Now that the hype has died down, how does this movie hold up?

  1. The first time I watched it I was totally swept along and absolutely loved it. Second time around? Not so much. Everything felt very forced and cheesy. Still an enjoyable ride though.

  2. I had fun with it, a bit too dependent on nostalgia and some of the impetus for the story was clumsy like Dr Strange was a bit too dumb for my liking in this.

  3. I think it should been given more production time. However set related elements are unsolvable because COVID restrictions.

  4. You just have to ignore the 60 times your brain goes "Oh, there are only 3 people in this shot" over and over again.

  5. Good but not as good as people made it out to be. The plot has a lot of issues, but it was still a fun experience and worth a watch for any Spider-Man fan.

  6. 8/10 for great action, and the cameos were dope. However there are a lot of plot holes that brought it down from a 9 imo

  7. Agree that they shouldn’t have rushed it out so the VFX and everything could’ve been polished up, but that’s clearly been a pattern in phase 4 unfortunately which them releasing so much in such little time.

  8. The charisma amongst the Spidermen is amazing. Dr. Strange makes some decisions that seem out of character to get the movie setup and that bugs me some. Liked most else.

  9. The most memorable of 3 otherwise fun-but-forgettable films. Kinda like the movie version of cotton candy.

  10. Honestly I give it a 7.5, maybe 8. Now that I've had time to look at it more objectively, I realize a lot of what I liked about it doesn't really come into play until the final third. That and some plot points don't really hold up to scrutiny. But at the end of the day it's still a fun enough watch

  11. This isn't a good movie. It relies on nostalgia over character development, story, or interesting themes, which leads to an incredibly shallow experience. I couldn't care less about the Sony characters popping up, so this movie had nothing to offer me.

  12. Way too heavy on the nostalgia. The writing for MCU's Spidey has been pretty grating and quippy so far, and this didn't make it much better. Without Andrew and Tobey, I wouldn't have enjoyed it whatsoever.

  13. I don’t think it’s a particularly well made film. The writing and story is convoluted and feels like each moment was written quickly with the goal of getting to each major cameo and set piece

  14. I’d say Shang-Chi is more solid despite being a typical origin movie, but yeah. It’s been a very lackluster phase so far especially with it being on the heels of Phase 3. Even Phase 2 had a rough start but turned itself around three movies in.

  15. It has serious issues. Plot is fuckin stupid, most characters act out of character for the sake of plot and the 1st hour or so is really slow and I engaging. Having said that it has a lot of really great highs like Goblin’s performance, the condo fight, the chemistry between the 3 Spider-Men, the last 15 minutes or so is great and by the end Tom actually feels like Spider for the 1st time since he entered the MCU. Overall it’s like a 6.5 to low 7 movie. Good but not great.

  16. Looking forward to one day getting an MCU Spider-Man that isn't spending the whole movie fixing his own screw ups.

  17. That's sorta the essence of Spider-Man though. At least, in my opinion. He's a kid that doesn't always know right from wrong and will make mistakes. This is coming from someone that isn't a big fan of MCU spidey. But in that respect I feel they got it right

  18. Some really great moments, but a bit too crowded. If the Lizzard and Sandman were cut, and Osborne sabotaged Doc Ocs chip we could've gotten a great 3v3 in the finale. Along with a much more balanced movie with more time to develop the villains.

  19. It's definitely the best Spider-Man film from Marvel Studios. I never really felt attached to the chemistry between Tom and Zendaya, but besides that, I still think that the dramatic moments in the film landed well more times than not.

  20. I enjoyed the movie. It was good to see the Spider men together for the first time. Unfortunately, I saw it after Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, so it was a bit anti-climactic.

  21. I find marvel movies dont have a lot of reachability for whatever reason. I think the only one that I find myself seeking to rewatch is Iron Man and guardians of the galaxy

  22. Spider-Man is and has always been my #1 hero and I can't stand the MCU Spidey movies. I like Tom Holland as Peter and they get some characterization right. But I really don't like how they've baked Spidey into the universe. I doubt I will ever watch any of them again when I could just watch the Raimi films or the actual good version of Spider-Verse.

