Was Mastertasker a one time thing?

  1. We need to see an episode of DownCounters and 9 out of 10 Dogs first. Maybe a sprinkle of Are You Lying To Me? As well.

  2. 8 out of 10 cats isn't a format that needs to be adapted, it's a thinly veiled excuse for people to go into their stand up sets like Mock the Week and Have I got news for you.

  3. I feel like there's been a few hints on Twitter and Instagram that they've already begun filming the next one. The last one likely took months between filming and editing, so we'll still have to wait a while though. I feel that Pyrion and Simon are likely to appear in the next one.

  4. Tommy B said in the BTS that they filmed the tasks themselves like 5 months ago, so if the first episode did well enough for them to do more, we might have to wait a while.

  5. i was only looking at the video earlier and realized it had 250,000 views which is such a shame. it's still a good number for the channel but it deserves so many more.

  6. Honestly, given how many references they've made to the Crystal Maze over the years, I'd love to see them do something even remotely similar to it!

  7. I have Ben yelling in the mic like a maniac as my air alert siren sound notification. (i live in Ukraine, air alerts multiple times per day\night). It was one of the very few times i watched Yogscast this year but Mastertasker was one of my top 10's of all time for sure, somewhere there along with Jaffa Factory and Magicka.

  8. That may have been their best video in years. I don't mind if we can only get 1-3 episodes a year, I hope just it isn't a one and done.

  9. I hope that for Jingle Jam they can do some kind of crossover with TaskMaster and have Greg and Tom host it. I know that’s probably a stretch, but since it’s for charity it could happen

  10. I know Nerd Cubed knows Alex Horne (to some extent) - he was in his recent 10th anniversary video - and obviously Dan has collaborated with Martyn and Sips in the past, so they might have some relationship to leverage there. I feel like Horne would possibly record something for a Jingle Jam mastertasker given how much money it does raise each year.

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