We all know that feeling.

  1. Just make your play, Marlon. She clearly digs older dudes with facial hair. Lewis would be the first to agree she's single. Ask her out and make the world a happier place. Except for Lewis, but he sucks

  2. No honey, you're a side chick, and that's even sadder. Forget him! Focus on your business! Keep the hours you've set and maybe some entrepreneurial young farmer will turn up.

  3. I have a mod that has marnie and Lewis date publicly but I need a marnie and marlon romance mod! Marnie deserves better then Lewis.

  4. Well maybe don't date a scumbag who only uses you as a booty call in the bushes, Marnie. Clint, Willy, and Marlon are available.

  5. Considering her dialogue, you would think she would be eligible for marriage? Not just doomed to be the mayor's booty call when the mood arises

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