Angry mother harranguing a tired primary school teacher for taking away her child's packed lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, despite the teacher telling the mum that there were children with life-threatening nut allergies in the school. My child is in the same class as the offspring of this moron.

  1. I have family that has to deal with this kind of terrible parenting all the time at their school. Not even a few weeks into the new school year, and some parents can't even so much as be bothered fill out the proper forms to tell the people who are in charge of safeguarding their children what they are and aren't allergic to, and what sort of school dinner they are allowed to have. They, and the other teachers they work with have even been told to their faces by a particular parent that they "don't care about anyone else's child's needs" except for their own.

  2. Can confirm there are plenty of awful, selfish or neglectful parents. However there are lovely ones too which give you hope for humanity. Much like in every aspect of life!

  3. My child's old nursery is a nut free zone for this reason. There was one particular parent who had to have their child's lunch box inspected on arrival every morning because they repeatedly put food containing nuts in their lunch. They were surprised every single time they were politely told "we're a nut free zone, we can't have this nut bar in here, sorry"

  4. Well they have to put up with young kids so I imagine they just regard these kinds of parents in the exact same way since they also act that age.

  5. Worked in a nursery as a teenager fresh from school, swore I'd never have kids or work with kids again after leaving about 6 months after 😂 !

  6. Our kid got them taken off him and given a lunch after my wife made the same mistake, hers was an honest tired fuck up, we were grateful as the school sorted him food and no harm was caused.

  7. Weird timing, I just got home from hospital with my 7 year old after he had a reaction and I had to give him his epipen. The terror of watching your child’s breathing deteriorate is harrowing. Pleased to report he is fine now, back to his normal chatty self. Shoutout to the ambulance who arrived 3 minutes after the 999 call!

  8. Eeek, I made the same mistake too once. Luckily, my little boy understood why the school was nut-free and grassed me up to the teachers as soon as he opened his lunch box and saw a pb&j sandwich! 🤣

  9. I have an allergy but not seriously affected by it just very sensitive to it. Its a weird one that people don't believe is real. Constantly getting tested by people because of it. I now no longer trust people trying to give me food because of this. If someone tells me they are allergic to something I don't question it I just believe them and don't give them anything to eat unless I'm sure it doesn't have what they are allergic to in it

  10. Weird timing, I just got home from hospital with my 7 year old after he had a reaction and I had to give him his epipen. The terror of watching your child’s breathing deteriorate is harrowing. Pleased to report he is fine now, back to his normal chatty self. Shoutout to the ambulance who arrived 3 minutes after the 999 call!

  11. I've done this before. Teacher was understanding. I felt terrible, even thought nothing happened except a Nutella bar was taken away and swapped with school pudding. If anything my son with quite pleased with his cake.

  12. "Only a little won't hurt you" really boils my piss. I have an allergy to eggs - not a severe life-threatening one but, believe me, you don't want to be in a bathroom after me when I've had one. I can eat things with egg in, cake etc, but I can't have an omelette, fried or boiled eggs without there being a severe aftermath. It took me years to figure this out.

  13. Another parent from a nut free school here. We get weekly reminders in the newsletter about it because apparently every damn day they have to remove little Saskias Nutella croissant or little Jerseys salt and vinegar coated peanuts - because the parents don’t realise they contain nuts 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean, how hard is it to not kill someone’s else’s 8 year old??

  14. Peanuts are not a nut... but we ignore with that the allergy causing part (proteins) are similar to those of nuts.

  15. I’ve been made fun of for asking at work/uni if people are okay with me eating nuts - this is why I ask. I would feel awful if someone had a reaction.

  16. Because you asking is pretty much useless, unless you used a giant megaphone and asked the entire room? Anybody directly in front of you will be hyper aware to other’s food, but reactions can happen at great distance. I know someone at a party having a reaction from someone else opening a packet of nuts from across the room.

  17. I wonder if humans have always had this level of peanut allergies (and people simply died from it a lot more) or whether these allergies are a more recent response to a change of a variable - something in our diet/environment perhaps?

  18. I do wonder what they do in Asian schools where peanuts are a primary cultural ingredient at the heart of so many dishes, as a flavour inclusion, cooking oil, plus used for texture plus garnish? Also yes, seems nut allergies existed, but certainly were not such a common thing 50 years ago. Interesting how the world changes, but the question as to why it did? remains for this one.

  19. My son is allergic to cows milk and egg. We discovered the milk one when I returned to work when he was 5.5 months old and his dad took the first days off to care for him. He had some formula and had a huge reaction that went into anaphylaxis. I often pondered whether he would have just died in the past. It was only that he collapsed whilst we were in a&e that he was saved at all. A strange thing to consider

  20. Our kids school is free from zone, there are huge reminders at the start and end of every term but a small note on every newsletter at the end of every week.

