Italy’s new prime minister

  1. “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

  2. They also like to categorize her for example as things like "Italian, Christian, woman, mother." Contrary to what she's saying it makes it a lot easier to sell you things that way.

  3. I deal with data. All religion is is a category to us. This kind of conspiracy shit is extra looney tunes because it's assuming a huge deal of effort being put on for something that's already happened/happening.

  4. Not only this comment section. This has been the case for reddit. I am starting to doubt this platform. All controversial topics you will have people agreeing on the weird side.

  5. Nobody's attacking her right to be an Italian, a Christian, and a mother. None of the things that she identifies as are being threatened, it's projection of their own desire to curtail and control other people's identities that makes them assume there is any threat against their own identity.

  6. That's becasue words cost nothing. These days whenever I hear the word "Woke" now it's just so cringe. It's such a big tell to me about the person you are.

  7. And her logic doesn't even fucking track...there's so much consumer bullshit aimed at specific gender/ethnic/religious/etc identities.

  8. Agreed. This is such a dumbass take. If anything, the opposite is true. It’s not like the identities that already exist are going anywhere. In my country, conservatives like herself are on the side of extreme capitalism/corporations. From her perspective and for her own self interest, corporations should be looking at these new identities as opportunities in brand new markets. Instead, she’s making it sound like they’re terrified of having to diversify offerings that meet the desires and needs of these subgroups of people that are “emerging” into the public consciousness.

  9. I’m a little confused 😅 What is she actually trying to say here? That she doesn’t like labels or that she wants to be able to label herself?

  10. She wants to trick working class people into working against their best interests by convincing people that social progress is the product of some nefarious plot by a group of (definitely not Jewish) elites.

  11. It's the same shit us right says "there's a war on Christianity and family values and I'm degraded/chastised for identifying as cisfem Christian who believes in the nuclear family"

  12. I'm italian, I will never feel represented by this politician; BUT.... I'm not afraid of our situation. I mean, come on..she's an ITALIAN POLITICIAN. She will never do anything she promised during the campaign.

  13. Exactly!!!! I still think Italian politics has to be the easiest job in the world, your in there for 3 months then resigns and take a pension while also doing Coke and fucking Everything you see. Even if you Fuck up so bad you and you get sent to prison then just delay your trial for 2 years then none of the evidence is usable and walk out Scot free you could probably run again with all the publicity

  14. Probably Jews (because of course she would....), but not sure if antisemitism is popular down there in the Med. If I remember right, the Catholic Church wouldn't stand for it even in Mussolini's time.

  15. Actually the ideal consumer slave would have f'ing money to buy company gives a shit what any of us call ourselves. It's like trigger word salad to feed the stupid here. People hate corporations so blame consumerism, people love God so say that they are attacking is important so act like gay people were just invented yesterday by corporations to destroy God so that you buy their shit...whatever.

  16. I'd argue that they wouldn't want you to have money, they would want you in debt, requiring you to provide perpetual labor and income with interest for as long as you were able to do so.

  17. When she talks about companies and financial speculators, she means (((corporations))) and (((financial speculators)))

  18. I'm so confused... so now the extreme left pro LGBT+ are in cahoots with the financial speculators ?!? Hahaha... wtf ?!

  19. Wait, I'd like to know who is not allowing her to identify the way she wants? Who is denying her that identity? It's weird that people who always scream that they're not allowed to identify as certain way, are almost the same people that are always denying people their own identity. A lot of dog whistles there.

  20. B-but..,she once saw Parent 1 and Parent 2 listed on a form instead of Mother and Father, which basically means that mothers and fathers aren’t even allowed to exist anymore!

  21. If you listen closely to the dogwhistles, she's pretty clearly saying the Jews are responsible for her not being allowed to call herself a mother or whatever.

  22. Is this actually what Italian voters cared about? Nothing about inflation? High cost of living? Energy cost? Jobs? Health care? Education?

  23. Basically, "I'm tired of being persecuted for being a mom and a Christian". Not Italian, so I can't really advise whether that would be true or not; However, considering the fact that Christianity is the overwhelming religion in Italy, it's more than likely it's just word salad to rile people up over nothing.

  24. Language regarding an elite "they" as the attacking force on identity and nationalism, which may sound relatable or sound reasonable on it's face, is often the first step to fascism's rise. Allow these minds to get into power and it gets real reichy, real fast.

  25. Exactly. Notice she's blaming the gender, sexuality, and lack of religion as causes for making someone a "perfect consumer." She's attacking any gender identity that's not cis, any sexual preference that's not straight, and any religion that's not christian.

  26. Exactly. Let's not mince words here, she's mostly talking about sexuality here and how people identifying as non-cis or non-straight is somehow a plot of corporate globalists or something? Questioning your sexuality doesn't make you a better consumer. My experience is the exact opposite. Almost all "the queers" I know are socialists (or close to) and live relatively minimalist lifestyles at least when compared with cis straight folks having kids (which seems to be THE TRADITIONAL ALTERNATIVE that she's saying is under attack). "The Queers" are not perfect consumers by any stretch of the imagination.

  27. She's crying about not being able to call herself an Italian Christian woman? When has anyone tried to stop her from doing so? Lol

  28. Because what she really means is she isnt praised for being Italian, for being christian, etc. Its not that she faces genuine persecution, its that by not being treated above minority groups she hates she feels she is being persecuted. And unfortunately Italy has a bunch of crusty old dumbfucks that fall for this kinda wording.

