Why would any female vote for Blake masters

  1. I'm not voting for him ever since he demonstrated that he cannot control his temper when he attacked a Democrat who tried to attend a meeting.

  2. My controversial opinion is because most* women who support trumpism and it’s constituents, do so because their boyfriend/husband/father tells them to. The party is all about submissive women who don’t have their own opinion.

  3. So you're saying billions of years of evolution has established a natural order where the weaker sex is submissive towards like an alpha in their life? An alpha that has provided them safety, security, and provision- and that they share the alphas opinions out of what? Stupidity?

  4. You know what’s gross? A tech fascist billionaire like Peter Thiel trying to install puppets in Ohio & AZ. I doubt either Vance or Masters have any actual beliefs anymore, just ventriloquist dummies.

  5. He’s just another spoiled little rich boy without a single foot in reality because his privilege has allowed him to float by on bullshit.

  6. Not voting for Masters, but this naive moralizing is why people distrust democrats, and their candidates. People are voting for Masters and his policies because they agree with him. They are pro-life because they genuinely believe it's murder. From one Democrat to another, fuck off with the performativity, you make us look dumb.

  7. You put a lot of words in her mouth, and used big words to appear smart. She’s not the person who needs to knock it off here, you are.

  8. I never said a word about morality or abortion. I was talking about how he degrades women. So you fuck off

  9. Well that's unfortunate. Hope your wife actually wants to cement her second class citizenship by law for her and all the present and future women in her family, or else she's really antagonizing herself.

  10. For many his beliefs aren’t important, he’s a Republican and that’s all that matters, I know two women who voted for Trump for only one reason, he said he was Pro Life, same reason they support Blake, one issues voters. Pathetic

  11. Yes it’s gross. But when there is a risk on the mom life, as we saw in Mississippi where a woman is being forced to carry a deformed fetus, then it’s extremely important to have safe abortion option performed by doctors that are not scared to get prosecuted. Also, kids should not be forced to carry kids at young age because that’s not only risky but it has devastating impact on life. You might say that teens should not get pregnant but we all know these scenarios will happen no matter what.

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