Depression 'is NOT caused by low serotonin levels': Study casts doubt over widespread use of potent drugs designed to treat chemical imbalance in brain

  1. That’s actually a common or uncommon side effect. I forget what it’s called. But some people do become more compulsive on the stuff. I remember reading studies about some people getting brutally addicted to gambling after starting SSRIs when they’d never gambled before. Same with taking more risky behaviors.

  2. I seriously think there is a link between SSRIs and compulsively collecting junk and hoarding it. Seen more than a couple people start or stop their medication and start turning their property into a junk yard.

  3. I'm on them, never once done anything erratic. Maybe your brother is just jacked in the head? But it's probably easier to blame an SSRI.

  4. My "depression" was caused by lifelong abuse. NONE OF THEM asked me about that, just a checklist of their idea of "symptoms" and then handed me pills and said when I said they didn't help/made it worse "You have to take them for at least three months! Or you can't know!"

  5. Getting to the root of the problem causing depression is either too much work or simply beyond the ability of most psychiatrists. Much easier to give people drugs that help them forget about everything. Similar to drowning problems in alcohol.

  6. I too wanted to unravel all my life's problems the natural way by identifying the sources of all my problems and fixing them. Turned out in order to do that required hundreds of thousands of dollars to move away from toxic people, increase my education & health, then move to the opposite side of the country to escape any possibility of seasonal affective disorder. And in order to kickstart all that I can only thank Big Pharma for Vyvanse, a stimulant that completely fixed my life. Sorry, not sorry. Couldn't have done all that without it.

  7. I agree. I have a family member that had a car accident and was in severe pain. Rather than treat the pain with physical therapy, etc., the defective M.D. wanted to prescribe Prozac since "I think you're depressed".

  8. not to dismiss your pain and struggle, but did you go to a psychiatrist? because if you went to a therapist, they would be much happier to do talk therapy and psychoanalyze your circumstances. That has its own limitations, but at least it isn't giving you mind altering medication, and can actually encourage self reflection and stuff.

  9. Doctors don't treat causes they treat symptoms. They usually treat symptoms with a band-aid solution, like a pill you have to take daily rather than the underlying issue. This is true whether the issue is mental, physical, or emotional.

  10. That makes sense, I've always had digestive issues and anxiety and depression. My SSRI absolutely helps me. I'm much more stable now that I'm on it. Of course, YMMV.

  11. Mankind has survived thousands of years without these pills, and during much harsher conditions. Most people aren't actually depressed, they're just lazy. I used to take Lexapro and Welbutrin, decent sized doses too. I cold turkey'd on both (don't do this) and began my fitness journey. Excercise is a natural mood stabilizer and stress reliever. Pharmaceutical companies are selling you a product you don't need. Eat well, find an excercise you enjoy, I love jumping rope, and stop making excuses. Life sucks, some have it way harder than others, don't let that be an excuse for you though.

  12. In my case, there was no horrendous life situation. Grew up in a loving family, with lots of friends and outdoor activities. Healthy diet, no signs of anxiety, and good prospects for the future. Still, my depression started when I was 10 and at 11 years old, I tried to kill myself. As I see it, I have no problems with emotional outbursts or anxiety, my problem is apathy and indifference. I just was not interested in being alive and of course, that mentality brought a lot more toxic behaviours.

  13. I’m 41 now, when I was 16 I got put on Prozac and Zoloft. I hated taking them! I got physically sick from them. All it took was like a 15 minute diagnosis and they put me on them. I still think that I have repercussions from taking those when I was younger.

  14. I feel for you. I was put on a dopamine antagonist at 6 for a benign bout of fever seizures. I had drug induced Parkinson’s throughout elementary school . The neurologist literally said I didn’t need medication, but my parents said go ahead. I have a slew of physical and mental issues now.

  15. I have been off all my meds for going on two years in October. I decided to work on myself. My mental health. The reasons I was depressed. The reason why I was anxious. Adhd meds didn’t fix my problems. I was trying to put a bandaid on my issue. Now I’m learning coping skills, I’m building my life to work with my ADHD instead of taking a pill to make myself “normal” some days are better than others. I am learning about myself and how my mind works. Going to school now to become a therapist. Hopefully I can help others with this same struggles.