  23. Fan service, Alfred Mokena, and Willem Dafoe carried the film IMO. The stakes felt absurdly high for how goofy and stupid the inciting incident was. As a result, the severity of Peter's misfortunes felt undeserved.

  24. i can’t stand the first twenty minutes because it has all the cringeworthy teen mcu humor from the last two spiderman movies. however, the bridge scene onward is good aside from some of the plot holes.

  25. Very boring on the second watch. One of my least favorite rewatches next to Iron Man 2, 3, and the first Thor.

  26. It reminds me a lot of Top Gun Maverick. Despite having a mediocre plot, I really enjoyed my time watching it. I shit on comic book movies all the time, but at the end of the day, movies are supposed to entertain us.

  27. The movie is almost entirely dependent on meme callbacks, nostalgia, supporting cast charisma and talent… and some emotional beats that fall flat because the MCU stiffed uncle Ben.

  28. It’s a solid Spiderman story. The plot is very convenient and is based purely on nostalgia. Also doctor strange being in this movie is a very lazy convenience. But overall, I’m not going to sit here and pretend watching it for the first time wasnt one of my happiest moments in my life lol

  29. It’s a decent movie , it’s carried by nostalgia at least to me , the story is bad and has character regression for the sake of plot , like Peter had already seen the universe in danger before now he’s willing to risk the collapse of the multiverse because he can’t handle ppl knowing his identity?? Tf and to make matters worse he could’ve fixed it when the villains were released but decided to further risk the multiverse by “saving” the villains and in turn his aunt may died it was just horrible writing to me , on a side note that acting was soooo good all the way around , I never been so hyped before in a theater seeing everyone’s childhood clash together in a single moment spider men from every generation, the movie is truly special , I give it. 7/10

  30. Honestly it's just hard carried by green goblin and the other 2 spider-man otherwise it would be mid.

  31. I can watch it over and over and over again and still cry like a baby when Toby and Andrew show up and they all work together. It is a masterpiece in my opinion.

  32. As someone who’s seen everything marvel. It’s a 4/10 for me, the story is far too frustrating on rewatching, everyone is too stupid for me to care about the story

  33. It was very good but I think it was my least favorite of the three Spider-Man movies in the MCU. Having all three Spider-Man be in the movie and work together was absolutely amazing as well as bringing back the classic villains but it was just really nice not having a glaring reason for Spider-Man to spiral into depression

  34. I watched this in theaters with no knowledge of the other Spider-Men being in it. One of my favorite theater going experiences of my life.

  35. Literally just finished watching it again. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good. Definitely a good end to the trilogy. Hopefully we get a new one soon.

  36. Watch Spider man 2 then watch this. NWH is not a good film IMO, it's success was driven by nostalgia and the mcu formula. If judged as a film outside of an interconnected universe it's nothing special.

  37. Still great. I've seen it so many times and will see it so many times in the future. Best live-action Spider-Man movie imo (Spider-Verse is still the best Spider-Man movie).

  38. Its very fun, like the story and Tom, Andrew, and Tobey do a really good job. It works well with the phase and is a good way to drive the plot after far from home.

  39. One of the most fun cinema experiences of my whole life. As a movie on it’s own, it’s flawed, but still really enjoyable.

  40. I just watched it again a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. The scene with Andrew Garfield’s Spidey and MJ will always make me cry, probably because the thwack of Gwen Stacy’s head hitting the ground will forever be burned into my brain. Also, the dialogue from the “villains” who are in the cages is hilarious to me, so many funny little one liners and throwbacks. And Aunt May….. nope, I can’t even. I think I actually enjoyed it more the second time, I would probably even watch it again.

  41. Not bad! Very rushed MCU Spider-Man, and it was neat how they brought the others back. Endgame really tightened a lot of knots and this was a definite “we might untie that knot” in future scenarios.

  42. Honestly it felt rush? Awkward i may say, Didn’t really like it. It almost felt there was no story line to it. Loved all of them (spider men) being together but just a bit awkward in some scenes

  43. great experience for a spider-man fan like myself but is not the best when held up as a movie, lots of plot holes and such but overall i still love it regardless lol, it doesn't really feel real still

  44. Before I rant, I do think it was impressive in terms of a COVID era production. With that being said, Before I rant, it’s a fan servicey mess of a movie. The plot holes are out of this world and there really isn’t much originality. I thought it was overrated the moment I stepped out of the theater. Not for me.