  21. Our youngest kid is autistic and loves peanut butter and we’ve still managed to send him food that won’t kill another child. It’s not that hard.

  22. One of my friends has a grandson who has very serious (potentially fatal) food problems. Her daughter has been taken aside by other mothers, who’ve suggested that she “ease up” a bit on her “strictness”. She was quite alarmed at the attitude of them.

  23. My kid has an eating disorder. He will only eat peanut butter rice cakes in his lunchbox. I bought him special (fucking expensive) soya “peanut” butter. It’s completely indistinguishable from the real thing. He’s happy, and he’s not running the risk of killing anyone. Job done. It’s not hard to make accommodations for others.

  24. Good on you, at least it is a healthy thing he likes! That does sound hard for you actually, I would not have known where to find a substitute, and expensive to make this accomodation. I have a soy allergy so who knows! I do wonder what they do in Asian schools where peanuts are a primary cultural ingredient at the heart of so many dishes? Also how nut allergies were not such a common thing 50 years ago? Interesting how the world changes and adapts. All best, go well.

  25. Guy behind me on the plane had a pack of nuts out about to open them. Flight attendant said there was a child on the plane with a severe allergy. His response, "but I'm hungry". Short pause trying to hold patience, "Sir the child could become seriously or worse" "What am I supposed to eat then?" "Dinner will be served in 20 mins, can you wait till then?" Just silence.

  26. We are nut and sesame free. At primary school I mean, whole school. Was a playdate where peanut snacks were served, one kid got home and kissed his mum and she had a swelling reaction because he kid had been in the same roomas peanuts and must have been some dust. It's terrifying. I'd be mortified, thanking that conscientious teacher for going above and beyond and I'd also be feeling like a right dick for justifying teacher's decision to check.

  27. This may work in school, but what’s going to happen when these people go out into the wide world? Can’t make sure every cinema, bar, workplace, restaurant etc is free from nuts.

  28. Imagine thinking your child being able to eat peanut butter in school is more important than another child’s life and wellbeing. Where the fuck do these people come from

  29. Serious question but if the kid is so allergic to nuts that another kid just being in the general area with nuts is that risky how do they even go about daily life.

  30. They lead their life very carefully and read labels in detail. Pret has been in the news over poor labelling of ingredients which caused the death of two people.

  31. Like plenty of disabled people, they don't lead a life you might think of as normal, but it's still a life. You get your shopping delivered, you order in, you spend a lot of time asking people next to you in the park politely if the chocolate they're eating has nuts in, and if it does, you move away or you go home. You make your daily routine safe, decide whether any departures from that are worth the risk, and carry epipens everywhere regardless.

  32. must be difficult. not half as sad and lonely as being a judgemental fucker who thinks their sneering incomprehension of anything remotely different / complicated somehow reflects badly on the allergy sufferer rather than the half-wit, but sympathies all round.

  33. I used to work in primary schools. My favourite reply from a parent who I told that their child had their nut containing food removed was “it’s the mothers fault for but exposing them to nuts when she was pregnant”.

  34. It's really bloody easy tho just don't put nut products in the lunch ffs , mostt schools are not free now so I think they do it just to be a prick.

  35. It’s amazing that folks don’t believe when you have food intolerances. Mine is Lactose Intolerance. Far from life threatening, just unpleasant.

  36. Understand this, but also, perhaps the mother is also tired and stressed and suffering cost of living crisis, and had a slip in her attention to the (honestly) numerous rules and details that modern life throws at you.

  37. Yeah exactly! Tbh we don’t know if peanut butter sandwiches are the one easy lunch the kids eat, and that’s already in the house. Getting it taken away leaves little alternative? It’s easy to say ‘pack something else’ but kids are fussy, people who are already struggling and balancing a budget to pennies aren’t in the best headspace to care about other people. ‘Moronic’ may be very simplistic.

  38. Her child had a choice of 3 free hot main courses for lunch that day. And in any case, a mistake means nothing. Berating your child's teacher in front of your child is inexcusable.

  39. I’m curious why so many kids now have serious allergies. We have it at my son’s school. Of course we don’t send him to school with peanuts (as much as he whines that he wants to take a peanut butter wrap), and most of the time, he has school dinners anyway.

  40. Why are people so fucking weird about this? Every time I see a news article or discussion on allergies it's the same shit, people straight up don't believe they're real. If I was eating something that could kill someone I would throw that shit away the second I found out because I don't think my rumbly tummy is more important than someone's LIFE. But people are very resistant for some reason? I don't get it? Why is eating nuts so fucking important? Just eat something else???

