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  1. How many years before she starts banging Logain? Her greatest attribute is undoubtedly political acumen, and it would quickly become apparent that she already controls 3 of the most powerful nations in Randland, plus a head start on cannon and steam tech, and if she could add to that an alliance with the single most powerful living channeller who also leads the only faction that channels saidin, she would become the next coming of Arthur Hawking, except unlike Hawkwing, both her and Logain will live for centuries.

  2. Based 😌 In general I was surprised to hear the critique that Robert Jordan was bad at writing female characters, because I loved and appreciated almost all of them.

  3. Faile is in my top 5 favorite characters, hands down. Elayne isn't in my top 5 but I do like her well enough. I understand how she's annoying but I think she needed to go through a lot to learn humility & learn to listen to other people. She is a very good woman at heart.

  4. I like Faile too. I think she gets a lot of undeserved flak because she shows up right around the time that Perrin becomes a bit insufferable, so we link the two events together. Even though she spends every moment with him trying to counteract his insufferable tendencies.

  5. I use to like Elayne until she started her bid for the throne. Then she became just like every other noble in the series.

  6. Okay so her arc during the slog is tedious I will not deny, but so are a lot of people’s arcs (hi Perrin) but tbh Elayne and Egwene are my favorite characters dodges flying tomatoes

  7. I really like her as well. I can see a lot of what people say about her that drives them nuts, but I still like her.

  8. She is the epitome of "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" As well as a pampered mildly socially oblivious and naive young woman, but not a shit person.

  9. I love her too! She is truly, genuinely nice, and she has good social skills, and she is a great politician. Love her.

  10. I love Elayne too, and I firmly believe that BS made her much more unlikable because she got captured a second time immediately after the one in kod

  11. I can understand why people get mad that she was mad about being given the throne by Rand but I always agreed with her. If it was just given to her she would have had no authority as head of state. And while I think she came on a bit thick with Perin I can understand that too, if one outlying region breaks away it could easily make others think they could do the same and especially so close to the end the the war for the crown.

  12. This is me with Cadsuane. I have yet to find anyone who can articulate (with examples) anything concrete about why Cadsuane is bad. Rand’s reactions are childish and she never tells him anything that is bad or gives him actually bad advice.

  13. I don’t think she’s bad, but her holier-than-thou approach to ‘teach the boy’ would be so infuriating to endure. Again, I get what she’s going for, but her MO is to basically poke the bull and then chastise it for reacting.

  14. I don’t hate Cadsuane either! I don’t feel as strongly about her as I do Elayne, but I enjoyed reading about her and really don’t see what makes her so awful lol

  15. The only time I disliked Elayne was during her time fighting for the crown of Andor. She made some very bad decisions and got some people killed. Very recklessly. Outside of that I think she is better than most of the female characters.

  16. Bruh me too. Elayne is goddamn hilarious. Overconfident, overzealous, and shit, 1 time out of 10, shit goes 100% in her favor. Her character grew up with privilege, it makes sense she'd be reckless.

  17. Aviendha and Elayne are a great pair, aviendha is the muscle, the brain, the honor and the power. Elayne is the queen and the ungrateful

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