for people being faster.

  28. If there is a person out there, it is probably some jungle village and their decades of training is 100's of years just surviving. It's possible, but in this case I do tend to lean toward Bolt. But this isn't impossible at all.

  29. You mean there is someone who has the potential to be faster than Bolt not that they are faster than him at this current moment.

  30. All these people saying some scared dude or whatever could beat the record . . . I'm pretty sure if a normal person ran like him, their legs would break

  31. I read a similar argument in a speedcubing forum a while ago. The answer is simple - No. If there was someone who was able to run so fast, he would already be in the scene. Just like if someone is interested enough to train so much as to be able to solve a rubik's cube in less than 4 seconds and hold the unofficial world record, he probably is inside the speedcubing community. Or like chess, if someone is strong enough to beat the world champion repeatedly, i bet he's already fucking registered in the chess federation. You just don't get to be so good and not be at least known in the community. People don't realise how absolutely massive the difference between elite sportmen and your average Joe.

  32. Either legs would break, but likely before that their muscles would tear. I don't do sports, so the few times a year when for whatever reason I decide to sprint as fast as I can, I get huge muscle cramps. It's something you have to train for.

  33. Considering Bolt’s training regimen, unlikely. But it’s definitely possible that someone in the world has even more potential than Usain Bolt and could be faster if they trained

  34. There are, without a doubt, many people in the world with the potential to be faster than Bolt. But none of them have been doing the training regimen, nutrition, body science necessary to achieve their peak performance like Bolt.

  35. Maybe there's a space dictator somewhere that would be the strongest in the universe, but he never trained. Instead he got beat by a monkey

  36. I think this was probably the idea OP was getting at. If EVERYONE in the world was on the same training program and nutritional diet starting from 5 years old, there is probably someone who could be faster than Bolt. You’re essentially playing the odds that someone with the exact same regimen could potentially be faster.

  37. Nah man, training, endurance, performance, and top gear equipment are not something you are born with

  38. Modern Olympic Atheletes are literally the peak of human performance in their specific sport. The genetics, training, nutrition and experience is something a person can't just accidentally be or stumble upon. There may have been a person who had the genetic potential to be faster than Usain bolt but maybe ended up as a store keeper or died in a war in the 1300s, etc. They never reached that potential and never actually ran faster than Bolt.

  39. Bolt is the fastest runner in the world between the distances of 75m and 400m. I don’t think anybody would be able to match him. There are runners that were faster out of the blocks, but once it was about speed and not acceleration, nobody was touching Bolt.

  40. Usain Bolt is a professional racer. He has a specific diet, exercise routine, stretches, massages, and years of pushing himself to greatness.

  41. I would bet my testicles that there is no unknown person faster. We are too advanced with training and dietary regiments that there is no way someone could be naturally just be born and developed into a faster runner than him. Anyone who will beat him now will have trained for 10 years at a minimum.

  42. This is the worst shower thought ever posted. We're only basing our conclusions on what we know, hmm? Makes ya think? This sub really kinda sucks sometimes.

  43. They say even to this day he's still running and the bear hasn't intercepted him, which also shows how fast the bear is too.

  44. In a given race? Yeah, it's not like he's undefeated in 100m races or finals. And he's definitely past his peak/prime now. His best times were all back in 2009-2012.

  45. I run faster than Usain Bolt when I hear somebody has a hold of my computer they're going to check the homework folder

  46. I often think like this op. The person who had the potential to be faster than bolt is probably doing another sport

  47. I always think about this when I follow different weightlifting record holders. Like yeah this guy has an official deadlift record but it's possible someone in some random gym was able to pull more. It just wasn't in front of a crowd and officials to make sure the lift was valid.

  48. True, I bet those fuckers who wait out side Walmart etc on black friday and rush in like a hoard of crazies could beat him if you put the items 100m from the door.

