Name the anime opening

  1. Hey THriLLhiLL1! This is your first submission this month. The top memers will go into the Hall of Fame each month, earn subreddit flairs and maybe some other secret prizes.

  2. I wish the manga went faster. 8 pages a month is so slow! It’s almost worse than the ones that release at random intervals!

  3. One punch man, crazy good. High-school of the dead was awesome too, I think the band was called yoshida and the red rockets

  4. I skip them bc I’m tired of getting spoiled in the intro. Just look at the name of the AoT theme for season 4 pt 2. I’m so tired of spoilers in anime intros

  5. When I listen to s1 theme all I can see are memes, asphyxia has grown on me now it feels way better. Also I think the s2 opening is good too, a bit of an unpopular opinion but it has a nice sense of calm.

  6. Can’t believe I had to come this far to see Samurai Champloo. I put that whole soundtrack on around the house because it’s so chill

  7. Parasyte still has the best op for me even after all this time. Was searching all the comments and no one mentioned its name. Durarara has the best ending songs from all three seasons.

  8. ANOTHER HORIMIYA ENJOYER! (One thing my perceptive little self noticed was in the panel where it shows all the characters, the size of the panel represents how much part they play in the plot.)

  9. Domestic girlfriend- crying for rain that songs on another level Black clover- black rover hits hard

  10. Cruel Angle's Thesis All Jojo except chase and stone ocean Black rover and black catcher Wind, blue bird, heroes comeback, sign, silhouette, Go There's a bunch more that I can't think of rn

  11. Apaprpraraprararpraraprraarraprea sizy nagi! Kono do wa, i have forgotten the lyrics but why the fuck is it soo good!

  12. Unravel, (Tokyo Ghoul ofc), Hikaru Nara (from your lie in April), Colors (Code geass) and damn i can't remember anymore -_-

  13. Black Clover OP 10. Black Catcher And OP 3. Black Rover Those are the main ones not to skip. Although you shouldn’t skip any of them cause they are all good

  14. Honestly, I think it depends on what kind of anime your watching... If the cliffhanger of the previous episode slapped me really hard, even tho I absolutely love everything opening of Bleach, AoT or DS, I cannot not skip the op...

  15. JJK Kimetsu no Yaiba FMAB Fire Force Bleach Mushoku Tensei Kaguya-sama K-ON!! Kyoukai no Kanata To Your Eternity Vinland Saga

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