Cleaning a System - Steps and Programs

  1. There is no real way to "clean" the system because it does not get dirty over time. You may experience a specific problem, then you should find a specific solution. Otherwise, you don't just "clean" the system. What all that cleaning does is save you a few megabytes on drive C at a cost of significantly increasing the chances of weird errors in the future.

  2. That would depend on what we mean by "getting dirty over time" but the fact of the matter is that if you install software to Windows and then uninstall them, almost every time something is going to get left behind. Especially if you use the normal Windows Settings > Apps & Features method to uninstall apps. I think it would be fair to call this accumulation of leftovers from old software as the system "getting dirty".

  3. Keep your day to day uses 'clean'. Stop chugging random things all over the place, keep your stuff organized, dont install useless shits just cuz some random website say you should do it or else your pc will explode...

  4. Run windows update. Windows built in cleaning: Settings/System/Storage/ Manually run Storage Sense/ Then Settings/System/Storage/ Click on Temporary Files/ uncheck Delivery Optimization Files/ Click Remove Files. After windows update if system seems stable I use

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