In Russia, the recruitment office of Moscow issued a call-up paper to perform military service to 34-year-old Dmitry Klyukvin, a completely blind man from birth. Russian media reports

  1. There is already a whole army of disabled and mentally impaired invading Ukraine. I don't know why are we making fun of this particular guy. He can go there and die for motherland as well as any other Russian.

  2. It's fine, tovarisch, just listen for sounds of Romanian or Polish speech - and fire in that direction! Whenever you trip on something - check if it's not fellow mobik, if so, grab his ammo! Good luck!

  3. Discrimination? This is the truest form of equality in all its greatness. Regardless of age, gender, or even disability... everyone gets a chance to die for Putin. I'm surprised he hasn't started conscripting the elderly yet.

  4. Discrimination? Excuse me? The Russian army has turned into the most inclusive army in the world! You are blind? You are missing an arm? You are bound to the wheelchair? Don’t worry! The Russian army is mor than willing to use you as cannon fodder accept you the way you are #BodyPositivity #SunflowerFertilizer

  5. Perfect for an artilleryman. Their cannons are such bent shit that they can't hit where they aim. Maybe a blind man would at least have luck on his side.

  6. I think he's already over there.... I listened to an intercepted Russian call from Ukraine and the soldier was saying 3 of us went on recon.. they were all shot an killed... By us.. on accident

  7. He can and will trained , there many jobs in Russian military he will perform as good as what they have now . General , artillery spotter, naval radar operator , the list goes on and on

  8. Blackout drunk is what I got when I take lyrica and alcohol. I don't do that anymore I'd wake up and find my dishes and disarray and then I cook the meal

  9. Russia is an equal opportunities employer, empowering ethnic minorities and those with health conditions to earn a salary and travel the world! The new world leader in human rights includes great incentives and health benefits - such as a lada for your family in the event of death! /s

  10. My father in law is also blind from birth. He was also drafted to the military service in the GDR. They had special weapons that would beep if you pointed it to the correct direction.

  11. I can picture him accidentally run out into battlefield with guide pole and everybody just stop shooting to stare in confusion until one of the Ukrainian soldier tackled him and drag him to safety.

  12. I hope the poor guy had a chuckle before he realised they were serious....he will join the blind battalion who hold each others belts and are sent into minefields for mine-clearing operations. /s

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