  49. "I remember him saying that if you look at these housing estates and high-rise flats - look at all the windows. Behind every one of these windows is somebody who might be a horse-jumping champion, a formula one racing champion, a yachtsman of great degree, but he'll never know because he'll never step on a yacht or formula one car - he'll never get the chance."

  50. He’s definitely the fastest. There may be a handful of other with greater potential but without full time training and development, they wouldn’t be able to surpass his speed.

  51. Like the fastest runner is out there somewhere and just never tried running or something? And is faster than Bolt with no training? K.

  52. The problem with this is that EVERYONE runs, so you'd think that if someone out there truly was exceptionally gifted then it would have been discovered at some point and they would have had some level of success. It's the same with soccer. Everyone kicks a ball as a kid, so while there are undoubtedly some people who slipped through the cracks, most of the most talented soccer players will have had a chance to prove themselves. This idea works better for more niche sports. There might be a more naturally talented surfer out there than Kelly Slater, but they might have never tried it, or never even been to the sea. There might be a more talented snowboarder out there than Travis Rice, but the percentage of people in the world who actually get a chance to try it is so miniscule that they might never even see snow. It would be a bit of a coincidence if the person with the most natural talent as a snowboarder just HAPPENED to be born in a ski resort. Of course, a lot of developing their talent comes down to location and the ability to train, but for NATURAL talent there's almost certainly someone out there who could have been better but who never got the chance.

  53. I think about stuff like this all the time. I could be the world's leading architect or natural-born best race car driver ever to get behind the wheel, but never tried either.

  54. I'm sure there exists a human that ran faster than Bolt for 100m. Except, I'm thinking it was out of desperation & sheer will to live while running away from a ferocious animal. Alas, I think that person is no longer with us today.

  55. This is ESPECIALLY true in the arguments about "best guitarist" "best drummer" even "best free throw shooter" or "best fieldgoal kicker."

  56. Maybe? But probably untrue: Maybe there is a person with higher potential speed, but the idea that someone without Olympic level coaching, nutrition. training, supplementation, etc. could out run Usain Bolt has to be a long shot.

  57. I always think about this sort of thing. Like, somewhere in the world the strongest man alive is just going about his day, undiscovered by anyone, unbothered by fame.

  58. Sure. Maybe some kid in Borneo or rural India or Thailand can run twice as fast. We'd never know. I'm always in awe of undiscovered athletes, or athletes who simply fail the formal requirements to be recognized as anything, such as

  59. There are many asian kids who can run faster, specially at the sight of their mother holding a whacking stick.

  60. This is such a dumb and ignorant thing to say. The people in the olympics have trained their whole life and learning every single technique that makes them even a percent faster. They build their entire life around running. Diet, training and sleeping, most are also on PEDs. There is no way some random that has a little adrenaline boost can even come close.

  61. I have thought on this for my English Channel crossing. Are there really on 3000 or so people that have swam the English Channel? Probably. Doing it without assistance is probably impossible. But maybe one does exist that did it before Matthew Webb. It’s just unlikely. Which makes me a 1 in 2.5 million person of the living.

  62. Town I grew up in we had two kids Crazy fast, like a good 10-15yds faster then the fastest kid.. Both ended up going to NFL briefly.. Were not that fast comparably.. like 4.4/4.5 speed… Just saying

  63. I’m doubtful that there’s some insanely fast person somewhere in the middle of a remote village. Bolt has a managed diet, workout routine, and trains consistently. If someone else was doing all of this (and of course wins the genetic lottery), surely they’d have some way to document it, or are actively competing.

  64. Nah Usain Bolt is a 6’5 Demigod who dominates a sport where the average height is 5’11. No one is faster than him.

  65. Bolt is what happens when potential and opportunity are perfectly aligned. He is without a doubt the fastest person in the world. However, I wouldn’t doubt that someone exists in the world that has/had the potential to be the fasted person in the world. They just didn’t have the opportunity.

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