PSA, bikes will be filtering starting Saturday.

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  1. As is mentioned in the graphic, this is not lane splitting. Motorcyclists are not allowed to pass between vehicles while vehicles are in motion.

  2. So what's the deal when the light turns green? Do the motorcycles go first or do they merge behind the car next to them?

  3. Nope, it's not the California rule. Not that bikers in CA follow the rule, lol. But this is only for stopped traffic at an intersection.

  4. A lot of people were poorly informed / uninformed even with this 90 day delay for the general effective date. They say cops haven't been pulling people over, and some claim that they've been told by officers to go ahead and filter.

  5. Yeah I thought this went into effect a while ago too. I've been doing it regardless, definitely beats waiting for people to get off their phones at stoplights.

  6. The lanes you are going between have to be able to move in the same direction. So for example you can go between lanes that are straight and straight/right, but not straight and right only.

  7. Share this EVERYWHERE!! Crosspost to every AZ sub. Put on all of your social media. Text to your friends. Education is key to everyone’s safety. Riders need everyone’s help.

  8. They have been doing it for years. I thought it was already legal . But I don't own a bike so I don't know the rules . Hope no one gets killed

  9. You are adding nothing of value to this comment section. The purpose of the post is to raise awareness of a new law that is going into effect, not to debate whether or not people willfully violate existing laws.

  10. I think it will. It will allow you to be one car length closer to the front, per motorcyclist at whichever red light stops us together. It sucks being stuck so far back that you watch the green come and go, right? I know I'm very annoyed when that happens.

  11. I've had fewer issues with motorcyclists than I have had with pickup truck drivers. Most motorcyclists are regular people just trying to get to work.

  12. This seems unwise. Car drivers aren't going to like feeling that motorcycles unfairly cut them off at stop lights. I bet this leads to more "accidents" and more road rage confrontations. I have no idea how many motorcycles were being rear ended at stop lights before, but I bet you this leads to more deaths/ injuries. It would be interesting to see the numbers.

  13. Why the downvotes people? Dude is right. We know Phoenix is like top 3 angriest drivers. I'm terrified of the road rage because I know it's real. But I'm going to gingerly, carefully filter anyway, as it has been proven to help congestion.

  14. Unfairly? So you worked hard to get that front spot at it light that would be “unfairly” taken from you? I thought we stopped judging if things were fair or not after 5th grade. I don’t know, with these new rules, I might just take my ball and go home so no one gets to play.

  15. Great now we will have even more morons doing dumbass shit with their bikes on the road, probably without wearing helmets either, i feel bad for the drivers who get into accidents over this

  16. Hahaha, like they waited to start filtering?? I've seen some doing it for at least a month now in Tucson.

  17. Does anyone know anything about the motorcycle accident on Old Spanish and Escalante? I just know likely spinal injury. I'd like some closure to hear the guy is okay.

  18. Good thing you'll have a motorcycle between you and the 8" smoke cannon diesel billowing out unburnt crap.

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