Is the better precision of the Eotech center dot worth the weight/battery constraints vs something like the T2? (Shooting out to 300m)

  1. That's why I went with the 512. I know people will make fun of me cause it's larger and is cheaper but in all honesty I saw the idea of using AAs and having better battery life over the other eotechs to be worth it. Got that magpul xts with the battery tubes with 2 AAs for the eotech and 2 CR123s fir my light.

  2. Great points, 2.5x battery life is significant and AAs are easy to get. Did you mean the Magpul STR stock? I looked it up and the xts is a rail cover

  3. I was looking at EOtechs a while back and the 512 was the only one I'd consider because of the AA factor. Ended up going with an Aimpoint PRO though because of durability and battery life. Weird batteries cost more, but not when you change them 1/10th as often

  4. I would say the Eotech. Unmatched in terms of CQB and parallax shift, and it magnifies really well. Also, $700-$800 for a micro red dot sight without a mount is absurd to me.

  5. I was a ignorant new AR owner when I got mine. Paid $797 for the T2 and $110 for a Geissele 1/3 mount. Full price from Brownells. I only new about Brownells at that time but now I realize they have the worst prices and I haven’t ordered from them since

  6. Aimpoint T1&T2 for serious work setups. Also UH-1 & Eotech for serious work only with extra batteries stored in pistol grip. AS swell as extra gas rings & bolt in grip.

  7. Okay, serious question here: are you rucking your rifle in the sticks for months at a time where you won't have access to resupply and don't want the extra weight of the optic + back up batteries?

  8. And I believe that 1 MOA dot on the EOTech will still be 1 MOA magnified at 300 meters, or so I’ve read years ago but worst case it’s 3 MOA at 300 meters.

  9. Its nice. Shooting to 300 no. You can shoot 300 all day with anything that doesnt suck honestly. Doesnt bother me anyway. But the 1moa dot is really nice I will say that. Farther than that youre gonna be blotting out 8 inches at 400 yrds. 10 at 5 and so on. So it will be a pain for anything precise. But for 300 will work fine.

  10. It depends on what targets you're shooting at. A 2 MOA dot at 300m will cover approximately 6" of the target where the 1 MOA EoTech dot will be 3" (both without magnification. For a man sized target, that's not big deal. Anything smaller than a man sized target and I think you'll struggle.

  11. Eotech has the clearest glass you’ll find in a red dot. Huge view box and the battery compartment is right on the side. Total non-issue in practice.

  12. I have an EXPS 3-4 with the G33 and I can easily/consistently make hits on the target we have set up at 200 yards in our backyard. I personally would have preferred the G45 magnifier over the G33, but when I got mine the G45 was sold out literally everywhere and i didn’t feel like waiting/overpaying for one.

  13. It can be, especially under night vision nothing even comes close to the eotech. In cqb the large window /fov is also a big advantage in my opinion. Everyone likes to talk about how it shouldn't matter with both eyes open but it really does.

  14. I think it depends on what's most important to you. Both are great options but I prefer the durability and more importantly the battery life of the t2.

  15. I've personally used both optics on a friends rifles with magnifiers. And honestly I personally couldn't tell a difference between the 2 ( I also have an astigmatism which could play a factor ). With all honest if it's a man sized target 300 m/yds and in both will do just fine. And honestly weight / battery life isn't and issue if you regularly change your batteries and train with your gear you get used too it being " heavy " and " bad battery life ".

  16. Honing your ability to acquire a target and put effective rounds down range outweighs any issues reference to whatever optic you decide to use. Don’t get sucked into the “my optic is better” debacle. Optics are no substitute for training. Train hard and train daily. Use what feels comfortable. Good operators will run circles around the average guy using “Amazon optics”

  17. The T2 is still my favorite for how clear it is under Magnification. I have a range that I shoot up to 400 yards often with green vegetation on the berm and I can easily see impacts with a 3-5x.

  18. I've taken my 6.5 Grendel AR out to 300 with a Holosun HS510. It has a 2 moa center with a 65 moa circle. I find that if I turn the brightness down as low as I can still see, my groups are tighter. Been using it for years and never changed the battery. It's not my HD gun so I don't care if the battery dies and even if it did, it's got solar backup. The precision has never wandered and it's getting me 1/2 moa at 100. If I had to find a fault, the dot/circle flickers in the rain.

  19. I own both. I prefer the EOTech if it isn’t a SHTF or home defense situation where I don’t want to worry about the battery because I can just carry some spare batteries in my range bag or in the grip/stock. The T2 is legit. It’s very light and bright. If changing the batteries is a concern in your situation, then run the T2 and don’t think twice about it. Otherwise, I prefer the EOTech and red dots with the circle. Both are battle tested and very good options.

  20. I’ve had my eotech for multiple years never had to change the battery. Navy seals run Eotechs WITHOUT backup irons all the time. If the real guys are running them no problem and prefer them, then that’s all you really need to know.

  21. If you’re worried about precision, just grab an LVPO. The whole red dot/magnifier situation doesn’t really lend towards precision.

  22. The Eotech really shines if you ever plan on using it with NODs. It's not necessarily faster or more accurate than a dot. I'd take an anodized OD green one though in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented...

  23. hear me out here, while it doesn't really matter, a more fair comparison would be to not use the bottom of the barrel sig red dot

  24. If you end up using your rifle in a home defense situation your head will be up and you won't be looking through the sights anyway.

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