  45. It was fun. But something still felt off like we got a different movie than originally intended, like all the other phase 4 entries

  46. I didn't enjoy the whole ending. Wiping away all the MCU stuff so Sony can have a more or less blank slate. I liked what they built. The unneeded death also never worked for me.

  47. I’m not a huge fan tbh, as others have said it definitely felt forced and I think it should’ve been given more time to cultivate some better ideas / that being said I actually really enjoyed how they did the first 10ish minutes and that whole fast paced part!

  48. Maybe the best acting across the board from the cast in the trilogy, but I think it's a fun time with a little bit of emotional stakes and a fun message. Not the same-old empty repeat of FFH but not as great as Homecoming in my eyes

  49. It’s a lot of fun, has a lot of heart, accomplishes a lot of what it set out to do. That said, this is easily the second weakest written film out of all the Spider-Man films. Loaded with plot holes and continuity errors, the characters make decisions they probably wouldn’t do normally, and some motivations make absolutely no sense. Still like it a lot though

  50. It was alright and the Toby with Andrew scenes were good but it’s SO LONG. And I don’t know a good solution because so much was crammed in there, but I reach a point where I kinda just want a small Spider-Man adventure like the first movie.

  51. It's the ultimate Spider-Man experience. It managed to not only develop Holland's Spider-Man and the MCU multiverse concept, but it gave long overdue endings to the previous Spider-man franchises. It had so much to accomplish, and it did so in memorable fashion.

  52. On one hand, it's a kind of therapy for processing how many variations of Spiderman we have been through, rewarding viewers with nostalgia and acknowledgment.

  53. I'm probably in the minority here but tbh I didn't really like it much to begin with. The whole thing felt like a nostalgia cash grab, and truthfully I think the film was trying to ride the coattails of Into The Spider-verse's success, while sort of ignoring the fact that the multiple Spider-people actually served as a thematic device while only having some fan service. NWH felt like all fan service with a loosely cobbled-together plot holding it together. At some points it actually felt like the writers just scrolled through Tumblr posts and copy-pasted certain scenes directly into the script.

  54. I didn't like it. I was watching it and waiting for something to happen. I guess was looking forward to other Spidermans showing up. And then they did. Thankgod for that.

  55. Like Peter tweaks about how his friends didn’t get in college and asks strange to wipe everyone’s memory clean and he does it no questions asked like what the hell man

  56. The nostalgia scenes were pretty cool if not too on-the-nose at times. Seriously, they forced an “I’m something of a scientist myself” reference because “LOL MEMES!”

  57. Story itself is rather standard, dr strange is out of character, and a few other things are eh. But overall it’s still quite good.

  58. i hate this movie with every fiber of my being. It ruined everything lore-related to Spider-Man . It ruined everything in the MCU with the multiverse crap. It looks cheap, the acting sucks, the action sucks.

  59. It was ok. Still feel the same way. Movie didn't make a ton of sense, but was fun some of the time. The last like 45 minutes it takes a nosedive.

  60. Haven't rewatched it fully, but I have gone back and watched a few of my favourite scenes, and they feel empty without the audience. I'll probably rewatch it at some point, since I did really like it, I just hope I don't have this problem with the rest of the film.

  61. 6.8 out of ten. 7.2 if I’m in a good mood. Plot was rough, and the production suffered massively from COVID. Felt like a student film at parts.

  62. Not so well. Like, I do enjoy it at times, but aside from the cameos and the final suit, I retain nothing afterward, even May's scene felt off.

  63. Honestly, it's okay. Once you think about it, it's not that great of a movie, but it's awesome to see all three together. Makes me appreciate Tobey more, love Andrew more, and finally respect Tom's spidey a bit because of it. Just wish they took the time to explain some of the logistics more.

  64. Pretty good, all things considered. Real emotional consequences, a lot of character development and it put spidey in the familiar position.

  65. Strip down the bells and whistles and it’s a pretty simple story of Peter learning to live with the consequences of his actions. It’s simple and fun. There are issues yes, but Willem Dafoe is just perfect as Norman. I really hope Sony uses him again if they’re going to keep shoving movies down our throats. I would say it’s on the better side of phase 4 all things considered.