  29. As an Italian, I believe she is trying to perpetuate the same agenda as the GOP in America. Like oh no, women and the lgbt community are starting to get more and more rights? People are starting to distance themselves from religion because they don’t feel represented by it anymore? My Identity!!!! They are trying to exterminate us!!! I can’t be a DONNA MADRE CRISTIANA ( woman - mother - christian ) in this world anymore!! Let’s brainwash an already brainwashed country with my empty words and bring it back to fascism!!

  30. What is it with Italians and far right politicians? It seems like every decade or so they elect one for a bit

  31. She sounds like a fascist. I don't think there's a single person in Italy that will harass you for identifying as a straight Catholic woman, this is simply rhetoric used to convince her supporters think they are being victimized so that they are more likely to vote for more far right people like herself in the future.

  32. Isn’t it weird she’s playing into “consumerism” sentiment as a neo-fascist? Corporatism was pretty key to Mussolini’s fascism, right? Sounds like she’s spouting a bunch of buzzwords that rile people up without any real meaning behind it.

  33. See kids you can always spot the fascist by their insistence that they are the victim. They'll jump through whatever hoops they can to make themselves out to be one.

  34. Huh, didn’t realize there was a social stigma against calling yourself a Christian and mother in Italy. Persecution fetish at its finest.

  35. Literally identity politics, and right wingers are eating it up in the comments. Even their hatred of identity politics is projection.

  36. Something tells me no one gives a shit what she calls herself…but she just doesn’t want other people to be called what they would prefer. As an American suffering from right wing dumb dumbs, I know how to spot these people

  37. Lol people freaking out in the comments cause a woman says she wants to refer to her self as a Christian mother and a woman. Why is this even controversial?

  38. Her intent is constitutional rewrites that criminalize the homosexual community, outlaw abortion without prejudice and redefine Italy as a Christian Nation.

  39. Because she's using that sane comment to claim some invisible boogyman is attempting to strip her of that identity when that's not at all what is happening.

  40. Because she's pulling a trump, claiming "they" are doing all these horrible things in the shadows to take away your freedom, your identity, etc and the only way to stop them is to Join me, to FIGHT them, jail them, take THEIR rights away, MIGA!!

  41. I mean, when fascists start beating the “pride about our identity” drum, concern is pretty natural. Especially when their platform involves some fabricated enemy.

  42. Because she has a problem with what other people want to be. Sounds like other religious people who have a problem with other people freedoms.

  43. I’ll never understand why Christians are this way. They have one book, and one god, and when he was a man he preached peace and tolerance. They meet every week to discus this, and yet, still, with frightening regularity gravitate toward fear, loathing, and violence.

  44. Damn. Somehow fundamental Christian conservatives manage to stamp out the identity of others while believing anybody fucking cares who they are or what they call themselves.

  45. Yeah she was so discriminated for calling herself a Christian woman that she got voted in as prime minister. So true smh

  46. How?! These are all imaginary problems. With some buzzwords, that are in no way connected to the things talked about, to make it sound extra scary.

  47. Legit saw an old friend share this speech on his insta story with from another account post with the caption “this is what the liberal left is afraid of this is what they don’t want. Why are they so afraid of her?” Lmao I unfollowed him after that bullshit

  48. I don't understand who's stopping these ideas that she said are being shut out, can you help me understand?

  49. First Sweden went Right. Now Italy. Hopefully many more countries to follow in the near future. People are sick of progressive ideology all around the world.

  50. This isn't even particularl a move to the right wing. The new leadership holds largely moderate views for Italy. And likely a majority of Americans would agree with them at face value.

  51. Who exactly is stopping people from identifying as what they want. So she gets her way and then what? The banks change a few labels of boxes on applications? Oh yeah that’ll really do something. It’s not about the labels it’s about the amount of information that companies and institutions have about you. If she’s smart, as I believe she is, she knows this and is just using this as a political wedge to gain more political power.

  52. Isn't what she said quite vague? I'm confused at how this hits home, as I am unaware there are people taking the ability to identify myself away.

  53. This Is a breath a fresh air honestly. People are sick and tired of this new normal they're trying to push on us. Fuck the haters!!

  54. I've always wondered what it would be like growing up during the rise of fascism. Always been dumbfounded that supposedly normal people would accept the insanity. It's so interesting to see it happen in real time, horrifying, but interesting.

  55. What is so insane here? That Italy is wising up to the globalist/WEF agenda, and now have elected a PM to push back against it?

  56. Except she's not railing against it. She's scapegoating the bad parts of the economy using a minority group. When have we seen that before... ?

  57. Dear italians! Congratulations for stepping on the same path as Hungary. Your next enemy will be the EU, George Soros, migrants, illuminati, USA, left wing parties and everyone who don't accept everything your leaders want. Prepare for gerrymandering, the dividing of the population and the sudden russian friendliness.

  58. Judging by Italy’s political history she’s gonna do nothing the entire term and next election Italians will vote in a Stalinist.

  59. I don't see anything wrong with this speech tbh. Wouldn't call this a problem. What is probably wrong is her idea how she can implement this ideology. That's one issue with authoritarians and why people fall for them so much. Many times they actually make sense, untill you realise how they want to achieve it. Thats my take on this at least

  60. Well, obviously she's saying that she can't self-identify as what she is while self-identifying what she is. And is not able to speak out about it, and is likely being silenced although we all heard it. Sounds like a real serious issue. Obviously much worse than poverty, famine, war, climate change.. you name it.

  61. Man old people and their lackeys need to shut the fuck up. This speech of hers is just meaningless garbage for old people to ruminate over. It sounds more appropriate for some sort of old people social gathering, not the sort of thing one wants to see from their representative after a hard day of work on behalf of the ungrateful fucking old shits who make things unnecessarily miserable.

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