  16. if you havent already, i suggest you read Gabor Mate's book titled Scattered (or Scattered Minds, depending on the country). It has another theory about the origins of ADHD. It makes complete sense in my case and I'm working on bettering my circumstances and improving my focus. I'm happy to talk about it if you're interested too.

  17. The pseudo science of psychiatry to promote toxic pharmaceutical industry poisons is one of the biggest scams ever. At least the science is being proven, since logic should tell you you’re not going to solve the stresses of life and mental anxieties by sprinkling chemicals on your brain.

  18. The counterpoint in the article is interesting to consider. Even if the depression isn’t caused by the lack of serotonin, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated with it.

  19. I’d like to say that for myself SSRI’s have genuinely been beneficial. Obviously they’re not some magical cure but they do make my life easier. The way I describe it is that they’ve made me more neutral in my negative emotions. Before if something upset me my depression made it ruin my week but since taking medication I find it easier to get over things and see the bright side.

  20. Because their are a lot of different factors for example the food someone eats, a person may eat processed meats daily or even large amounts of grain which can trigger depression in an individual.

  21. What are the treatments for vagus nerve dysfunction? I’ve absolutely been hammered by this in the form of long Covid. It really fucked me up, affected my breathing, heart rate, I get random adrenaline spikes etc. In unvaccinated and had a mild case of covid. Desperately searching for ways to undo the variety of symptoms and damage.

  22. "Chemical imbalance" as a cause for depression and other disorders is a complete myth, unsupported by science. It is extremely supported by corporate America, however.

  23. Depression is caused by a subconscious realization that you are not living a life suitable to you. All pills do is make you numb which is why one of the side effects is suicide. The feelings aren’t going away and You realize even the pills won’t help. Best course of action…. Figure out what you want and go get it.

  24. In my case, there was no horrendous life situation. Grew up in a loving family, with lots of friends and outdoor activities. Healthy diet, no signs of anxiety, and good prospects for the future. Still, my depression started when I was 10 and at 11 years old, I tried to kill myself. As I see it, I have no problems with emotional outbursts or anxiety, my problem is apathy and indifference. I just was not interested in being alive and of course, that mentality brought a lot more toxic behaviors.

  25. Anyone interested in actually treating depression should look into psychedelic assisted therapy. Why treat the symptoms with big pharma garbage everyday for the rest of your life when you can treat the root cause in a few sessions.

  26. A more likely cause is shoving your feelings down as close to your anus as possible and never sharing that crap with anyone ever. Guaranteed depression. But wait! Alcohol fixes it! ….Oh sorry, never mind it doesn’t.

  27. Well, I think it as easy as "Cause and Effect" Cause they want it all to be profitable and the effects are you need to take their drug treatments to make you sicker than you already are and also be used in whatever manner they deem fit to push their "COLLECTIVE NARRATIVE" of it's "ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD" and WE got to fund these wars someway don't we and YOU are but the FODDER for THEIR canon's.

  28. I was in a coma and on a ventilator due to serotonin syndrome (years ago). They induced a coma and put me on a ventilator after I had a 104+ fever because they gave me 2 medications in the ER that increased serotonin. My partner had to fight with them for almost 2 weeks to wake me up and take me off the machines.

  29. I thank these authors very much because even there are still superficial and negligent prescribers who go and tell the patient that he or she has low serotonin, and also do not warn patients of very serious risks of SSRIs/SNRIs such as post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD) which is when persistent symptoms develop upon discontinuation of treatment, even in very young people, can happen following a few doses or only after years of treatment. of course the effects are extremely subjective and unpredictable, but just the fact that this risk of PSSD exists should make one very cautiously and seriously evaluate the prescription and use of these drugs--there are broken boys and girls who just wish they could go back. For information Google Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction, there is also the community on Reddit.

  30. This comes from people's belief that our minds, our very consciousness is a mere product of chemical reactions within the brain.

  31. You do know that chemical imbalances are a thing, right? And calling depressed people "stupid" for taking Prozac makes you seem terribly stupid in return. The meds do work for some people, but depression is quite a complex issue and has no "one" solution for it.

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