  66. I like it, it’s fun, I just wish it had come out after MoM as originally planned so we could get more characterization for Chavez and have Strange not do the stupid stuff he did in NWH, that would tighten some of the more loose plot threads a little more, the movies still a solid 7.5 for me, tho it doesn’t have as much rewatchibility as stuff like the Avengers movies, Ragnarok, Iron Man, Guardians movies, Captain America movies and the other upper bracket MCU movies in my opinion.

  67. Amazing movie. But Aunt May dying in what seemed to be a completely filler movie with no actual consequences for the entire universe is just…no. Their alternative universe villains don’t even matter. Just look how they decimated everyone at Wanda, like they didn’t even matter. Which effectively for us they don’t. And Peter on top of losing Tony, now Aunt May, even his gf and friends? On a 0 impact movie? Nope. I fucking loved this movie. Was an entire joyride. But the final impact should not have been this severe.

  68. As a non-Marvel fanboy who can look at these movies for what they are: this is the weakest of the Spiderman movies. The others were smaller in stakes, more self contained, and more focused on Peter Parker (his personality, his wants, needs and goals, his shortcomings). This is the movie where they are now turning him into the new Ironman - the character that fans want to see appear in everyone else's movies. There were a million forces at play in this film and the stakes were enormous. With a movie this big and loud the nuances of Peter Parker and the warmth and humanity of the performance of Tom Holland are lost.

  69. I need an explanation. How does a memory wipe spell exactly opens up a multiverse? They are 2 separately different things?

  70. It was fun, but I felt it was kinda pointless. I’m not deep into this genre (this thread just randomly popped up,) so maybe there’s some lore I’m missing. Resetting everything at the end makes me wonder why this specific story was told in the first place. Feels like nothing really impacted anyone.

  71. Honestly, I still love it. But less so for Andrew and Tobey but more so because of all the Tom Holland stuff. The strength of this film is that even without Tobey and Andrew, its a strong Spider-Man story.

  72. I really wanted to enjoy it. I loved all the scenes with Tobey and Andrew, and all the characters from previous movies. But I just find Tom Holland, his Marty McFly voice and handful of ‘acting face’ expressions really irritating. Which is a shame cos he’s obviously a talented dude. Ultimately all this movie really did for me was remind me how much I loved the previous two iterations of live action Spideys.

  73. I was hoping Spiderman NWH was gonna be Peter on the run from Mysterio’s death being pursued by Kraven the Hunter; but what Disney/Marvel came up with holds up great anyway!

  74. Hollow nostalgia. It was fun to see the old characters. But as a movie? It was kind of a big nothing.

  75. I think it suffers from the same misleading advertising that Sony is known for with their other movies. I mean, just look at this poster. The mirror dimension is only in it for one fight scene, and Doctor Strange is nowhere near a main character. The Iron Spider suit also only appears for one scene.

  76. It's okay, pretty clumsy story and the fact that it's a superhero movie doesn't excuse that. Spider man two, iron Man and the dark Knight all prove your film can have a surreal premise and still be well told. The fan service was obviously great to see the first time but honestly it kinda felt lazy when included in such a meh script, especially with the film's budget in mind. Lastly, and I know he is not entirely to blame but I'm not a fan of Tom Holland's whiney panicked take on spider man it, I just don't think he has the charisma of Tobey or even Andrew which is exacerbated further when they both show up and are more fun to watch than Holland, that said I do think this is more of a writing issue than with holland himself, I'm sure he is a great actor with a lot of potential.

  77. It has some plot contrivances, but the character development and fun interactions between the characters make up for it. It's just a fun movie that makes me feel good.

  78. Watched once. Not gonna watch again. Too much nostalgia for me, feels like too much sugar, would give me diabetes. Not like far from home which i have watched multiple times.

  79. All the Spider-Man bits are good, all the Doctor Strange bits are really weird and out of character, which since that's the main plot point affects the whole movie.

  80. I think all of the MCU Spider-Man movies are a solid B. None of them are outstanding, none of them are terrible. They're all above average, good but not great.

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