GB or Israel top tier ground?

  1. Merkavas and challengers all suck at top tier. Merkavas have armor wrongly modelled so you are big and ez to kill but still more survivable than a challenger because those have ammo everywhere in the tank.

  2. Challengers are the most non meta mbt's at top tier. They are heavy and slow (TES and 2F) with no benefit in term of armor. Mobility is essential in TT and the merk4 is very mobile despite his weight. He move like an abrams and have the second best apfsds. But Israël lack of vehicles at TT . No good spaa ,the best is mcbeth at 9.3. With the brit i have a huge lineup with 4 challi , the adats and the stormer ,the phantom fgr1and u can add a good heli if you like those shitty cancer. So you are more resilient on the battlefield at the moment with the brits compared to the very little lineup u can have with Israël.

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