  41. The teacher should tell that parent 'I'm gonna leave an open bottle of bleach out for cleaning the tables after. If your kid touches it or drinks it, not my problem. Your kid shouldn't touch what isn't theirs." See if their logic can comprehend that a peanut sandwich in the classroom is just as dangerous to severe nut-allergy kids as a bottle of bleach.

  42. ‘Peanut butter sounds as unhealthy as fuck’- does it? It is one of the healthiest sandwich fillings (presuming you get the no added sugar one). Of course, the child with the allergy should come first and I would never try and sneak anything in for that reason but the limit on PB and nuts does take away a lot of healthy eating options.

  43. Unfortunately for many allergy sufferers the isolation suggestion wouldn't work. My sister is highly allergic to tree nuts and has had reactions where she has shaken hands with or shared items like pens with someone who has eaten nuts earlier in the day. Sometimes we can't even figure out the trigger because it could be so far removed from her.

  44. At my daughter's school it's every term, and the occasional reminder in between. Obviously there's people out there who are repeatedly selfish and need reminding.

  45. Before the children started school. In any case, it wasn't the lack of info - it was her sheer anger that her child had been denied a sandwich despite her knowing that food could have killed one of the other kids in the class.

  46. Sorry but how does that make sense to have a nut free zone in schools. Lots of children have different allergies are we going to cater for Emma who is a celiac? Or for Charlotte who can't have dairy.

  47. Cross contamination. Nuts and seeds are ambient snacks. It's very easy to just carry some in your pocket and leave nut crumbs; Or eat some then go touch some toys, or other people. It's hard to do that with milk, or shell fish.

  48. How does it not make sense? Nuts are a common allergy and one that cause an airborne reaction, not just from touching or eating them.

  49. If it is true and the kid has a life threatening allergy. The kid should be home schooled. I wouldnt chance sending my kid in school if they had it

  50. It’s more common than people think, and not everyone has the resources to home school. I’ve worked in a bunch of schools, and almost all of them are no nut for this reason. There’s often at least one kid with a severe allergy.

  51. Asking parents to make very minor adjustments in order to allow another child the chance of a proper education by trained professional teachers is not a great sacrifice.

  52. Not that the mother or anyone should shout and scream like a child. However, what difference does it make? Seriously think about it. In the real world these children are going to be near nuts. I doubt that her child is going to force anyone to eat their sandwich. And they should all be washing their hands before and after eating. And the child's food is in its own bag not near the others. How is this a problem?

  53. How allergic. Some people are very much deathly allergic to nuts. If my SO was deathly allergic to nuts then I'd be steering clear whether 'I enjoy them' or not.

  54. Some people have an allergy so severe that airborne particles can trigger eat, they do not need to eat the sandwich to be severely affected.

  55. I don't know how serious this kids peanut allergy is but I do know that my girlfriends step-dad has an extremely bad nut allergy to the point where if he even smells a peanut he goes into anaphylatic shock and has about 10 minutes to get to a hospital before he's dead.

  56. Just to warn you, allergies can get worse over time, and will sometimes be a mild reaction, sometimes will kill within minutes. I have a mild latex allergy (just makes me itchy) but when I mentioned it to a nurse while she was prepping me for surgery, she said I should take it seriously just in case, because you never know when a serious reaction could occur. She stopped me going in and I had to wait for them to change all their equipment. (Although this was a while ago and I think they have gone more towards not bothering with latex at all, and simply using allergy-free stuff for everyone.)

  57. Peanut butter is a relatively cheap and sustaining sandwich filler. It’s likely the mother is exasperated as they can’t afford any other fillings that the child likes but is too proud/ashamed to admit it.

  58. Her child gets a choice of good, hot free school meals. And in any case, if your child's teacher asks you not to send peanut butter sandwiches into school again, you don't go off on one like a toddler.

  59. Well hang on a moment, did said moron know there was a highly allergic child in the class ? Also, was her child given a replacement lunch, because we’d all be fuming if the headline was that the teacher denied a child food.

  60. All children in that year get free school meals and yes, the no nuts policy was made abundantly clear, not least in large notices hung on the school gates.

  61. What did the teacher replace it with? If you want to control what people are eating, then you need to supply the food you want them to eat.

  62. Mostly then we should make the lunches fresh air gluten free bread less sandwiches because there will always be somone allergic to something..

  63. I remember back before nut allergies were taken so seriously by schools, had this one girl who had a lif-threatening allergy and the school dick head threw his peanut butter sandwich at her during lunch just for shits and giggles. They are married now

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